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Bangkok to Karachi

Bangkok, the capital of Thailand, is one of the top tourist destinations in the world. It is known for its thriving culture that brings together the city's history and modern life. People travel from across the world, including Karachi to explore Bangkok. There are several flights from Bangkok to Karachi and you can easily book them from

The beta-global city of Karachi is the country's financial and industrial hub. As the capital of the province of Sindh, the city is extremely busy throughout the year. It is connected to all important locations across the world. If you are planning to travel from Bangkok to Karachi, check for flights at and book them at extremely affordable rates.

Bangkok to Karachi Flights

The distance between Bangkok and Karachi is more than 3,700 kilometres. So the only way to travel without any hassle is to take a flight from Bangkok to Karachi. Since you are crossing over several countries, any other mode of travel can be quite difficult and time-consuming. It will also cost a lot more. Flights from Bangkok to Karachi can be easily booked from and are quite reasonably priced.

You can book any Bangkok to Karachi flights today and travel. will show you all available flights and their fares. All you need to do is choose a suitable airline, provide all necessary details and pay to confirm your seat.

Bangkok to Karachi Flight Ticket Price

You should always check the Bangkok to Karachi Flight ticket price before planning a trip. Look through the available flights on and select a flight that is available at a reasonable rate. If you book a few days early, the price of a flight ticket will be approximately Rs. 101,138. This price can vary depending upon the airline you are flying with and the time of departure. It can also increase if you book just a few days before the date of travel. will show you all Bangkok to Karachi Flight ticket rates so that you can compare airlines and choose one that is the cheapest. The prices are constantly updated so that you can check the recent fares and book accordingly.

Bangkok to Karachi Cheap Flights

When you are travelling from Bangkok to Karachi, check for the cheapest Bangkok to Karachi flights on If you book 3 months before the date of your journey, the most affordable flight will cost about Rs. 75,612. If you book 5 months before the day of travel, the ticket price will be around Rs. 76,188. The flight ticket prices usually vary if you change airlines or look for flights at a different date. However, shows flights at extremely reasonable rates so you can easily find one that is within your budget.

You can also book Bangkok to Karachi cheap flights if you use a discount code. often gives discounts and has deals during which flight ticket rates decrease. If you are pre-booking your flight to Karachi from Bangkok, then try to book in the offseason as ticket prices are consistently low during this time.

Bangkok to Karachi Flights Schedule

Are you pre-booking your flight from Bangkok to Karachi? Consult the flight schedule available on to find the most convenient flight. The first flight usually leaves at 3:10 in the morning. There are flights available at night, too. The last flight leaves Bangkok at around 21:15. You can book whichever flight you wish.

The Bangkok to Karachi flights schedule on will mention the stopovers included in the route. Flights from Bangkok usually stopover at Doha before continuing to Karachi. The duration differs from flight to flight, so you should check the schedule on for all details.

Flights from Bangkok to Karachi

There are 3 popular airlines flying from Bangkok to Karachi. The airlines are Qatar Airways, Turkish Airlines and Etihad Airways. You will find that Qatar flights from Bangkok to Karachi on are available almost every day. Turkish Airlines and Etihad flights from Bangkok to Karachi are frequently available, as well. These flights can be booked easily from the website.

  • Qatar flights from Bangkok to Karachi

Qatar flights are available early in the morning as well as later in the evening. You can catch a Qatar Airways flight from Bangkok to Karachi at 2:10, 3:10 or later at 21:15. Flights are also available at 9:05 and 19:45. The price of a Qatar Airways flight ticket is approximately Rs. 101,138. Prices are significantly low if you book a few months before the date of travel.

  • Turkish Airlines flights from Bangkok to Karachi

There are several Turkish Airlines flights from Bangkok to Karachi. You can pre-book a Turkish Airlines flight, 3 months early, at about Rs. 207,843. The flights take around 30 hours and 40 minutes to reach Karachi from Bangkok.

  • Etihad flights from Bangkok to Karachi

You can book Etihad Airways flights from Bangkok to Karachi on at reasonable prices. Etihad flights take about 25 hours, 45 minutes to 31 hours, 30 minutes to reach Karachi. There are Etihad Airways flights leaving Bangkok at 1:55 and at 20:10, approximately, so you can book whichever is convenient.

Travel Restrictions

If you wish to book a flight from Bangkok to Karachi, you should understand the travel restrictions and guidelines first. It is essential for you to get tested 72 hours before travelling. At the airport, you will have to show a negative RT-PCR test report before boarding any of the Bangkok to Karachi flights. You should also try to be fully vaccinated before the date of departure. However, you do not need to quarantine once you reach Karachi.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic and lockdowns, many flights are being restricted or cancelled. Check to find airlines flying from Bangkok to Karachi. If you test positive before travelling, take a look at the Bangkok to Karachi flight ticket rates, and book your flight at a later date.

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Bangkok is 3,711 kilometres from Karachi. There are many Bangkok to Karachi flights available on if you want to travel this distance.

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