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Known as the Switzerland of Pakistan, this valley with its snow-capped mountains offers incredible scenery. Swat is located north of Islamabad, the capital of Pakistan. Today it is a peaceful and beautiful place. In the past, it was a Taliban stronghold but now it is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the country. It attracts not only locals but also foreigners. The history of Swat dates back to the time of Alexander the Great. According to a local guidebook, there are almost 2,200 historical sites in Swat. In the archaeological remains, there is strong evidence of Buddhism and Hinduism.

Thanks to its prominent location at 2000 metres above sea level, Swat offers majestic scenery. The natural landscape is dotted with mountains and meadows along the river. A natural paradise where you can also find waterfalls, flower gardens and glaciers. The natural majesty of Swat attracts many travellers who enjoy the hotels available. Swat’s tourism infrastructure has been strengthened to offer first-class services. There is nothing like a comfortable stay in such a majestic place. At, you can book your hotel in Swat quickly and easily. You will find all the information you need and you will also be able to compare the different hotel options in Swat. Go ahead and book your hotel in Swat!

Where Should I Stay in Swat?

In Swat, you will find many different accommodation options. Hotels in Swat offer comfortable and pleasant stays. Swat is also home to many people who want to visit the surrounding area. Near Swat, there are other towns and attractions that you can visit. It is said that although the historical heritage of Swat and its surroundings is very difficult to classify, it is one of the most important in the world. To make your trip easier a hotel in Swat is the best option to relax and enjoy your holiday. Even on a business trip, hotels in Swat have everything you need. Filter your options on and find the perfect hotel for you.

  • Shelton’s Rezidor Hotel

5-Star Hotels in Swat

Despite its many attractions, Swat has yet to reach its peak in terms of tourism development. This small detail makes 5-star hotels available at prices you never heard of. Booking with will give you access to the best prices. The 5-star hotels in Swat will provide luxury and comfort to you and your companions. Whether you are travelling with family or friends your stay will be as majestic as Swat. Discover the history and majesty of this place by booking your 5-star hotel in Swat with Also, remember to look for your 5-star hotel in Swat in a location that allows you to visit everything you want to see in Swat.

Budget/Cheap Hotels in Swat

Although Swat is a well-known and beautiful tourist place, you can travel without sacrificing your budget. You do not have to worry too much about accommodation, as you will find many hotels in Swat that will suit your budget. At, you will find hotels in Swat from 3 to 5-stars that will easily meet your budget. The greatest charm of Swat is its natural majesty so you will not spend too much during your trip. Thanks to online booking system, you can compare all available options and choose the hotel in Swat that best suits your needs. You will find options available from as low as PKR 8,200. Historically Swat has been a staging post for invaders such as Alexander the Great. For this reason, you will find all kinds of historical monuments and ruins all over Swat. It is also an important trading post as its roads connect the northern areas with the rest of Pakistan. To truly discover the history and natural beauty of Swat you will need to stay for several days. Choose your hotel in Swat wisely, so that you can enjoy all that this amazing place has to offer. One of the most popular hotels in Swat is:

  • Shelton’s Rezidor Hotel

Hotels in Swat offer you more than just a room and a bed; they offer an unforgettable experience. You will find many activities available as well as suggestions of where to go and what to see in Swat. Check that the hotel you are interested in offers the services you expect. With, finding the right hotel for you in Swat is very easy. You can search for the most popular hotels and filter them according to the services you want. In addition, if that is not enough, you will find the best deals at Shelton’s Rezidor Hotel for example offers standard or deluxe rooms and in both cases, breakfast is included. You will also find a restaurant, garden and terrace. Hotels in Swat cater for all types of travellers offering family rooms or couples experiences.

Popular Hotel in SwatPrice per night
Shelton’s Rezidor HotelPKR 8,200

Hotels Near Swat Airport

It is always convenient to stay near the airport. Sometimes your flight leaves very early or arrives very late and what you need is a hotel that will make your journey easier. Hotels near the airport offer all the services you need for a comfortable stay. Being conveniently located does not mean sacrificing comfort or even luxury. You will find hotels to suit every budget. You can book your favourite hotel on and take advantage of the excellent location to make the most of your trip.

FAQs About Swat Hotels

Are there family hotels in Swat?

Yes, Shelton’s Rezidor Hotel offers family rooms to make the most of your trip. The hotel also has a large garden for you to spend time in and a good restaurant. In addition, if you decide to stay at the hotel, you will find a flat-screen TV in your room to enjoy movies and shows with your family. You will also find many suggestions for family activities in Swat. Above all, enjoy nature and history.
Shelton’s Rezidor Hotel

If I am travelling with friends, where can I stay?

One of the best options for accommodation in Swat is Shelton’s Rezidor Hotel. This hotel in Swat offers everything you need to make the most of your trip. You and your friends will find plenty of activities and recommendations at Shelton’s Rezidor Hotel. In addition, the restaurant offers delicious Pakistani and Oriental food and more. You can book your room or rooms at, just indicate the number of people and rooms you need. When you arrive at the hotel, you will realise that it was the best decision to book with
Shelton’s Rezidor Hotel

What is the ideal hotel for a business trip?

When travelling on business it is important to find a hotel that offers comfort and allows you to relax after a long day’s work. Shelton’s Rezidor Hotel has comfortable rooms and a flat-screen TV to help you relax. If you need to, you can also make use of the conference room and you can be sure that the Wi-Fi will not fail. In your room, you will also find all you need to make tea or coffee, as you need it.
Shelton’s Rezidor Hotel

The hotels in Swat that you will find on always offer comfortable rooms and excellent services. You can search for the best prices by comparing the different options available. You can filter through the different options to find the most suitable hotel for you. Remember to always check if there are coupons or discounts available so that you get the best room at the best price. Book your hotel in Swat today with the help of and enjoy the trip of your life.