Dubai to Islamabad all Recent Bookings

  • ST Gulf Air

    Gulf Air

  • 08:00 AM Dubai (DXB)

    05:35 AM Islamabad (ISB)

    Trevller Bag Total: 20kg Pcs: 2 Traveller Seat Seat Trevller Meal Meal Trevller Wifi Wifi
  • AED 723.83
  • ST flydubai


  • 09:05 AM Dubai (DXB)

    01:20 PM Islamabad (ISB)

    Trevller Bag Total: 20kg Pcs: 2 Traveller Seat Seat Trevller Meal Meal Trevller Wifi Wifi
  • AED 414.06
  • ST Airblue


  • 05:00 PM Dubai (DXB)

    09:20 PM Islamabad (ISB)

    Trevller Bag Total: 20kg Pcs: 2 Traveller Seat Seat Trevller Meal Meal Trevller Wifi Wifi
  • AED 454.46
  • ST Saudia


  • 04:20 AM Dubai (DXB)

    01:20 AM Islamabad (ISB)

    Trevller Bag Total: 20kg Pcs: 2 Traveller Seat Seat Trevller Meal Meal Trevller Wifi Wifi
  • AED 611.97
  • ST Gulf Air

    Gulf Air

  • 09:00 PM Dubai (DXB)

    05:35 AM Islamabad (ISB)

    Trevller Bag Total: 20kg Pcs: 2 Traveller Seat Seat Trevller Meal Meal Trevller Wifi Wifi
  • AED 723.83

Dubai to Islamabad

Dubai holds the distinction of being both the most populous city and the capital of the United Arab Emirates. It is well known for its skyscrapers and beautiful skyline. The unending luxury Dubai offers attracts people to the city from around the world. Islamabad is the capital of Pakistan. Islamabad has a rich history and a vibrant culture, bringing people in large numbers to this beautiful city. Multiple modes of transportation connect these cities. While there are other viable options, air travel offers the quickest and most efficient way to cover the distance between these vibrant destinations. Let’s explore flight routes and see why flying from Dubai to Islamabad is the ultimate choice for travellers.

Dubai to Islamabad Flights

Only two modes of transport are available to travel directly from Dubai to Islamabad. You can travel by road to cover a distance of 4,770 km, which takes 58 hours. Flying is a safer and faster way to get to Islamabad from Dubai. It only takes 3 hours to complete this journey, whereas it can take over 6 hours if the flight has a stop. To evaluate which flight suits your schedule and budget the best, visit and explore flight options.

Dubai to Islamabad Flight Ticket Price

For travellers on a budget, it is essential to find the best deals on Dubai to Islamabad flight ticket prices. Various airlines operate on this route, including Oman Air, Etihad, and SereneAir. For those planning a one-way journey, the economy class offers tickets starting at a base fare of AED 455.92*. If you prefer a bit more comfort, consider the premium economy class, with prices costing around AED 1,143.28* for a one-way ticket. For those seeking the ultimate luxury and convenience, business-class one-way tickets are available at AED 2,317.81*. Should you be looking for a round-trip option, there are enticing offers to explore! Economy class round-trip fares begin at AED 1,301.47*, while premium economy round-trip tickets can be secured, starting from AED 1,956.93*. For travellers who want to indulge in the full range of business-class amenities, round-trip tickets are available from AED 4,489.87*. To find Dubai to Islamabad flight ticket rates, you can explore various options available on

Dubai to Islamabad Cheap Flights

For those seeking budget-friendly travel, there are plenty of options for cheap flights from Dubai to Islamabad. Airlines often have promotions, discounts, and special offers that can significantly reduce your travel costs. The cheapest flight available costs AED 383.76*. Planning your trip and being flexible with your travel dates can also help you secure cheap flights for your Dubai to Islamabad journey.

Dubai to Islamabad Flight Schedule

Understanding the flight schedule is crucial for a smooth travel experience. Knowing the departure and arrival times, as well as the frequency of flights, can help you plan your trip efficiently. Airlines like PIA, Serene Air, and Airblue operate regular flights from Dubai to Islamabad, ensuring you enjoy the flexibility of choosing a convenient time for your journey. They have flights on this route from around 04:00 AM to 11:00 PM. Be sure to check the flight schedules on to make the most of your travel plans.

Flights from Dubai to Islamabad

Travellers who want to book flights from Dubai to Islamabad can choose an airline operator from several reputable airlines. These are the three most popular airlines on this route:

  1. Pakistan International Airlines: PIA offers non-stop and one-stop flights. They have flights available from 07:30 PM – 12:00 PM.
  2. Emirates: Emirates has flights at 03:20 AM and 09:05 PM on this route. A non-stop one-way ticket in economy class costs AED 596.91*.
  3. Oman Air: Oman Air offers non-stop and one-stop flights on this route. A direct one-way ticket costs AED 383.78*. 

Travel Restrictions

Passengers should check government websites and airline pages to stay informed about travel restrictions and protocols applicable when flying from Dubai to Islamabad. It is worth noting that COVID-19 vaccination certificates and RT-PCR tests are no longer necessary for travel to Islamabad. These regulations may be revised. Hence, it is imperative to stay updated about the most recent directives and travel advisories issued by the governments of both countries. 

*Note: Flight ticket prices may vary based on different factors.

Faq’s of Dubai to Islamabad

Do you need a visa to travel from Dubai to Islamabad?

Yes. A visa is required for travel to Islamabad from Dubai.

Can I book a one-way flight from Dubai to Islamabad and return from a different city in Pakistan?

Yes, it is possible, but it may affect the cost and availability of flights. Check with the relevant airlines and travel agencies for options. Visit for more information.

What is the approximate distance between Dubai and Islamabad by air?

The approximate air distance between Dubai and Islamabad is around 1,200 to 1,300 km or 746 to 807 miles.