Islamabad Bus Schedule & Fares Today

Route First Bus Last Bus
Karachi to Rawalpindi 09:00 AM 11:15 PM Book Now
Rawalpindi to Karachi 12:00 PM 10:15 PM Book Now
Lahore to Faisalabad 05:30 AM 10:00 PM Book Now
Lahore to Sargodha 05:30 AM 10:30 PM Book Now
Faisalabad to Lahore 05:00 AM 08:30 PM Book Now
Lahore to Rawalpindi 12:00 AM 08:00 PM Book Now
Multan to Rawalpindi 01:25 AM 11:45 PM Book Now
Lahore to Multan 06:30 AM 11:30 PM Book Now
Multan to Lahore 07:30 AM 11:30 PM Book Now

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Daewoo Islamabad bus Ticket

Daewoo Express is a leading bus operator in Pakistan, providing transportation services in cities, including Islamabad. The city’s picturesque beauty makes it a popular destination for tourists. Nestled in the foothills of the Margalla Hills, Islamabad is a vibrant city in northern Pakistan that offers a unique blend of modernity and natural beauty. Known for its lush green parks, bustling markets, and impressive architecture, Islamabad is a must-visit destination for travelers looking to experience Pakistan’s culture and charm. Additionally, you can now go for online bus ticket bookings that can help you move ahead with planning your trip more easily and better.

With the advent of online bus ticket bookings to and from Islamabad have become more accessible. Daewoo Express’s user-friendly online bus ticket booking system ensures a smooth travel experience. Following simple steps, you can now book the bus ticket in minutes. This saves you time and helps you compare different operators to make an informed decision.

Top Daewoo Express Routes To And From Islamabad

Daewoo Express is a leading bus operator in Pakistan, providing top-quality bus services on various routes to and from Islamabad. Here are the top five bus routes operated by Daewoo Express, with the estimated distance and time:

  • Islamabad to Lahore: The distance is 375 km, and it takes around 4.5 hours to cover this route.
  • Islamabad to Karachi: The distance is approximately 1,410 km, and it takes around 18 hours to cover this route.
  • Islamabad to Peshawar: The distance is 168 km, and it takes around 2 hours to cover this route.
  • Islamabad to Multan: The distance is approximately 535 km. It takes around 8 hours to cover this route.
  • Islamabad to Faisalabad: The distance is 581 km. It takes around 4 hours to cover this route.

Daewoo Express offers top-quality bus services on routes to and from Islamabad. Here are the Daewoo Islamabad bus routes’ earliest arrival and departure time. 

Bus RouteEarliest Departure TimeArrival Time
Islamabad to Lahore12:30 AM06:00 AM
Islamabad to Karachi2:00 PM08:30 AM (next day)
Islamabad to Peshawar05:30 AM08:10 AM
Islamabad to Multan01:30 AM07:35 AM
Islamabad to Faisalabad05:00 AM05:30 AM

To access the complete booking schedule for the bus routes, you can visit websites such as It offers easy online bus ticket booking services.

Daewoo Islamabad Ticket Prices

Daewoo Express offers reasonable bus ticket prices for travel to and from Islamabad. The following are the ticket prices for the top five routes operated by Daewoo Express:

Route from IslamabadAverage Ticket Price
Islamabad to Lahore1,850
Islamabad to Karachi5,400
Islamabad to Peshawar825
Islamabad to Multan2,500
Islamabad to Faisalabad1300

Daewoo Express, in collaboration with, offers a well-equipped modern fleet of buses. 

With, you can easily plan your travel and book your bus tickets with confidence.

  • Checking the latest ticket prices for bus journeys at is effortless.
  • To book your ticket, select Islamabad as your departure city and enter your destination with the travel date.
  • Choose the best available bus and seat based on your budget.
  • Make a payment and confirm your ticket after filling in your travel details.
  • Shortly after, your E-ticket will be sent to you.

We have collaborated with top-rated bus operators across Pakistan to offer you a cost-effective travel experience at Below are the key details of some of our partner bus operators:

Bus OperatorBus TypeAverage / Lowest Ticket Price ( PKR)
Daewoo ExpressDaewoo Yutong buses, AC, Non-AC2,500
Faisal MoversLuxury and economy buses1,800 
Bilal TravelsLuxury and economy buses2,000 
Niazi ExpressLuxury and economy buses2,250
SkywaysLuxury and economy buses2,500
Kainat Bus ServiceLuxury and economy buses1,500

When you travel from Islamabad, you can secure a journey with the bus operators. Whether you prefer luxury business buses, you can choose Daewoo seat booking or any other online bus ticket booking service that fits your budget. Booking your bus ticket through ensures a pleasant journey.

Top bus terminals in Islamabad

Islamabad is the capital city of Pakistan and has several bus terminals that connect it to other major cities in the country. Here are some of the top bus terminals in Islamabad:

  1. Islamabad Express Bus Terminal: Located near Faizabad Interchange, this bus terminal connects Islamabad to other major cities in Pakistan, including Lahore, Karachi, and Peshawar.
  2. Pirwadhai Bus Terminal: This is one of the oldest bus terminals in Islamabad, connecting the city to smaller towns and villages. It is located near Rawalpindi Railway Station and is well-connected through local buses.
  3. Melody Bus Terminal: Located in the heart of Islamabad, this terminal connects the city to major cities in Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa provinces. 

G-9 Markaz Bus Terminal: This terminal connects the city to other parts of Islamabad and Rawalpindi. It is well-connected through local buses and taxis.

Places to visit in Islamabad

Islamabad is a city rich in history, culture, and natural beauty. Some of the top tourist and historical sites to visit in Islamabad are:

  1. Pakistan Monument Museum: The Pakistan Monument Museum is a museum and cultural complex that showcases the history and culture of Pakistan through various exhibits and displays.
  2. Margalla Hills National Park: The Margalla Hills National Park offers stunning city views and has several hiking trails of varying difficulty levels.
  3. Daman-e-Koh: This beautiful hill station offers stunning views of the city and its surroundings.
  4. Rawal Lake: It is a beautiful man-made lake in Islamabad that is perfect for boating, fishing, and picnicking.
  5. Faisal Mosque: It is an iconic mosque in Islamabad, Pakistan’s capital city. 

With their reasonable ticket prices and popular routes, opting for Daewoo Islamabad Bus Tickets is a comfortable and easy way to discover Pakistan. We would be delighted to assist when you book your next trip online via for stress-free travel.

Covid 19 Travel Advisory

Key points to keep in mind while planning a trip with Islamabad.

Covid 19 Travel Advisory for APSRTC Buses Check out travel restrictions that apply to your source & destination.
Covid 19 Travel Advisory for APSRTC Buses Wear a mask at all times while you are travelling with Daewoo.
Covid 19 Travel Advisory for APSRTC Buses Carry your personal hygiene items like hand sanitizer, tissues, & handwash.
Covid 19 Travel Advisory for APSRTC Buses Avoid physical contact with anyone while travelling and maintain a safe distance.
Covid 19 Travel Advisory for APSRTC Buses Book bus tickets online in advance to avoid any physical contact.
Covid 19 Travel Advisory for APSRTC Buses Avoid sharing food with anyone while travelling.