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Pakistan International Airlines is one of the most prominent airline service providers in Pakistan. Every day, they cover hundreds of routes. Currently, they are serving 25 domestic destinations and 18 international cities. Their fleet includes 29 aircraft, expanding to cover more routes. The airline company started in 1946 and has expanded its operations ever since. PIA is a low-cost airline with different ticket options to serve people with varying requirements for travel. PIA has its hub at the Jinnah Karachi International Airport, so you will find different PIA flights leaving from Karachi to other cities in Pakistan.

Karachi is the busiest city in Pakistan. Even Skardu has become a popular destination as it has become quite relevant for tourists. Apart from holidays, people travel between these two cities for business too. Hence, Karachi to Skardu is considered one of the busiest routes in Pakistan. You must book your flight tickets in advance if you want a secure trip to Skardu. You can visit the Sastaticket.pk to book your PIA Karachi to Skardu tickets. You can check the flight schedule to get an overview of flight timings and ticket prices. You can book your tickets via Sastaticket.pk for fantastic flight booking deals.

Karachi to Skardu: Route Overview

Karachi is about 2,000 kilometres away from Skardu. If you take a bus or a car to cover the distance, it will take around 29 hours to reach Skardu. The duration of the trip can increase if you increase the number of pitstops. Therefore, taking a flight is the only feasible option to travel from Karachi to Skardu. The aerial distance between Skardu and Karachi is about 1416 kilometres, and a PIA flight covers the distance in about 2 hours and 15 minutes.

If you are interested in booking PIA flights to Skardu from Karachi, you can pre-book your tickets on the Sastaticket.pk website. The website will show you a list of all the routes’ flights. The holiday season sees much traffic on this route. Hence, if you have travel plans to Skardu this holiday season, you must pre-book tickets to avoid last-minute hassles. Sastaticket.pk also allows you to search your preferred PIA flight and book a seat on the same. Before paying for your tickets, you must check the flight fare and baggage allowance.

Karachi to Skardu: PIA Schedule

There are both direct and non-direct flights operating from Karachi to Skardu. Both flights will take less time to reach the destination than other travel modes. The PIA flights from Karachi to Skardu operate only on Mondays and Wednesdays. The flight on Monday is a non-stop flight that leaves at 6 in the morning and reaches at 8:15 am. The 2-hour 15 minutes journey is the smoothest way to reach Skardu. 

Even on Wednesday, the PIA Karachi to Skardu flight leaves at 6:00 am and reaches Skardu at 8:15 am. The airline follows the Monday and Wednesday schedule and has only two operational flights weekly. The schedule might change anytime, depending on the demand and the season. As there are only two flights, you must pre-book your flight tickets on Sastaticket.pk to secure your seats.

Karachi to Skardu: Ticket Price

PIA is an affordable flight service provider. Hence, your tickets from Karachi to Skardu will not be that expensive. However, if you book the tickets closer to your travel dates, the fare might increase substantially. It would help if you tried pre-booking your tickets on Sastaticket.pk to avoid these surcharges and additional fees from the airline.

If you book your tickets in August for travelling in September, the PIA Karachi to Skardu flight tickets will cost you PKR 26,174. However, the fare can go up to PKR 30,543 if you book the tickets closer to the travel date. You can use the discount codes available on Sastaticket.pk to reduce your fare considerably. Also, you will have access to better deals if you book a round trip on Sastaticket.pk. Make sure to check all the active discounts before you pay for the tickets. Also, you must check the add-ons available on the flight. They might charge you for the add-ons, but these add-ons will make your travel convenient.

Karachi to Skardu: Ticket Types

Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) ensures passengers have the best in-flight experience. Hence, they provide two ticket options for serving different kinds of customers. Currently, they have economy and premium economy tickets. The premium economy tickets cost is slightly higher than the economy tickets. However, the additional services completely justify the cost.

Also, you can ask your airline representative at the airport for an in-seat upgrade. They will consider your request if they have seats available on the flight. You can also purchase an extra baggage allowance while booking your tickets if you carry luggage weighing more than 20 kgs. PIA offers several amenities and benefits to its customers, and you can access all of these while booking your tickets on Sastaticket.pk