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PIA Karachi to Dubai Flights

PIA stands for Pakistan International Airlines and was founded on the 29th of October 1946, just before Pakistan was declared an independent country officially. Its hubs are located in multiple places such as Allama Iqbal International Airport, Islamabad International Airport, Jinnah International Airport, Bacha Khan International Airport, Chaklala Airport, Quetta International Airport, Skardu International Airport, and Gwadar International Airport. PIA is jointly owned by the Government of Pakistan and its Aviation Division. It has over 9000 employees and a net income of Rs. 95 billion. PIA flights are highly rated for their excellent service, seats, and complimentary meal options. They are also relatively cheap than other airlines as the price and the surge are maintained and regulated by the Government of Pakistan. 

The PIA Karachi to Dubai flight route is extremely popular as it connects the two very important cities in this part of the world. There is a constant rush and demand for tickets on this route, thus the ticket prices are higher during peak demand seasons, and the availability of tickets is less. It is therefore recommended that you pre-book your tickets via Sastaticket.pk in order to secure a cheaper ticket price as well as a confirmed ticket in this otherwise busy route.

Karachi to Dubai: Route Overview

The distance between Karachi and Dubai is 4165 km and even though there is a network of highways it would take around 54 hours to cover the distance by roadways. The aerial distance from Karachi to Dubai is 1187 km and PIA Karachi to Dubai flights take about 2 to 3 hours to cover the journey. There are multiple airlines offering flight services on this route. Travelling via PIA flights is undoubtedly the cheapest, fastest, and most comfortable way of travelling between the two cities. 

Karachi is the largest city in Pakistan and among the most important urban spaces with respect to education, commerce, and business. It is also a hub for tourism in Pakistan. Needless to say, many people travel to and from Karachi for their own reasons. Dubai is among the most popular places in the world, mostly known for shopping, gold jewellery, ultramodern architecture, and world-famous lively nightlife scene. The most attractive places in the city include Burj Khalifa, Dubai Fountain, the Palm, and the mesmerizing skyscrapers that build the loveliest of the skylines in the city. Many people travel from Karachi to Dubai to spend their vacation with loved ones amidst the glittery riches and glitzy luxury.

Karachi to Dubai: PIA Schedule

The most popular PIA Karachi to Dubai flight that leaves Karachi Airport at 2:10 PM and reaches Dubai Airport at 3:30 PM is the fastest and cheapest way to travel between the two cities. The average ticket price is Rs 42151. However, if you have not pre-booked your flight and are booking the tickets last minute, the flight ticket price can go up to as high as Rs. 72069. This flight commutes passengers from one country to the other on a weekly basis and usually, the seats are booked very fast. 

The difference in the flight ticket prices is caused by factors like the time of the flight as well as the demand for the particular route on a particular day. Flights with more convenient timings are usually prices higher and sell out the fastest as it is everyone’s first choice.

Karachi to Dubai: Ticket Price

As we can already witness, the ticket price of PIA Karachi to Dubai flights can range from as low as Rs. 48,000 to as high as Rs. 1,45,000. This is because certain flights are usually in high demand and hence due to airline policies the ticket price of the same increases. It is also important to note that as close as you are to the travel date, the higher the ticket price. Thus always try to pre-book your tickets from Sastaticket.pk, a site that offers the least ticket prices. Additionally, booking tickets via Sastaticket.pk also enables you to use their exclusive coupons for various airlines, thus helping you save money.

Karachi to Dubai: Ticket Types

PIA Karachi to Dubai flights only have an economy class in their ticket structure. However, their economy class tickets come with many perks such as free complimentary meals and free baggage allowance of up to 30 kg per passenger. Many book PIA tickets simply due to their excellent and generous baggage allowance policy.

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