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For travellers seeking convenience and efficiency, Serene Air Airlines is the best choice for air travel. With its well-planned flight schedules, comfortable seating, and in-flight amenities, this airline caters to the unique needs of passengers, especially professionals on the go. Arrive at your destination refreshed and ready for a wonderful trip with Serene Air Airlines.Flights from Karachi to Multan with Serene Air are comfortable. As the airline operates many weekly flights, passengers can select a flight that suits them the best. The average ticket cost to fly from Karachi to Multan is about PKR 18,660. The low prices and first-rate in-flight amenities make travel easy on the pocket and comfortable. Visit for a hassle-free booking process and lock in the cheapest price.

Karachi to Multan: Route Overview

Karachi and Multan are at a distance of approximately 707 km. To provide customers with a smooth and effective travel experience, Serene Air operates direct flights on this route. Flying from Karachi to Multan is convenient because the flight takes only an hour and 20 minutes on average.

Passengers departing from Karachi will board their flights at the well-connected Karachi Jinnah International Airport (KHI). Upon arrival, travellers will land at Multan International Airport (MUX), which serves as the gateway to Multan. Both airports are equipped with modern amenities and passenger services, ensuring a pleasant journey for passengers.To book your flight conveniently, Serene Air recommends booking your flights via, a trusted online travel platform. It has a user-friendly interface for booking Serene Air flights from Karachi to Multan.

Karachi to Multan: Serene Air Schedule

Serene Air offers passengers flexibility and convenience by operating many flights on the Karachi – Multan route throughout the week. Travellers can select departure and arrival times that work best because of the variety of airlines available.

The earliest flight from Karachi to Multan takes off at 08:00 PM, giving travellers time to plan their day and arrive at the airport in a leisurely manner if they wish. Passengers may anticipate a quick and comfortable trip because of the flight’s brief duration of about 1 hour and 20 minutes.

Karachi to Multan: Serene Air Ticket Price

Serene Air provides affordable ticket pricing for its flights from Karachi to Multan in order to accommodate a range of budgets and travel preferences. About PKR 18,660 is the average cost of a ticket on this route. It’s crucial to keep in mind, though, that the cost of your tickets may change depending on your trip dates, the availability of seats, and booking dates.

Serene Air offers reasonable options for travellers on a budget, with tickets starting at PKR 16,460. By making reservations in advance or taking advantage of special offers, you can frequently get these lower rates. However, ticket prices may skyrocket during peak tourist seasons or when travellers make last-minute reservations. In such cases, ticket prices may increase to PKR 23,350. Planning your trip and purchasing your tickets in advance is recommended to ensure the cheapest rates.Serene Air suggests logging on to since booking tickets at reasonable costs is simple. The dependable travel platform lists flight schedules and other details, guaranteeing a smooth booking process and safe transactions.

Karachi to Multan: Serene Air Ticket Types

Serene Air has two seating options on its flights from Karachi to Multan: Serene Plus and Economy. Passengers onboard Serene Air flights can expect a relaxing and pleasant flight, irrespective of the travel class they choose.

Passengers flying economy are permitted 20 kg of checked baggage and 7 kg of carry-on luggage. The checked baggage allowance increases to 80 kg for customers choosing Serene Plus. Additionally, travellers flying Serene Plus, as well as economy, have access to reading lights and delicious meals on flights.Visit to buy your tickets at the lowest prices possible and enjoy Serene Air’s hospitality.