Dubai to Multan all Recent Bookings

  • ST Qatar Airways

    Qatar Airways

  • 11:20 PM Dubai (DXB)

    01:20 AM Multan (MUX)

    Trevller Bag Total: 20kg Pcs: 2 Traveller Seat Seat Trevller Meal Meal Trevller Wifi Wifi
  • AED 3138.59
  • ST PIA


  • 05:10 AM Dubai (DXB)

    09:05 AM Multan (MUX)

    Trevller Bag Total: 20kg Pcs: 2 Traveller Seat Seat Trevller Meal Meal Trevller Wifi Wifi
  • AED 417.71
  • ST Saudia


  • 09:00 PM Dubai (DXB)

    02:55 PM Multan (MUX)

    Trevller Bag Total: 20kg Pcs: 2 Traveller Seat Seat Trevller Meal Meal Trevller Wifi Wifi
  • AED 1512.7
  • ST PIA


  • 04:25 AM Dubai (DXB)

    02:35 PM Multan (MUX)

    Trevller Bag Total: 20kg Pcs: 2 Traveller Seat Seat Trevller Meal Meal Trevller Wifi Wifi
  • AED 438
  • ST Qatar Airways

    Qatar Airways

  • 11:25 PM Dubai (DXB)

    01:20 AM Multan (MUX)

    Trevller Bag Total: 20kg Pcs: 2 Traveller Seat Seat Trevller Meal Meal Trevller Wifi Wifi
  • AED 1495.4

Dubai to Multan

The largest city in the United Arab Emirates, Dubai, is known for its lavish shopping malls and luxurious lifestyle. Dubai also houses the world’s tallest building, Burj Khalifa, making the desert city a global tourist destination. Multan is one of the five major and most populous cities of Pakistan. Located on the banks of River Chenab, Multan is a powerhouse of religion and economics. Due to its growing importance, business travellers, tourists, and other passengers frequently take the Dubai to Multan route. 
If you want to fly to Multan from Dubai,, a reputable online travel platform, can help you plan your itinerary.

Dubai to Multan Flights

The state-of-the-art infrastructural facilities in both countries have made travel easy and convenient. People travelling from Dubai to Multan can opt for road transport; the journey takes around 59 hours. Although this road trip seems quite adventurous, it takes considerable time due to the distance between these cities.  

Travelling by flight is the most convenient way to avoid a tiring journey. Dubai to Multan flights are operated in large numbers because it is a busy route. Passengers reach their destination in a mere 2.5 – 3.0 hours. 
If you are unsure which route to take, is where you’ll find answers to all your queries.

Dubai to Multan Flight Ticket Price

Dubai to Multan flight ticket price varies depending on the dates and season of travel. It can also alter based on the class chosen, i.e., economy, premium economy, business class, or first class. Several airlines operate on this route. To name a few, Pakistan International Airlines (PIA), Fly Dubai, Emirates, Saudia, and Gulf Air. 

The Dubai to Multan flight ticket price for economy ranges between 390-550* AED. If you choose premium economy, it almost doubles to 1055* AED. The ticket price for business class is approximately 1717-2470* AED. 

Since prices also differ based on the airlines you choose, it is advisable to visit to get comparative prices quickly.  

*Disclaimer: Prices are indicative and subject to change.

Dubai to Multan Cheap Flights

Several airlines operate flights between Dubai and Multan. The flight duration varies for each flight, and so does the corresponding price. The costs are inversely proportional to the time. The quicker you want to reach your destination, the higher you will need to pay.

Impromptu or urgent plans often do not provide sufficient time to make calculated bookings. Hence, you might end up spending more on last-minute bookings. But if you have the time to plan and book your flights, you will find that several Dubai to Multan flights are cheap. 

For example, the PIA flight takes off from Sharjah, just 19 km from Dubai. is your one-stop flight booking solution.

Dubai to Multan Flight Schedule

Dubai to Multan is a bustling route, and many reputable airlines fly to and from these destinations. You will find many flights scheduled at regular intervals for this route. The departure timings often start as early as 06:05 am and stretch to almost midnight. can be your go-to platform when deciding which flight schedule suits you the best.

Flights from Dubai to Multan

Flights from Dubai to Multan have been ferrying vacationers, families, and businesspeople for decades. Although there are options for people from all backgrounds, the top three preferred airlines are: 

  • flydubai from Dubai to Multan: With three non-stop, 2:45 hour flights scheduled regularly, flydubai is one of the most commonly booked carriers by travellers to Multan from Dubai. Ticket prices usually start from 580 AED. 
  • PIA Flights from Dubai to Multan: PIA offers partially refundable tickets for some of its flights from Dubai to Multan. Some direct flights take approximately 3 hours to reach. At the same time, a few come with a single stop in Karachi and have a slightly longer flight duration. 

airblue Flight from Dubai to Multan: Another Airline that will take 3-4 hours to reach Multan is airblue. With reasonable and affordable pricing of about 344 AED (27690 PKR), airblue offers excellent services to frequent flyers, tourists, and other passengers.

Travel Restrictions

Residents or citizens of Dubai need to carry their passports and present flight ticket bookings for their onward or return journey. These documents are necessary for travellers from Dubai seeking entry into Multan, Pakistan. At present, COVID-19 RT-PCR tests are not mandatory. However, it is always advisable to check the guidelines of the source and destination countries for updated information.

Faq’s of Dubai to Multan

What is the maximum time flights take from Dubai to Multan?

Some flights by Etihad Airways take close to 30 hours to reach Multan from Dubai.

How many Dubai to Multan flights are there today? 

Usually, approximately 27 flights from Dubai to Multan operate every day.

Which is the biggest tourist attraction in Multan?

The shrines of Sufi saints attract tourists to Multan.