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Faisalabad to Dubai

Are you looking forward to making a Dubai trip lately? Here you will get all the flight details and the ticket prices. Dubai is a famous tourist destination renowned for its magnificent architecture, opulent retail areas, lovely beaches, and thrilling entertainment options. Camels, hot air balloon flights, and even indoor skiing are just a few of the things that tourists can participate in. The Burj Khalifa, the tallest structure in the world, and the Dubai Mall, the biggest shopping centre in the world, are also located in the city.

On the other hand, the dynamic city of Faisalabad is well known for its textiles and agricultural goods and is located in Pakistan. The attractive clock tower, the Faisalabad Clock Tower Museum, and the storied Qaisery Gate are just a few of the many lures this city has a rich history and culture.
Daily flights from all major airlines are made to this airport. The preferred domestic airline that offers flights to Dubai is Emirates Airlines. To book your Faisalabad to Dubai flight easily and conveniently, you can use the services of Sastaticket.pk. This online travel agency offers a simple and user-friendly platform that lets you quickly search for and book your flights. So, let us see in depth about the Faisalabad to Dubai trip here.

Faisalabad to Dubai Flights

The most efficient and convenient way to travel from Faisalabad to Dubai is by air, considering the distance of approximately 1,850 km between the two cities. Though flights, trains, and buses are available as modes of transport, most of them lack connectivity, so flights are the best choice. Taking a flight is better because it will take less time. You can easily book the Faisalabad to Dubai flights online with the help of Sastaticket.pk. Fly Dubai, Emirates, Gulf Air Bahrain, Pakistan International Airlines, and Pakistan National Airlines all offer flights from Faisalabad District to Dubai.

Faisalabad to Dubai Flight Ticket Price

There are about 38 flights daily from Faisalabad to Dubai, of which 6 are direct flights. The average flight ticket price is around SAR 795, and the average time is approximately 3-4 hours. You can compare the flight ticket rates online for different operators before booking the flight for yourself. The ticket price varies a little depending on when you book the tickets. It is advised to book your flight well in advance to avoid any surge charges or extra rates. Also, you can check Sastaticket.pk to find the best deals on Faisalabad to Dubai flight ticket prices.

Faisalabad to Dubai Cheap Flights

The cheapest airfare for a flight from Faisalabad to Dubai is around SAR 795. The easiest approach to discover cheap airfare is to look through online booking. You can easily compare the prices and book the Faisalabad to Dubai cheap flights by booking online. Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays are frequently the best days to book flights. Air Arabia is one of the leading low-cost airlines in the UAE that travels to over 170 locations worldwide. You can use Sastaticket.pk to book the online tickets. It will save you time and allow you to find the best rates for flight tickets.

Faisalabad to Dubai Flight Schedule

Several options are available for travellers from Faisalabad to Dubai, with various airlines offering different departure and arrival times. The earliest flight departs Faisalabad (LYP) at 1:00 am and arrives at Dubai International Airport (DXB) at 3:30 am. The last flight takes off from Faisalabad (LYP) at 10:15 pm and lands in Dubai (DXB) later that evening. With multiple Faisalabad to Dubai flight schedules available throughout the day, travellers can choose a departure time that best suits their schedule.

Flights from Faisalabad to Dubai

Travellers flying from Faisalabad to Dubai have several flight options to choose from. For instance, Fly Dubai offers a direct flight departing Faisalabad at 5:10 am and arriving in Dubai at 7:20 am. At the same time, Pakistan International Airlines operates a direct flight departing at 1:20 pm and arriving at 3:55 pm. Total travel time depends on the flight and route chosen, with direct flights being the quickest option.

Travel Restrictions

  • Face masks must be worn.
  • There is a 2-meter social distance minimum.
  • Further limitations can be imposed suddenly.
  • Authorisation, screening, and isolation may be required for internal border checkpoints.
  • You need a health permit for long journeys by coach, train, or aeroplane, and even in several public places.
  • One of the authorised labs in Pakistan is where travellers from Pakistan can obtain their certificate for the results of their PCR test. The conditions mentioned above could change at any time without warning.

It is advised to check the guidelines for travel when you book your ticket for Faisalabad to Dubai. Use Sastaticket.pk to find the best deals and book your ticket easily. You will get notifications and updates linked to your booking to ensure a smooth journey experience.

FAQs of Faisalabad to Dubai

How far is Faisalabad from Dubai?

The flight distance between Faisalabad to Dubai is 1850 km.

Which month is the cheapest to fly from Faisalabad to Dubai?

The cheapest month to travel from Faisalabad to Dubai is May.

What is the total flight time from Faisalabad to Dubai?

The typical flight time between Faisalabad to Dubai is 4 hours and 40 minutes.

Which is the cheapest airline to travel from Faisalabad to Dubai?

Air Arabia is one of the leading low-cost airlines in the UAE that travels to over 170 locations worldwide.

What is the price of a flight ticket from Faisalabad to Dubai today?

The ticket price for Faisalabad to Dubai flights varies depending on the airline, time of year, and booking time. Check multiple airlines and travel websites for updated prices.