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Shaheen Air International Airline- Pakistan’s Private Airline

Shaheen Air was founded by Khalid Mehmood Sehbai in December 1993 and started its operation on 25th October 1994. It was a private Pakistani airline providing passenger, cargo and charter services. It operated in all major cities of Pakistan and selected destinations in the Middle East. Shaheen Air was named after Shaheen falcon which is Pakistan’s national bird. Shaheen Air’s central hub was in Karachi, Pakistan. It started its operations in 1993 by serving domestic routes between Karachi and Quetta but soon expanded its operations all over the country and in the Middle East and China as well. In 2004, the airline changed its name from Shaheen Air International (SAI) to Shaheen Air and the airline changed its overall corporate outlook and web presence as well. After upgrading its service, Shaheen Air online booking services also made travel booking hassle free!

Shaheen Airline Operations

Shaheen Air was a well-loved airline by Pakistanis as it provided quality service and on-time performance. Its ticket prices were cheap and allowed Pakistanis with low incomes to also access air travel.

Shaheen Air also was the first private Pakistani airline to start its own maintenance repair organization by the name of Shaheen Engineering and Aircraft Maintenance Services (SEAMS) to provide maintenance services to Shaheen Air fleet as well as to other regional and international carriers.

For a long time, Shaheen Air remained Pakistan’s second-largest airline in terms of fleets, first being International Airlines (PIA) until it closed down its operations in October 2018. Shaheen airline was providing commercial and cargo services in Pakistan and the Middle East. Shaheen Air suspended all its operations in October 2018. In January 2019, Shaheen airs announced it would not recommence business. Shaheen airs employed about 4,000 people directly and 1,000 indirectly. During its years in active service, Shaheen airline operations were a benchmark in the local aviation industry.

Shaheen Air Destinations

At its peak, Shaheen Air operated flights to domestic destinations including Faisalabad, Islamabad, Karachi, Lahore, Multan, Peshawar, Quetta, Rahim Yar Khan, Sialkot and Sukkur. Air Shaheen International flights reached out to Guangzhou, Mashhad, Kuwait City, Kuala Lumpur, Muscat, Doha, Jeddah, Medina, Riyadh, Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, Dubai, Sharjah, Leeds/Bradford and Manchester. Shaheen Air was a low-cost budget airline and was popular among Pakistanis. Shaheen Air flights route between Karachi to Faisalabad was a popular domestic route for the airline. Shaheen air eticket for the said routes could be booked online as well through its travel partners.

Shaheen Airs hub was Jinnah International airport situated in Karachi.

Shaheen Airways Fleet

The Shaheen Airways fleet consisted of Boeing 737-400, Airbus 330-300 and Airbus 320-200 aircraft. In its heyday Shaheen Airs operated a fleet of 21 aircraft.

Shaheen Airlines Flight Schedule

Although Shaheen Airways does not operate flights anymore its most popular domestic routes of Air Shaheen were:

  • Shaheen Air Karachi to Lahore
  • Shaheen Air Karachi to Islamabad
  • Shaheen Air Lahore to Islamabad
  • Shaheen Air Lahore to Quetta

Customers could also book Shaheen air online tickets on to make their travel experience affordable. Customers could also check Shaheen airline flight status for domestic routes on the website as well.

Shaheen air international flight schedule

Shaheen Airlines covered a large range of international cities, including popular tourist destinations. Shaheen air international flight schedule was available for such diverse destinations as, Malaysia Qatar, United Kingdom, Dubai, China and Oman. Shaheen Airways’ daily direct flights from Pakistan to international cities and low fares made Air Shaheen a popular airline choice for Pakistani travelers. Shaheen airline ticket price list Lahore to Karachi was very cheap and attracted many consumers to purchase Shaheen Air eticket for the said route.

Popular international routes of Air Shaheen were:

Shaheen airline Pakistan Ticket Price

Travelers who were looking at the Shaheen Airline Pakistan ticket price were always in for a treat as Shaheen airlines ticket was very cheap and low cost and empowered travelers on a budget to take their air route instead of going via railways or private buses. Numerous discounts were offered on Shaheen airline tickets and this air travel was made cheap.

Shaheen air booking was available throughout Pakistan via its vast network of travel partners. Previously, Shaheen air booking was also available on as well.

Shaheen Airways Baggage Allowance Policy

Baggage policy for domestic Air Shaheen flights: Check in limit was 32 kgs and carry on limit was 7 kgs as cabin baggage. Shaheen airline domestic baggage policy was deemed generous by passengers.

Baggage allowance policy for Shaheen Air international flights was: 32 kgs check-in limit and & 7 kgs carry-on luggage. For international flights from airports outside Pakistan, Air Shaheen customers could check in 32 kgs and carry 7 kgs as cabin baggage. If any further arrangements were required, agents who were booking shaheen airline tickets were available to assist for Shaheen Airways booking.

Pakistan Travel Policy on Travel

From 5th October 2020, the government of Pakistan requires all international travelers to Pakistan to provide a negative COVID-19 RT-PCR test that has to be taken within 96 hours of the travel date.  Travelers can also use the Pass Track app to submit their information easily and securely within 48 hours before arriving in Pakistan.

FAQs - Shaheen Air

Why is Shaheen Air closed?

Shaheen Airways underwent financial issues and was closed down in 2018. Shaheen airways booking is thus unavailable.

How many planes does Air Shaheen have?

As an airline Shaheen Air had a fleet of 21 airplanes which flew to a total of 22 destinations across the world.

Who is the owner of Shaheen Air?

Ehsan Sehbai was the CEO and owner of Air Shaheen

Which is the best airline in Pakistan?

For a long time Air Shaheen was one of the best airlines in Pakistan. Shaheen air e ticket was cheap and services were well appreciated by Pakistani travelers. Although Air Shaheen has ended its operations, its standards of quality and service remain a benchmark.

Is Shaheen Airline ticket price list Lahore to Karachi available?

Shaheen airline ticket price list Lahore to Karachi is not available due to suspension of services. Shaheen air online booking services have also been terminated.

Is Shaheen Air Website functional?

Shaheen Air website is no longer functional, therefore, Shaheen air login for concerned accounts is also not available. Since Shaheen airlines has closed down, customers and agents cannot enter credentials for Shaheen air login to book Shaheen air e ticket or check Shaheen air reservation information.

Are there any airline Shaheen travel agents?

Airline shaheen travel agents are not serving customers anymore since Shaheeen airline has terminated its operations.

Where can I find Shaheen airlines flight schedule?

Shaheen airlines flight schedule is no longer available.

How can I check Shaheen airlines flight status?

Since Shaheen airways booking is no longer operational, Shaheen airlines flight status is also unavailable. Since shaheen air reservation is not possible, travelers can check airfares and rates for Airblue, Serene Air tickets or PIA for online booking.