Karachi Bus Schedule & Fares Today

Route First Bus Last Bus
Karachi to Rawalpindi 09:00 AM 11:15 PM Book Now
Rawalpindi to Karachi 12:00 PM 10:15 PM Book Now
Lahore to Faisalabad 05:30 AM 10:00 PM Book Now
Lahore to Sargodha 05:30 AM 10:30 PM Book Now
Faisalabad to Lahore 05:00 AM 08:30 PM Book Now
Lahore to Rawalpindi 12:00 AM 08:00 PM Book Now
Multan to Rawalpindi 01:25 AM 11:45 PM Book Now
Lahore to Multan 06:30 AM 11:30 PM Book Now
Multan to Lahore 07:30 AM 11:30 PM Book Now

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Niazi Express Karachi Bus Tickets

Niazi Express is a well-known bus company in Pakistan. Since its inception in 1992, The company has had a large bus fleet on different routes throughout Pakistan, including Karachi. With a fleet of modern buses and experienced drivers, Niazi Express provides passengers with a safe, comfortable, and reliable mode of transportation with the help of online bus ticket bookings. 

In Karachi, Niazi Express offers bus services to different cities, providing a convenient travel option for commuters and travellers alike. It is a leader in the industry based on its services and quality. Customers can also use the website for bus ticket booking and receive reservation status updates.

Top Niazi Express Karachi Routes

For travellers in Karachi, Niazi Express provides convenient and comfortable bus services to different cities nationwide. Bus services in Pakistan allow online booking facilities for passengers to plan their travels and enjoy a comfortable journey. 

The most famous routes include destinations such as Lahore, Islamabad, Faisalabad, Multan, and Bahawalpur, discussed below:

  • Karachi to Lahore: The distance is about 1,200 km long and takes 15 to 20 hours to complete.
  • Karachi to Rawalpindi/Islamabad: The journey is over 1,400 km long and takes 17 hours. 
  • Karachi to Multan: The route is also popular. It takes up to 12 hours with 884 km. 
  • Karachi to Faisalabad: Niazi Express also operates a popular bus route from Karachi to Faisalabad. It takes 14 hours to complete the journey, and the distance is 1,100 km.
  • Karachi to Peshawar: The Karachi to Peshawar route is relatively new. The trip takes more than 1,500 km and is between 16 and 20 hours.

To help you plan your travel, here’s a table of the top Niazi Karachi bus routes and the earliest departure and arrival times for each route.

RouteEarliest Departure TimeEarliest Arrival Time
  Karachi to Lahore9:00 AM01:45 AM (Next Day)
Karachi to Rawalpindi/Islamabad10:00 AM05:00 AM (Next Day)
Karachi to Multan8:00 AM8:40 PM
Karachi to Faisalabad8:00 AM11:30 PM
Karachi to Peshawar8:00 AM5:15 AM (Next Day)

Niazi Express Karachi Ticket Prices

Niazi Express offers luxury buses at affordable ticket fares with ample modern amenities like WIFI, snacks, charging ports, and so on. Here are the Niazi Express bus ticket prices for some of the popular routes from Karachi:

RouteAverage ticket price
Karachi to LahorePKR 1,700-2,200
Karachi to Rawalpindi/IslamabadPKR 1,800-2,500
Karachi to MultanPKR 1,400-1,800
Karachi to FaisalabadPKR 1,600-2000
Karachi to BahawalpurPKR 1,300-1,700

Multiple bus operators provide transport services from Karachi to different cities, including Karachi to Lahore and Karachi to Islamabad. Their bus services include onboard entertainment, comfortable seating facility, online booking service, AC, and others.

The Niazi seat booking can be made online to make your trip even more comfortable. The top operators that you should know about are listed in the table below:

Bus operator nameBus typesAverage ticket price (PKR)
Daewoo ExpressLuxury2590
Bilal TravelsBusiness Class, and Executive Class2200
Kainat Travels Standard, Deluxe, and Executive1300
Faisal MoversLuxury2000
Niazi TravelsExecutive, and Luxury1800

Booking bus tickets through Sastaticket.pk is simple. Simply visit their website, select your desired destination and bus operator, select your preferred bus timings, and pay online using a secure payment method.

Top Bus Terminals in Karachi

  1. Karachi Cantonment Railway Station: it is a major railway station for both passenger and cargo traffic.
  2. Karachi Northern Bypass Interchange: a long-distance bus interchange connecting major cities such as Lahore, Faisalabad, and Multan.
  3. Karachi Bus Terminal: the main hub for local and intercity buses, with connections to many locations throughout the city and beyond.
  4. New Truck Stand Bus Terminal: It is a long-distance bus hub.
  5. Hyderabad Bus Terminal: It’s a hub for local and intercity buses.

Places to Visit in Karachi

  1. Mohatta Palace: It houses a collection of art and artefacts from Pakistan’s history, such as ceramics, textiles, and photographs.
  2. Karachi Zoo: A zoo for animals such as lions, tigers, elephants, and several primates.
  3. The National Museum of Pakistan: It has a collection of over 100,000 artefacts and exhibits.

Frere Hall: A cultural centre and art gallery hosting exhibitions and cultural events annually.

Covid 19 Travel Advisory

Key points to keep in mind while planning a trip with Karachi.

Covid 19 Travel Advisory for APSRTC Buses Check out travel restrictions that apply to your source & destination.
Covid 19 Travel Advisory for APSRTC Buses Wear a mask at all times while you are travelling with Daewoo.
Covid 19 Travel Advisory for APSRTC Buses Carry your personal hygiene items like hand sanitizer, tissues, & handwash.
Covid 19 Travel Advisory for APSRTC Buses Avoid physical contact with anyone while travelling and maintain a safe distance.
Covid 19 Travel Advisory for APSRTC Buses Book bus tickets online in advance to avoid any physical contact.
Covid 19 Travel Advisory for APSRTC Buses Avoid sharing food with anyone while travelling.