Top Fly Dubai Domestic Flights


FlyDubai was started in 2009 with the aim to get passengers safely to more places. The airline currently flies to over 90 destinations and is continuously expanding its operations and adding more aircraft to its fleet. FlyDubai has over 50 aircraft running and has orders to add up to 236 aircraft consisting of Boeing 737 MAX and Boeing 737-800 with comfortable seating and great amenities in both its business and economy classes.

The airline prides itself on keeping its fares affordable and being flexible in bookings to cater to its customers. Its bright airy cabins combined with Boeing Sky Interiors is aimed at reducing jetlag and making the journey comfortable and pleasant for its passengers.

The airline has services across destinations from Central Asia, Middle-east Asia, the Indian subcontinent, Africa, Europe and Southeast Asia. It is the Middle East’s fastest-growing airline and is owned by the government of Dubai, UAE.

FlyDubai Ticket Price

FlyDubai is known for offering the lowest fares and the best experience. It has 4 fare types including Lite, Value, Flex and Business which have their own criteria for baggage, seating and other amenities. For the best prices, you should look at ahead of your travel plans. This will help you get the cheapest rates as flight prices are higher when booked closer to the departure date. Also, weekday flights are relatively cheaper compared to weekend flights due to more passenger bookings.

FlyDubai Ticket Price


Price Starts from

Dubai to Muscat


AED 620* (Rs. 26613.45)

Dubai to Riyadh


AED 990* (Rs. 42495.66)

Dubai to Jeddah


AED 900* (Rs. 42495.66)

Dubai to Bahrain


AED 770* (Rs. 33052.18)

FlyDubai Ticket Price


Price Starts from

Dubai to Istanbul


AED 950* (Rs. 40778.67)

Dubai to Karachi


AED 3268* (Rs.140278.61)

Dubai to Moscow


AED 1136* (Rs. 48762.70)

Dubai to Tel Aviv


AED 1090* (Rs. 46788.15)

FlyDubai Flight Schedule

The main base of FlyDubai is at the Dubai International Airport. You can find regular flights to different locations across Asia, Europe and Africa. The airline always tries to be on time and you can find the updated schedule on to make a booking.


First Flight

Last Flight


Dubai to Beirut



4 hours

Karachi to Dubai



2 hour 10 min

Dubai to Delhi



3 hours 20 min

Dubai to Alexandria



4 hours 5 min

FlyDubai Flight Status

You can easily look for the flight status for your flight or the route by simply visiting the FlyDubai website. Check the schedule to see if there are any delays or the flight is on time for your trip. This is an easy process to follow:

  • Go to the FlyDubai website:
  • On the Search bar, click on Flight Status
  • Search by flight number or route
  • Enter the date and tap ‘Search’ to get the status
  • For search by route, results up to three days can be seen

FlyDubai Web Check-in

FlyDubai allows you to check-in online 48 hours before departure. The web check-in closes 90 minutes before departure. You can also use the FlyDubai app to complete your web check-in. Due to post-COVID measures, you’re still required to report at the airport check-in for formalities. But, web check-in allows you to reserve a seat prior to boarding for a fee.

To web check-in,

  • Visit FlyDubai website
  • On the Search tab, click on ‘Check-in’
  • Enter your booking number, departure airport or last name
  • Tap the Check-in Online’ button
  • Choose your seat to complete the process

FlyDubai PNR status/Ticket Status

If you’re wondering whether your flight ticket with FlyDubai is confirmed or on the waiting list, all you need to do is check the PNR status. This process can be completed on with a few simple steps. To check the status,

  • Log in with your credentials on
  • Visit the ‘Manage Booking’ section in your profile
  • Click on the relevant trip details
  • Your status will be shown under the flight details

FlyDubai Cancellation Policies

Based on your fare type, you can avail free cancellation on FlyDubai tickets. All you need to do is visit the website to cancel your tickets. Cancellations are allowed for up to 24 hours for free. While cancellation is not permitted within 24 hours for Value fares, Business and Flex fares have the opportunity to cancel the tickets up to 30 days after departure for a fee.

The process to cancel tickets is as follows:

  • Visit
  • Enter your flight details on the ‘Manage Booking’ tab
  • Modify your booking as needed
  • If cancellation charges are applicable, they will be mentioned
  • Refund is in the form of an e-voucher redeemable on FlyDubai flights or optional services

Fare Type

Cancellation fee


No cancellation permitted


AED 200* (Rs. 8584.98)





FlyDubai Baggage Allowance

Again based on the fare type, FlyDubai has varying baggage policies for its passengers. However, the baggage permitted also varies based on the departure location. You can contact regional customer care for more details on the permitted baggage for your flight. Any baggage not following the policy will be charged per extra luggage per kilo.

Fare Type

Hand Baggage

Checked Baggage


7 kg

At a charge


7 kg

20 kg


7 kg

30 kg


14 kg

40 kg

FlyDubai Customer Care/Contact Number

FlyDubai has a dedicated customer care for your queries and will answer all your questions with ease. You can also use a form to share an email with the support team for any help using this link: The customer care personnel speak fluent Arabic and English

Contact number (24/7 availability):

  • (+971) 600 54 44 45


FlyDubai Ticket Reschedule

For any change in plans, FlyDubai easily accommodates any rescheduling based on the fare type. While Lite fares are not permitted for rescheduling, Value, Business and Flex passengers can choose to reschedule their flights up to 24 hours before departure. For more details visit the website or call the customer support team.

To reschedule your flight ticket follow this process:

  • On the FlyDubai website, click on ‘Manage Booking’
  • Enter your PNR number and last name
  • Modify your tickets based on the fare type and pick the travel plan you want
  • You will receive a confirmation message once the ticket is rescheduled
  • You might have to pay extra if there is an excess difference in fares

FlyDubai Amenities

FlyDubai’s main aim is to ensure the passengers are relaxed and enjoy their flight experience. In order to facilitate this, they have a number of quality services and amenities for the benefit of their passengers.

Some of their amenities include:

  • Sumptuous meals
  • In-flight entertainment
  • Duty-free
  • Comfortable seats
  • WiFi

FlyDubai Offers and Discounts

Offering curated fares for all budgets, FlyDubai prides itself on catering to a variety of their passengers’ needs. The flight prices are always the best in the industry along with offering quite a number of discounts and deals to appease their passengers. By booking on you can get even better offers with coupon codes and discounts to lower your fare.

  • Emirates Skyward: In partnership with the Emirates flights, FlyDubai has a frequent flier miles program that guarantees great benefits to its members. From free WiFi to lounge access and priority check-in, the flights you book, the better tier benefits you receive. Currently, there are four tiers to the membership—Blue, Silver, Gold and Platinum.

FlyDubai Travel Insurance

Use the travel insurance feature on to insure your trip with FlyDubai. From covering your flight plan against cancellations, and other risks to baggage and trip coverage, enjoy a stress-free experience knowing your journey is covered against contingencies. Opt for the travel insurance during check out or contact customer support for guidance.

FAQs About Fly Dubai

When will domestic and International flight operations resume in Pakistan?

For the latest information on domestic and international flights operations in Pakistan, refer to the Corona Travel Update page.

Is it safe to travel during COVID-19? What precautions should we take during air travel?

As the world economy opens up you can travel as per WHO guidelines. Also refer to FyDubai Pakistan policies when planning to do Fly Dubai online booking.

What is the travel policy of Fly Dubai on Covid-19?

Fly Dubai flights to limited destinations around the world have resumed subject to local laws and policies. Check Fly Dubai schedule regularly before making a booking.To know more about travel updates for Fly Dubai Pakistan click here.

Am I allowed to carry medications with me?

If you must carry medications with you, ensure to bring your prescription when leaving for the flight.

What are the flight restrictions for pregnant women?

You can fly with the airline normally up to the end of your 28th week of pregnancy. After that, you are required to give a medical report or letter (officially signed or stamped by a doctor) in English or Arabic. You can’t fly with us after the end of 36th week of pregnancy.

Are infants allowed on flight?

A 7 days old baby is allowed to be carried on a Flydubai flight.

I Live abroad but need to book a flight for my relative/family on my credit or debit card. Is it possible?

If you make a booking with, you can use your credit card for somebody else’s reservation. However, if you make a direct booking through the airline, the passenger must use his/her own credit or debit card for payment.

How to book my flight to Dubai on

Go to for flight booking. Choose departure, arrival, date, and time for your flight reservation. Once you are done, you will be asked to provide details of travellers with basic details. You can check Fly Dubai schedule on
Make your payment via bank transfer, credit card, JazzCash, or EasyPaisa. You will get flight details on given email, print off the ticket and bring it with you to the airport. You can also use the PNR number to check your flight booking details.

What is the reporting time for domestic and international travel for FlyDubai airlines?

FlyDubai opens for check-in 3 hours before the flight departure for both domestic and international flights. It also closes the boarding gate 20 minutes before departure.

How to recover lost baggage on FlyDubai flights?

If your baggage is lost, please visit the baggage desk and they will assist you in filling a PIR (Property Irregularity Report). The baggage will then be sent to your address when found. If the baggage is missing even after 3 days, you can fill a Baggage Inventory Form and share it with the airline. The baggage is considered truly lost if there is no update even after 21 days. The airline will compensate based on the reports. Follow the instructions on this link for more details.

How do I select my seat preference in FlyDubai airlines?

Seat selection is permitted only for Business and Flex fare customers. You can visit the website, log in using the ‘Manage Booking’ section and confirm your seats by paying a fee.

What are the things not allowed in baggage?

Any items considered harmful like poison, explosives, inflammable substances and more are not permitted onboard the flight whether it is in checked luggage or your handbag. There are also certain rules on what can be carried in your handbag, check this link<for detailed information.

What are all the meal options in FlyDubai?

FlyDubai on-flight meals are inspired by the location they’re heading towards. For Business class there is a choice of menu items that you can pick from. For economy travellers, you’re required to pre-order your meals from the vegetarian or non-vegetarian meal menu. You can also buy snacks and beverages on the flight based on your interests.

What is FlyDubai’s policy if the flight status is delayed or cancelled?

FlyDubai gives you the provision to rebook a flight in case of delays or schedule changes to your booked flights. You can either rebook or cancel your flight and will be refunded. If there are any cancellations, you are offered an alternate flight or compensated accordingly.

Does flydubai provide a hotel?

No, Dubai Connect (STPC) will not be provided on codeshare flights.

Does flydubai need approval?

An OK to Board approval from flydubai is mandatory for Pakistan citizens travelling from Faisalabad, Karachi, Multan, Quetta or Sialkot. The approval is required only if you have a paper visa or an electronic visa. If the visa is stamped on your passport then you do not require an OK to Board.

What is the age a new born child can be carried with flydubai?

You can travel with a newborn child (infant) once they are 7 days old. Whether you're travelling with flydubai or Emirates, the age regulation is the same.

Is there food available on board?

Yes. The choice varies according to your destination, from hot meals that you can pre-order on longer flights to a range of snacks available to purchase on board shorter flights.

Can I carry children's ride on suitcases and/or leg rest devices on board?

No. Travel accessories that are not certified by the UAE's General Civil Aviation Authority are not permitted on board our flights. This includes, but is not limited to, inflatable cubes, Bedbox (ride on suitcases and/or leg rest devices), Fly Legs-up and FLY-Tot etc.

How much baggage can I take on the flight?

A passenger can carry up to 7 kg of hand baggage in economy and up to 14 kg hand baggage in business on all flydubai flights. You can check in up to 3 pieces of baggage, as long as their combined weight doesn’t exceed the baggage allowance in your booking confirmation. Each piece of baggage has to weigh less than 32 kg and shouldn't exceed the maximum size.

When did flydubai start?

1 June 2009

Who is the owner of flydubai?

The Government of Dubai is the owner of the airline.

Is flydubai ticket refundable?

Cancellation refunds will be issued in the form of flydubai voucher which can be used to pay for flydubai flights or optional extras within 12 months of voucher issue date. For non-refundable fares, only applicable taxes will be refunded.

How do I get a refund from flydubai?

You can request a refund for the flydubai voucher. A flydubai voucher is valid for 12 months from the date it is issued.

FlyDubai Pakistan Number?

Flydubai’s contact centre in Pakistan can be reached at 021 111 225 539