Multan Bus Schedule & Fares Today

Route First Bus Last Bus
Karachi to Rawalpindi 09:00 AM 11:15 PM Book Now
Rawalpindi to Karachi 12:00 PM 10:15 PM Book Now
Faisalabad to Lahore 05:30 AM 10:00 PM Book Now
Lahore to Sargodha 05:30 AM 10:30 PM Book Now
Lahore to to Faisalabad 05:00 AM 08:30 PM Book Now
Lahore to Rawalpindi 12:00 AM 08:00 PM Book Now
Multan to Rawalpindi 01:25 AM 11:45 PM Book Now
Lahore to Multan 06:30 AM 11:30 PM Book Now
Multan to Lahore 07:30 AM 11:30 PM Book Now

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Skyways Multan Bus Tickets

Multan is one of the most culturally significant cities in the Indian Subcontinent. The city is famous for its various heritage sites, notably the Sufi Shrines. The Shah Gardez Tomb is a visually stunning piece of architecture renowned worldwide. As such, it attracts a lot of tourists from around the globe.Fortunately, travelling to and within the city is a breeze due to the exceptional bus services available. Thanks to Skyways, you get comfortable and regular road transportation. Founded in 1990, Skyways is now the biggest name for intercity transportation in Pakistan. With the growth of online bus ticket bookings, travelling from Multan has become quite easier. You can visit the for bus ticket booking online.

Top Bus Routes from Multan

  • Multan to Lahore

A trip from Multan to Lahore takes an excess of 4 hours. The distance is approximately 338 km. 

  • Multan to Islamabad

The traveling distance is around 550 Km, and you can expect a travel duration of about 7 hours for the same.

  • Multan to Faisalabad

The trip is about 197 km and will take 2-3 hours.

  • Multan to Karachi

Multan to Karachi is certainly one long trip with 886 km approximately and a travel duration of around 12 hours. 

  • Multan to Rawalpindi

These two cities are approximately 580 km apart and the journey will be around 9 hours.

The table given below shows the earliest departure and arrival times for the top five Skyways Travels Multan Routes.

The RouteEarliest Departure TimeEarliest Arrival Time
Multan to Lahore 07:30 AM01:00 PM
Multan to Islamabad08:00 AM04:00 PM
Multan To Karachi07:00 AM09:00 PM
Multan to Faisalabad10:00 AM01:00 PM
Multan to Peshawar06:00 AM04:00 PM

There are multiple buses with multiple levels of facility available for each route and passengers can choose at their convenience.

Skyways Multan Ticket Prices

Skyways provides an affordable and comfortable travel service to all the major cities in the country. The rates for the most common routes traveled from Multan are as follows:

Routes from MultanAverage Ticket Price in PKR
Multan to Lahore1000
Multan to Islamabad1400
Multan to Karachi3000
Multan to Faisalabad1200
Multan to Peshawar1500

Booking tickets is as easy as it sounds, especially when you have a service like, which gives you the best prices for the trip. The Multan to Lahore bus ticket price might vary slightly across different days depending on the departure date, location etc. Follow the steps below to book tickets online.

  • Search for their desired route, like Multan to Lahore bus service.
  • Select the date and pick your bus. 
  • Go for preferred Skyways seat booking.
  • Make the payment, and your process is complete.

The online tickets booking Pakistan will share the booked tickets over email, making the travel experience even better. has partnered with some of the most popular bus operators in the country to provide passengers and tourists with a comfortable travelling experience to and from Multan. You can book the bus tickets online. 

Here is a list of top 6 bus services in Pakistan along with the average ticket prices and bus types.

Bus Operator NameBus TypesAverage Ticket prices in PKR
Bilal Travels MultanExecutive and Luxury1000
Kainat TravelsExecutive and Luxury1200
Daewoo ExpressBusiness and Executive1500
Faisal MoversAC Business and Luxury1200
Niazi ExpressAC Business Executive and Luxury1400
Skyways AC Business and Luxury1400

With multiple bus services in Pakistan, you can easily select one you prefer based on comfort and budget.

Top Bus Terminals in Multan

  • Multan Bus Terminal: Multan’s busiest and largest terminal connects Multan to other parts of the country. It is located near the Multan Airport. The terminal has everything a passenger needs, including a waiting area, ticket counters, and more.
  • Daewoo Express Bus Terminal: This is situated on Abdali Road. This is amongst the more famous bus terminals in Multan.
  • Chowk Kumharanwala Bus Terminal: This terminal is near the Multan Fort. This is not the biggest terminal in the city, but it serves as a crucial transportation hub.
  • BZU Bus terminal: It is the main hub for bus services to and from Bahauddin Zakariya University. This was named after a Sufi Saint, connecting Multan to other cities like Bahawalpur.

Sher Shah bus terminal: The major hub for both intracity and intercity bus services. This terminal connects Multan to southern cities like Sukkur, Karachi, etc.

Places to visit in Multan

  • Multan Fort: Amongst the oldest forts in the country. Some of the beautiful monuments in the fort include the Sheesh Mahal and the Qasim Bagh gate.
  • Multan Museum: The best place to learn about Multan’s history and culture. There is a large collection of ancient artifacts like weapons, manuscripts, pottery and more.
  • Multan Clock Tower: Also referred to as the Ghanta Ghar, it is the ideal place for photographers.  

Tomb of Bahauddin Zakariya: A pilgrimage site was the final resting place of the Sufi Saint Bahauddin Zakariya.

Covid 19 Travel Advisory

Key points to keep in mind while planning a trip with Multan.

Covid 19 Travel Advisory for APSRTC Buses Check out travel restrictions that apply to your source & destination.
Covid 19 Travel Advisory for APSRTC Buses Wear a mask at all times while you are travelling with Daewoo.
Covid 19 Travel Advisory for APSRTC Buses Carry your personal hygiene items like hand sanitizer, tissues, & handwash.
Covid 19 Travel Advisory for APSRTC Buses Avoid physical contact with anyone while travelling and maintain a safe distance.
Covid 19 Travel Advisory for APSRTC Buses Book bus tickets online in advance to avoid any physical contact.
Covid 19 Travel Advisory for APSRTC Buses Avoid sharing food with anyone while travelling.