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Serene Air Islamabad to Karachi Flights

Serene Air is one of the popular airlines in Pakistan. It started its operations in 2017 with domestic routes. Now, they operate both domestic and international routes. The company ensures the safety of its passengers by operating the Airbus A330 and Boeing 737-800. Their flights are punctual and provide high-class customer service as well. Though they are a relatively new company, they have already won the Brand of the Year, 2020 and Consumers Icon Award, 2021. 

Serene Air operates in four cities in Pakistan such as Karachi, Islamabad, Lahore, and Quetta. Their international destinations include Riyadh, Jeddah, Dubai, and Sharjah. The facilities inside the flights will be more on the international flights than the domestic flights. The international flights have different classes while the domestic flights such as from Islamabad to Karachi will only have an economy class. The Serene Air Islamabad to Karachi flights has a regular schedule unless the weather conditions are unfavorable. You can check the schedule, and flight details, and book your tickets with

Islamabad to Karachi: Route Overview

Islamabad and Karachi are far away from each other by approximately 1410 km by road. It is not an easy task to travel by road. Whether you travel by train or other modes of transportation by road, it will take 16-22 hrs. The best choice would be to take a flight which will help you cover the distance in just a couple of hours. Not only are they convenient and time-saving but also are nonstop flights so you can reach the destination directly. Serene Air flights from Islamabad to Karachi have a travel duration of 2 hrs, just 5 mins extra than other flights on this route. 

The flights on this route depart from the Islamabad International Airport and arrive at Jinnah International Airport in Karachi. Getting tickets on these flights can be tough so it is better to have an advance booking to ensure your seat. You can make necessary changes when you book with

Islamabad to Karachi: Serene Air Schedule

There are about 10 daily flights from Islamabad to Karachi. Serene Air operates 11 to 14 flights per week, two flights per day. The flights have a fixed schedule and operate in the afternoon. The first available Serene Air flight from Islamabad to Karachi departs at 3.30 pm and the next flight is at 9.30 pm. The arrival time of these flights in Karachi is 5.30 pm and 11.30 pm respectively. This schedule will be convenient for the working class to find a convenient flight at the end of tier working hours. 

There could be changes in the said schedule with demand, season, unfavourable weather conditions, and other factors. You can check the real-time schedule of Serene Air flights at Here you can find the schedule of flights several weeks ahead, with the average price displayed for your convenience.

Islamabad to Karachi: Ticket Price

As convenient and time-saving as the flights are, they can be expensive and may not be affordable for all. Fortunately, the online booking facility provides cheaper tickets and you can comfortably find affordable flight tickets with The Serene Air Islamabad to Karachi tickets is available at a rate of PKR 23,326. The ticket price is the same for both the Serene Air flights on this route. The issued tickets will be for the economy class. The ticket price may vary depending on various factors. 

The ticket price includes free meals on board and comfortable seats. The other facilities inside the flights include mobile charging, recliner seats, reading lights, and overhead storage. You will be able to reschedule the ticket for a later date with an additional fee of PKR 1000 to PKR 1500, depending on when you do the process. You can initiate the process anytime up to 6 hrs before the departure time. Complete the process with and book the next ticket from there itself.

Islamabad to Karachi: Ticket Types

Though Serene Air offers various types of classes on their international flights, their domestic flights have just economy class for the passengers. Each ticket has an allowance of 20 kg for one check-in luggage. For additional weightage, there may be additional charges applicable at the rate of 115 PKR per kg. Apart from affordable tickets, you can also get an option for zero cancellation charges for the tickets should you choose the Serene Plus option. In such cases, you will be getting a 100% refund on ticket cancellation and can take more than two pieces of luggage up to 40 kg on domestic flights. 

At, you can check the ticket type by clicking the ‘View Details’ button which will reveal the flight details. Click on the different tabs to check further details about the flight and booking process.

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