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Pakistan International Airlines (PIA)

Pakistan International Airlines is the largest and the flag carrier of Pakistan under the control of the Secretary to the Government of Pakistan for Aviation. Started in 1946, formerly known as Orient Express, the airline is known for many achievements. From being the first Asian airline to operate a jet aircraft for commercial purposes to being the first non-Communist aircraft to fly into China, the airline has made a name for itself.

PIA has a fleet of over 30 aircraft servicing over 20 domestic cities and over 25 international destinations. On an average, the airline operates over 100 routes daily. Some of its popular routes include domestic cities like Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Multan and more. It regularly has flights to international countries like Canada, France, India, UAE, UK and more.

Pakistan International Airlines caters to a large number of passengers and offers great service to make their journey as smooth as possible. They even have a frequent flier miles program called Awards+ Plus that offers additional perks to its customers.

Pakistan International Airlines Flights Rates

PIA Tickets

PIA offers air tickets in several classes depending upon the commuter. PIA offers air tickets in Economy, Executive Economy, and Business class. Each travel class in PIA flights offers some unique amenities to commuters. The interior and type of seat can also change according to the travel class on a PIA flight. Different travel classes are available on both PIA domestic and international flights. Some common domestic routes for which PIA offers air tickets in three classes are: 

  • Karachi to Islamabad 
  • Karachi to Faisalabad
  • Peshawar to Faisalabad
  • Islamabad to Karachi 

Some common international routes for which PIA offers air tickets in three classes are as follows: 

  • Islamabad to Abu Dhabi 
  • Lahore to Abu Dhabi 
  • Peshawar to Al Ain  

The cost for PIA flight tickets changes according to the travel class. Economy air tickets on PIA flights are the cheapest, while Business-class tickets are the costliest. For example, the average price of a PIA flight ticket from Karachi to Islamabad in Economy-class is around PKR 18593. However, the average ticket price of a PIA flight for the same route in the Executive Economy class will be PKR 35,000. Therefore, business-class tickets from Karachi to Islamabad will cost you even more than the Economy and Executive Economy tickets. Also, the baggage allowance differs according to the travel class on PIA flights. The baggage allowance for Economy class on PIA flights is 40 kg, while for the Executive Economy class is 50 kg. In Business-class, you will receive special services like in-demand meals and an entertainment system. 
You can easily book PIA air tickets in any class via You can compare the ticket prices for different travel classes on and book accordingly. One can also see the baggage allowance on a PIA flight for each travel class on The Executive Economy class is often mentioned as Premium Economy on

PIA Amenities

PIA offers many in-flight amenities to make your journey relaxing. The amenities offered by PIA flights can change according to the travel class and route. Some in-flight services offered by PIA are given below:

Amenities DomesticInternational 
Meals Yes Yes
Mobile Charging YesYes
ExtraEntertainment system Entertainment system 
Adjustable seats YesYes

Top PIA Domestic Routes

PIA serves around 19 domestic air routes in Pakistan. People prefer PIA flights as there are daily departures to many Pakistani cities. Some popular domestic routes in Pakistan served by PIA are as follows:

PIA Karachi to Islamabad Flight 

Every day, PIA offers around two flights between Karachi and Islamabad. In a week, you can find around 14 PIA flights from Karachi to Islamabad. The PIA ticket price in Economy class for the Karachi to Islamabad route is PKR 19,060. The prices can also go up to PKR 27,530 on

PIA Karachi to Faisalabad Flight 

PIA offers flights from Karachi to Faisalabad on Mondays, Sundays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. In a week, there are around seven PIA flights between Karachi and Faisalabad. The PIA ticket price in Economy class for the Karachi – Faisalabad route can range between PKR 16,990 and PKR 28,100. 

PIA Islamabad to Multan Flight

You can find PIA flights between Islamabad and Multan on Sunday and Fridays. There are around two PIA flights from Islamabad to Multan in a week. The average price of a PIA Economy class ticket from Islamabad to Multan is PKR 12,820. The price of a PIA flight ticket for the same route will be more in Business class. 

PIA Karachi to Peshawar Flight 

PIA flights from Karachi to Peshawar are usually not available on Thursdays and Saturdays. In a week, one can find around eight PIA flights between Karachi and Peshawar. The price of a PIA flight ticket for this route (Economy class) can range between PKR 16,990 and PKR 25,460. 

PIA Karachi to Lahore Flight 

There are more than 12 PIA flights in a week from Karachi to Lahore. The price of a PIA flight ticket in Economy class for the Karachi – Lahore route can range between PKR 19,060 and PKR 23,200. You will have to pay more to book a PIA air ticket for the same route in Business class.

Top PIA International Routes

At present, PIA is serving more than 20 international routes. You can travel to many countries via PIA flights. PIA also serves many international destinations via codeshare and interline agreements. Some popular international routes served by PIA are as follows:

PIA Karachi to Bahrain Flight 

Except for Mondays and Wednesdays, PIA offers daily departures from Karachi to Bahrain. Around seven PIA flights travel from Karachi to Bahrain in a week. The price of a PIA ticket in Economy class for the Karachi – Bahrain route can range between PKR 41,440 and PKR 77,200. For more space and legroom, you can book a PIA ticket in Business class from Karachi to Bahrain.

PIA Peshawar to Al Ain Flight 

PIA offers flights from Peshawar to Al Ain on Mondays and Friday. Two flights are offered by PIA for this international route on Mondays and Fridays, respectively. The price of a PIA ticket in Economy class for this route can range between PKR 28,877 and PKR 58,057. For in-flight meal and entertainment services, you can book Peshawar to Al Ain tickets in Business class. 

PIA Islamabad to Mashhad Flight 

PIA offers one or two flights daily from Islamabad to Mashhad except for Sunday, Wednesday, and Friday. There are around six PIA flights from Islamabad to Mashhad in a week. The price of a PIA flight ticket in Economy class for this route can range between PKR 65,501 and PKR 67,011. For a better travel experience, you can search for PIA flight tickets in the Business class. 

PIA Islamabad to Najaf Flight 

Except for Sunday, PIA offers at least one flight on all days from Islamabad to Najaf. There are around nine PIA flights in a week from Islamabad to Al Najaf. The price of a PIA flight ticket in Economy class for this route will range between PKR 55,933 and PKR 92,034. You can also search for PIA flight tickets in Business class for the same route. 

PIA Lahore to Bahrain Flight 

PIA offers at least one flight between Lahore and Bahrain on all days of the week. In a week, there are around nine PIA flights between Lahore and Bahrain. The average price of a PIA flight ticket in Economy class for this route is PKR 57,031. You can switch to business class on a PIA flight for more in-flight services.

PIA Ticket Price

Apart from being the national air carrier of Pakistan, PIA is also a low-cost airline. It helps Pakistanis to reach their destinations at affordable prices. One can check the real-time ticket price of PIA flights on for any confusion. Different ticket prices of PIA flights are as follows: 

Route Cheap pricePeak season price Today’s ticket price 
Karachi to Islamabad Rs 19,828 Rs 29,980 Rs 29,980 
Lahore to Dubai Rs 28,500 Rs 38,507Rs 28,500 
Lahore to Karachi Rs 18,721Rs 20,000 Rs 18,721
Islamabad to Dubai Rs 28,877Rs 30,787Rs 28,877
Karachi to Jeddah Rs 71,033Rs 118,259Rs 118,259

PIA Booking

With the simplified online portal of, one can easily book PIA flight tickets. You can easily pay online for PIA flight tickets via your debit/credit card on Both Visa and MasterCard are applicable for online payment on The online payment system on for PIA tickets booking is completely secure. Don’t forget to check for a discounted fare on before booking air tickets.

PIA Flights

PIA has more than 20 air carriers for international and domestic operations. It has Airbus, Boeing, and ATR air carriers. Boeing air carriers of PIA can carry more than 300 passengers and have a business class. Airbus A320-200 air carriers of PIA can carry around 170 passengers and do not have a business class. All air carriers of PIA are equipped with world-class amenities to make your trip comfortable. The interiors and seating arrangements of air carriers acquired by PIA can be different.

Pakistan International Airlines Latest Updates

PIA has successfully attained state-of-the-art Airbus A320 simulator that will allow pilots to get training in the country as a cost saving step for PIA.This facility will not only be beneficial to airline pilots but would also be for international airlines. A simulator complex was being set up at Karachi airport where other airline centers were operating.

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) has completed the audit but no official report came from their end. However, there were extremely positive indications that the national carrier can fly again to Europe. PIA has also been successful in coping up with the post pandemic era despite every sector suffering. The management highlighted all the issues and resolved them which helped improve their operations and enhance their services.

Sastaticket offers a great deal to its customers as it offers to buy an extra baggage allowance in advance at a very minimal rate. Passengers can purchase a minimum of 5kg and maximum depends on the route the passengers have selected to fly. It’s a great deal for the customers who are flying on domestic or international routes right from the time they book the ticket till 4 hours before the scheduled departure.

However, the price for buying extra luggage may vary depending on how late or early they buy the extra luggage allowance before the departure. An added advantage of this offer is that passengers have the liberty to obtain a refund of the additional luggage without any extra charges under the following condition: voluntary or involuntary reissuance of the ticket.

PIA is growing and getting better as it plans to work on the following plans:

PIA will start flying from Karachi to Mashhad effective from 1st January 2022.

It is expanding itself by acquiring four Airbus A320s into the fleet by February in order to serve better. After this induction, the fleet will have 18 aircrafts.

The airline believes in treating every passenger with utmost respect which is why they have initiated chartered flights for Hindu pilgrims within the nation, to and from other destinations, to visit the temple of Shri Param Hans Ji Maharaj.

The national carrier marks itself as a major contributor of tourism by operating flights from Karachi and Dubai to Peshawar.

PIA will be joining hands with FlyDubai so that the latter can enjoy facilities of PIA and its passengers can travel around the globe and vice versa. Through this agreement, passengers of both airlines can fly from Lahore, Islamabad and Peshawar to Europe, Africa, Central Asia, South Asia and Southeast Asia via Dubai.

PIA has the following updates in its course of operations:

2nd March onwards: PIA introduced a new route between Baku and Pakistan (Karachi & Lahore).

Flight frequency will be increased to generate greater profits. PIA will fly frequently to the UK, UAE, KSA. Moreover, introduction of new routes will also generate revenue. Hence, operations will commence to Istanbul, Baku, Kuwait, Hong Kong, Singapore, Tehran, Urumqi and Baku.

Currently PIA is operating weekly, 359 round trip flights and by 2026 PIA will be operating 581 round trip flights per week.

PIA has officially started its flights between Pakistan and Baku, Azerbaijan. Flights will be operated via two major cities of Pakistan i.e Lahore and Karachi. 

PIA has great plans for their operations for this year. PIA will start its operations by operating non-stop flights between Lahore and Sydney from 22nd April 2022. Flights will operate from Lahore to Sydney on Fridays Flights will operate from Sydney to Lahore on Sundays The national carrier of Pakistan is offering a baggage allowance of 45kgs for economy class and 50kgs for executive economy class. The prime motive of the airline is to provide the best services and serve passengers in the best way possible. The further expansion is long due but restrictions were placed due to COVID-19. PIA has recently launched flights to Baku from Karachi and Lahore.

PIA has great plans for their operations for this year. PIA will start its operations by operating non-stop flights between Lahore and Sydney from 22nd April 2022.

Flights will operate from Lahore to Sydney on Fridays

Flights will operate from sydney to Lahore on Sundays

The national carrier of Pakistan is offering a baggage allowance of 45kgs for economy class and 50kgs for executive economy class. The prime motive of the airline is to provide the best services and serve passengers in the best way possible. The further expansion is long due but restrictions were placed due to COVID-19. PIA has recently launched flights to Baku from Karachi and Lahore.

PIA has recently inaugurated its first ever engineering hangar at the new Islamabad International Airport. The hangar has been named “Nur Khan Engineering Complex” after the golden era witnessed by the national carrier.

Pakistan International Airlines Ticket Price

PIA has three classes in its flight to cater to all budgets—economy, executive economy and business class. The prices of tickets vary based on cabin class and other factors. The day of the flight i.e., weekdays and weekends can be a factor that influences the ticket price along with the date of booking. Flight prices are at their peak when booked closer to the date of the flight. You can find great deals for both domestic and international flights on These include discounts and offers that you can use to travel on a budget. Use the website to browse through the fares and get the best price for your PIA flight ticket.

PIA Ticket Price
DaysPrice Starts from
Islamabad to Karachi
Rs 20,695*
Quetta to Lahore
Rs 23,450*
Karachi to Lahore
Rs 16,398*
Multan to Peshawar
Rs 10, 801*

PIA Ticket Price
DaysPrice Starts from
Karachi to Kabul
Rs 26,263*
Karachi to Istanbul
Rs 64,191*
Frankfurt to Lahore
Rs 66,906*

*Disclaimer: All prices are subject to price change as per airline policies. These changes apply to all prices mentioned on the page.

Pakistan International Airlines Flight Schedule

PIA has regular flight schedules to both domestic and international routes that it services. You can browse through for the updated flight schedule of PIA. Use the filters to find PIA flights for an easy browsing experience. Sort according to departure timings, the number of stops to find an ideal flight for your journey.

First Flight
Last Flight
Karachi to Islamabad
20 hours 10 min (+ 1 stop)
Islamabad to Karachi
1 hour 55 min
Karachi to Istanbul
5 hours 45 min
Quetta to Lahore
1 hours 20 min

From November 14th, 2021 onwards, PIA has announced to operate five weekly direct flights to Toronto. These will be inbound and outbound flights. The airline will operate in three major cities including Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad. This step is beneficial for passengers looking to avoid layovers and commuting without hassle. 

 PIA has also achieved another milestone by starting flights to and from Najaf. PIA is determined to operate regular flights from October 30th, 2021. It was a crucial step for both the nations and PIA left no stone unturned to serve Pakistani pilgrims who chose flying with the national carrier.

Moreover, PIA has resumed flights to the Gulf states. It became the first flight to launch the air service to Fujairah. The national carrier will operate thrice in a week with one flight each from Lahore, Islamabad and Peshawar. PIA has also resumed flights to Kuwait which was a big market for the airline. The flights were temporarily banned due to the spread of Coronavirus. Now that the cases have declined, PIA has started its operations again.

Pakistan international airlines has announced to open flights between Pakistan and China effective from 1st November, 2021. The two routes which are now made available are as follows:



The winter schedule is now effective and passengers can book their one way or round trip flights either online or through However, the Chinese government strongly urges passengers to follow the necessary SOPs and nucleic tests and quarantine is a must. PIA will operate once a week ISB-XIY-BJS-ISB, PK854 ISB-XIY on Saturdays and return PK855 BJS-ISB on Sundays.

It is reported that there is a break in journey at Xian-Beijing leg, therefore RT ticket will be of PAK-Xian and then Beijing-Pakistan therefore, the passengers will have to arrange for their own transportation from Xian to Beijing. Similarly, the ex-China RT ticket will be of BJS-Pakistan and then Pakistan-Xian. Same needs to be clarified to passengers while issuing ticket

Effective from 1st December, 2021, PIA has announced to operate 35 direct flights on a weekly basis. This announcement was made after Saudi Arabia lifted the ban from 6 nations namely Pakistan, India, Indonesia, Egypt, Brazil and Vietnam. Passengers travelling from these nations are not required to observe a quarantine period of 14 days. PIA will be allowed to operate to Jeddah, Riyadh, Dammam and al-Qasim. These flights will be operated from various cities of Pakistan including Islamabad, Karachi, Lahore, Multan and Peshawar. However, some flights were still operational before the announcement of this schedule. Passengers are bound to comply with the 5-day quarantine period. There is a possibility of an increase in the number of flights if demand increases.

Saudi Arabia has allowed PIA to operate additional flights to help stranded people in the kingdom. The development has been made after the travel ban was lifted and travel between the two nations resumed. Ease in the restriction has allowed PIA to operate additional flights and the number of flights has increased to 48. Previously, 33 flights were operated throughout the week. Among these flights, there are 8 flights scheduled to fly to Dammam, 8 to Madinah, 9 to Riyadh and 23 to Jeddah. PIA has always been at the forefront of meeting the travel needs of Pakistanis. If need be PIA will get permission to operate even more flights if the Saudi government allows.

PIA has made the following developments to boost its business:

Believes in adopting new technology as its core operations. Hence, it has signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Punjab Information Technology to implement e-FOAS (e-filing and office automation system).

It is a cloud based system to automate the efficiency of documentation like e-noting, e-letter, management receipt and issuance management through digital signature.

This process will bring efficiency and will save time, facilitate clients/users to send notification via SMS and emails, keep a record of all processes and help to get rid of paperwork.

PIA has started its operations between Sialkot and Dubai. Flights will be operated twice a week. Passengers can now book their flights and travel 31 times from different cities of Pakistan.

Started its flights between Quetta and Dubai from the month of January which will operate twice.

Services have resumed between Lahore and Mashhad after a long gap of five years to promote religious and leisure travel.

PIA will start operating flights from Lahore and Karachi to London from 10th February 2022 and operations from Islamabad London will commence from 12th February 2022.

After the audit conducted by ICAO, PIA has been given a green signal to resume the operations to the European Union.

PIA has always believed in spreading love and respect for every religion and serves its customers irrespective of their beliefs. To increase religious tourism, PIA has joined hands with WestJet. The agreement offers comfortable and a class apart experience as it is offering connecting flights between Toronto and Vancouver for Pakistani religious tours. The schedule states five weekly flights from Toronto in the following manner:

Islamabad – every Sunday

Lahore – every Tuesday and Friday

Karachi – every Monday and Thursday

PIA is planning to launch direct flights to three major destinations namely Australia, Maldives and Hong Kong. Moreover, flights will be resumed for Turkey (Istanbul) and Thailand (Bangkok). PIA is also operating 24 weekly flights to Jeddah from 6 cities of Pakistan. The flight schedule is mentioned below

Departs from
Mon, Tue, Wed, Fri, Sat, Sun
Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat
Tue, Thu, Sat, Sun
Mon, Thu, Fri, Sun
Tue, Sat
Tue, Sat

PIA has announced that Airbus A320 (PK255) will fly between Karachi and Muscat after a gap of eight months. The flight operations will also improve as PIA plans to induct four Airbus A320 into its fleet. The delivery of the first aircraft is expected in February. Other two will land here in March and the last one in April or May. Moreover, for the UN peacekeeping forces PIA Boeing 777-200ER has performed chartered flight PK9957 operation on 7th and 8th February from Islamabad to Goma via Multan and Karachi.

In addition, PIA has announced that it will fly non-stop to Australia from Pakistan. It is a big step for the national carrier of Pakistan. Passengers traveling between these two nations will need to transit at Singapore, Doha or Dubai. The flights will be operated twice a week from Karachi and Lahore to Sydney. Islamabad will be added later to the list. The flight operations are starting from March or early April 2022.

PIA has been given permission by Chinese authorities to operate flights to two new destinations, Xian and Guangzhou along with Beijing. Previously, PIA could only operate flights to and from Beijing. PIA is operating PK854-855 SB-XIY-PEK-ISB by using Xian’s first entry point for Beijing as per CDC approval of the Xian government. PIA has also filed an application to add one more route under the list which is Chengdu. The flights will start from next month. Regarding cargo flights, PIA has got approval from the Chinese authorities to operate chartered cargo flights for Kunming and Shenzhen while approval for Kashgar (Xinjiang) is under process. This will improve the trade activities between the two countries and strengthen the relationships between the nations.

Pakistan International Airlines Flight Status

You can always check the flight status on PIA’s official website. The search is made easy so that you can search by route, flight number or departure location. To check your flight status follow these steps:

Login to PIA website

You’ll find the ‘Flight Status’ right on the search template

Search using route, flight number or departure airport by entering the relevant data

You’ll find the data for your search results

In case of search by route, data for three consecutive days are shared

For search by departure, you’ll find all PIA flights scheduled to depart from that location on any given date

Pakistan International Airlines Web Check-in

If you don’t want to wait in queues or are running late, you can easily check-in from the comfort of any place. You simply need to web check-in using the PIA website.

PIA has made it very easy for their passengers to web check-in for their flight. The option is available on the homepage and doesn’t require a login. Simply enter your PNR and surname to web check-in and book the seats that you want on the flight. You may have to pay a nominal fee to reserve these seats.

To web check-in,

Go to PIA website

Add your PNR number and surname

Click ‘Search’

You can web check-in 24 hours to 6 hours prior to departure

Currently, web check-in is allowed for domestic flight between Lahore, Karachi and Islamabad

Pakistan International Airlines PNR Status/Ticket Status

To find out the status of your ticket—confirmed or on the waiting list—use PNR status. Verify your PNR status by

Logging in to

Click the ‘Manage booking’ button on your profile

Find the relevant flight booking

The status of your PNR booking will be mentioned here

Pakistan International Airlines Cancellation Policies

In case of a change of plans, PIA can cancel your tickets for a fee. PIA follows three categories of cancellations—Booking changes before departure, after departure and refund (cancellation). It levies fees based on the route and to understand the charges of every country visit PIA website. While some countries have a free cancellation period, others don’t. To initiate a cancellation, follow these steps:

Visit the PIA website

Click on ‘My Booking’

Enter your PNR and surname

Proceed to cancel your ticket after reading the policy

You will receive a refund after deduction of cancellation charges

The charges levied vary for international flight depend on the departure destination and the country. Please visit the website for all details. You can also contact for more information.

Pakistan International Airlines Baggage Allowance

The baggage allowance of PIA varies based on the cabin class and the route it takes. For domestic flights, the baggage is standardised but for international flights, the baggage varies based on the departure location and the country. You can visit PIA website for the exact allowance and extra baggage details. It is advised to check-in 2 hours before departure in case of domestic flights and 4 hours for international flights.

While baggage is capped at one bag for the domestic routes, in some international routes PIA allows up to two bags. You can even pay in advance for extra luggage which again varies based on the route. For domestic routes, extra baggage is charged at a flat rate of Rs. 5000.

Here is the baggage allowance under different flight fares by PIA:

FlightCarry-on BaggageCheck-in BaggageEconomy7 kg20 kgExecutive Economy12 kg25 kgBusiness12 kg30 kg

Pakistan International Airlines Customer Care/Contact Number

PIA has customer care numbers for every requirement. From contacting for a reservation to customer care queries, you’ll find multiple contact numbers and email addresses you can use to contact the airline. For more details visit:

Address of HQ:

Awards +Plus Program

Room # 293

PIA Head Office



Contact number (24/7 availability):

Pakistan/International: +(92-21)-111-786-786

Islamabad Airport: +(92-51)-59054000


Or you can send an email to [email protected]

Pakistan International Airlines Ticket Reschedule

To reschedule a ticket booked on a PIA flight, all you need to do is visit the website, enter your flight details—PNR number and surname. You can modify your booking and reschedule your flight tickets based on availability. PIA charges a rescheduling fee and the difference in fare for each seat booked.

To reschedule your PIA ticket follow this process:


Click on ‘My booking’

Enter your PNR number and surname

Modify your booking as needed

The rescheduling fee depends on the flight you are taking—domestic or international

PIA has two variants of fees—rescheduling before and after departure

You can check the ‘Booking Conditions’ sections on the footer for the fees

Pakistan International Airlines Amenities

From sumptuous meals to comfortable seating and a smooth experience, PIA ensures every passenger has a great flight. Whether it is the lounge experience or its amenities in the aircraft, you’ll find that the staff is always dedicated to your comfort. The amenities on each aircraft vary based on the route, the cabin class and other details. Contact PIA to see the exact amenities available during your flight.

Some of their amenities include:

Great meals

In-flight entertainment system

Humsafar and Air Safety Magazines

Opportunity to upgrade cabins

Large legroom

Special assistance

Pakistan International Airlines Offers and Discounts

PIA has some great offers for both domestic and international flights including students special discounts. For more affordable flight tickets, use which always offers discounts and coupons for reduced fares on your flight ticket. The updated PIA schedules and fares can always be seen on the website along with the best fares for the week you are planning to book the ticket. Apply the discount code or coupon at checkout to ensure you get the best deal on your PIA flight ticket.

Awards +Plus: PIA’s frequent flyer miles is focused on its loyal passengers and has three-tier benefits—A+ Emerald, A+Sapphire, and A+ Diamond. Each of these has exclusive bonus benefits, baggage allowance and priority check-in facilities that you can use.

Pakistan International Airlines Travel Insurance has exclusive insurance for all its flight ticket booking which can be availed during checkout. Whether it is baggage, the trip or more, you can secure your entire travel plan using this travel insurance. Reach out to customer care to understand the benefits in detail and insure your trip.

Why Should I Book Pakistan International Airlines?

PIA is the flag carrier of Pakistan and the largest airline in the country. They service multiple routes not just domestically but also internationally covering Asia, Europe, North and South America and Africa. They offer good travel amenities with pricing curated for all its travellers from budget to luxury. PIA believes in delivering great service and often has great deals on its flight prices.

Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) has achieved a perfect score on the Safety Audit for Foreign-Origin Aircraft conducted by the European Union Aviation Safety Agency. This is the first time in Pakistan’s history that PIA has achieved a perfect SAFA score for aviation safety and marks an important milestone for the Pakistani aviation industry. Three years ago, PIA was being given a 3.0 hazard score by the commission but it began averaging 0.5 in 2021 and finally achieved the perfect 0 hazard score from EASA.

The European Community Safety Assessment of Foreign Aircraft (SAFA) program focuses on the performance of aircraft under their operators. Under its oversight, the operators can be subject to a surprise ramp inspection, primarily concerned with the aircraft documents, operating manuals, flight crew licenses, aircraft condition, and the presence and condition of mandatory cabin safety equipment.

In the inspection, PIA’s Boeing 777 and Airbus 320 were scrutinized by the EU watchdog which found zero safety hazards in both aircraft. These findings make PIA one of the world’s safest airlines to travel with.

Air Marshal Arshad Malik, PIA’s CEO, was ecstatic at the results. He lauded the efforts made by PIA to salvage its reputation after coming under the radar of the EU watchdog.

Information About PIA Flights

Arshad Malik
Is PIA Flights Open to the UK?
From February 10th and 12th from Karachi/Islamabad & Islamabad respectively.
Days of Operations
All Week
Domestic Routes Covered By PIA
All Over Pakistan
International Routes Covered By Airlines
Europe, Canada, Middle East, SouthEast Asia, East Asia, South Asia, Australia

FAQs About Pakistan International Airlines

My PIA flight has been cancelled, what are my options?

If your PIA flight has been cancelled then you will receive an email from our Customer Support staff. Our team of experts will guide you through your options as per PIA shared policy. PIA flight tickets can be completely refunded, change of date can be done with/without charges or you can be given a voucher to be redeemed in future dates. For example, you have booked Lahore to Karachi flights on PIA, if the flight has been cancelled then you may get the ticket price refunded as per the policy outlined by the airline.

What is the process of applying for a refund and how long will it take to reflect in my account?

To apply for a refund, email us at [email protected] and our Customer Support will revert with the refund details.
Time taken for refund depends on the mode of payment that was used to purchase the ticket. In case of credit or debit card 45 working days are required to process the refund, if you paid via bank transfer or cash then you can expect to receive the refund within 2 weeks

How to book my PIA flight on

Go to for PIA flight booking. Choose your origin, destination, travel dates and number of passengers to search for an available flight. Once you select a flight e.g PIA flight from Karachi to Lahore ticket price would be mentioned. Review the PIA airline ticket price and proceed through the next stage in PIA booking where you will be asked to provide traveler and contact details. You can then choose to make your payment via bank transfer, credit card, JazzCash, or EasyPaisa. Upon completion, you will receive flight details on your given email address, print off the ticket and bring it with you to the airport. You can also use PNR number to check your PIA flight booking details. Keep checking PIA weekly flight schedule.

What is the reporting time for domestic and international travel for PIA airlines?

If you’re boarding a domestic flight, check-in 2 hours before departure and for an international flight 4 hours before departure. No check-in is allowed one hour before the departure of either domestic or international flights. No-show is penalized and the charges are levied while rescheduling the flight ticket.

How to recover lost baggage on PIA flights?

It is advised, in case of lost baggage, to immediately bring it to the notice of the airline officer along with filing a complaint. It is also advised to mention the valuable items in the baggage. Based on the situation, the airline will try to locate the baggage. But in the off chance that the baggage is truly misplaced, PIA will compensate according to the ongoing standards. Contact the PIA customer care for more details on the compensation.

How do I allocate seats in PIA?

In order to allocate seats, visit the PIA website and go to Web Check-In. Retrieve your booking by entering your PNR / booking reference and last name, OR e-ticket number and the last name to retrieve your booking. Confirm all the passengers and flight details on your booking and Select your seat(s).

Can I book a PIA flight online only for children?

It’s not possible to book a PIA ticket for a child when they travel alone. Please contact the nearest Pia ticket office for assistance.

What are the other options available If my PIA flight has been canceled or the flight time has changed?

You will receive an email from the customer support team regarding the flight cancellation or delay. Customer care will assist you in determining your options according to PIA policies. Either you can request for the refund or change the date of your travel with/without modification fees.

How much luggage can you carry on a PIA international flight?

For passengers flying in Economy and Business classes, PIA offers a range of baggage services
1.Economy class – two pieces of check-in bag whose weight should not exceed 30kg and cabin baggage of about 7kg.
2. Executive Economy class – two piece of check-in bag which weight should not exceed 40kg and cabin baggage of about 12kg maximum.

Other Providers operating for Pakistan International Airlines v4

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    Saudia Airlines

  • Airblue


  • Emirates


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  • Air Sial

    Air Sial

  • Etihad Airways

    Etihad Airways

  • Qatar Airways

    Qatar Airways

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