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Multan to Dubai

Multan is one of the oldest cities in Pakistan and due to its location has often been a place of conflict. Alexander the Great was one of those who passed through here with his army. Today it is still an important city and is usually a good starting point for travel to Dubai. Many people travel from Multan to Dubai for both tourism and business.

From the small alleyways of the old town to traditional souks, the magnificent desert, and lots of interesting places to visit outside the city, such as Abu Dhabi or Al Ain, you'll find that there are so many things to do in Dubai that even a week might not be enough time to know it all. Read on to find out all you need to know about travelling from Multan to Dubai.

Multan to Dubai Flights

In Dubai, you can visit traditional neighbourhoods in the morning and in the afternoon at the panoramic views of the tallest building in the world. To travel from Multan to Dubai, you just need to book your trip with Multan is located more than 4800 km away by road but if you consider the air distance it is only 1700 km. So, an air journey is much more efficient than any other means of transport.

A road trip would take more than 57 hours, plus you have to pass through several countries. The geography of this route makes train and bus travel, not the best option. A flight on the other hand only takes 2 hours and 50 minutes to complete the journey from Multan to Dubai. With you can start planning your trip for an unforgettable experience.

Multan to Dubai Flight Ticket Price

To find out the Multan to Dubai flight ticket price just visit the website. Here you can see all the available airlines and compare the different options available. To successfully plan your trip, you can start by pre-booking your flights from Multan to Dubai. Once you've done that, the rest will be easy.

Multan to Dubai flight ticket rates can range from 43,393 to 123,282. Prices can vary due to several factors. One of the main factors is how far in advance the ticket is purchased. As the date of travel approaches the price of the airline ticket may increase. Other factors are the different airlines, the type of flights, and the day of the week you wish to travel.

Multan to Dubai Cheap Flights

When travelling internationally the cost of airline tickets can be a major concern. However, with you can get the cheapest tickets. To ensure the best price on Multan to Dubai flights you can compare the different airlines and the services they offer. On you can sort the flight search results according to fare, departure time, and also according to flight duration.

The cheapest flight from Multan to Dubai costs approximately Rs. 43,393. The price may vary depending on the airline, day of travel, and other factors. For example, if you want to book a Multan to Dubai flight today the price can be as high as 123,282. So, the best and main way to get cheap flights is to book in advance.

Multan to Dubai Flights Schedule

There are up to 13 flights a day from Multan to Dubai operated by different airlines. During the week you can find a variety of options for travel from Multan to Dubai. In you can find information about all the airlines offering services on this route. Flight schedule from Multan to Dubai is available on in real-time.

The first flight from Multan to Dubai takes off at 8:00 and you will find many other schedules during the day until 21:25. PIA is one of the airlines offering the most flights from Multan to Dubai. However, on you will find all the airlines available and the schedules they offer.

Flights from Multan to Dubai

Flights from Multan to Dubai are served by several airlines. Some of the best airlines offering their services on this route are PIA and Airblue. These airlines are some of the best known and you can book with them from You can find all the information related to Multan to Dubai flights at

  • PIA Flights from Multan to Dubai

    PIA is one of the airlines with the most flights available daily. The price of airline tickets from Multan to Dubai can be approximately 119,030 Rs. The price of PIA tickets includes 30kg of baggage. PIA is one of the best and most recognized airlines in Pakistan, their service will leave you impressed.

  • Airblue Flights from Multan to Dubai

    Fly Dubai offers the cheapest direct flights from Multan to Dubai. The cost of the flight is 50,393. The flight duration is 3 hours and 20 minutes being one of the fastest flights on this route. You will usually find at least one Airblue flight available every day. Airblue offers impeccable service and is a favourite airline among travellers.

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Securing a visa from Multan to Dubai is a simple process, providing multiple options for various visa types. Applicants can utilize authorized channels such as Sastaticket for a smooth experience.

Typically, the application requires submitting essential documents like a valid passport, recent photographs, proof of accommodation, and a completed application form.

Dubai visa options span from tourist to business and transit visas, catering to different travel needs. With the support of Sastaticket, navigating the visa application process becomes efficient and hassle-free, facilitating travelers from Multan to explore the vibrant city of Dubai effortlessly.

Travel Restrictions

To combat the Covid-19 pandemic that has spread around the world, measures have been put in place to protect travellers. These measures are evolving as the fight against the virus progresses. For the time being, for travel to Dubai, several measures must be respected: a negative PCR test must be carried out no more than 48 hours before boarding the plane. The Domestic Passenger Health Declaration Form must also be completed. In addition to this, the temperature of the passengers is checked to prevent people with active symptoms from boarding. Face masks are mandatory throughout the journey and the use of antibacterial gel is recommended.

FAQs of Cheap Flight Multan to Dubai

How far is Multan from Dubai?

The air distance between Multan and Dubai is 1668 km. Air travel between the two cities takes about 3.5 hours. As opposed to the road trip which would have to cover approximately 4,800 km which means almost 60 hours of travel time.

Which month is the cheapest to fly to Dubai?

The cheapest month to travel from Multan to Dubai is April. The months of November, December, and January are considered the high season for visiting Dubai, so prices are generally higher. However, to make sure you get a cheap flight the recommendation is to book in advance.

What is the total time taken by a flight to Dubai from Multan?

Direct flights from Multan to Dubai take around 3 hours and 20 minutes. However, the journey time may vary depending on the airline. Also, in the case of flights with stopovers, the travel time is much longer.

Which is the cheapest airline to travel to Dubai?

Gulf Air is the airline offering the cheapest flights from Multan to Dubai. Airblue flights cost approximately Rs 43,393. However, prices increase as the date of travel approaches.

What is the price of a flight ticket to Dubai from Multan today?

The price of a Multan to Dubai flight today can be as low as Rs. 82,282. To make sure you get the best price it is best to book well in advance as the closer you get to the date, the higher the prices go.

What is the frequency of flights between these two cities?

You can find 5 to 20 flights a day from Multan International Airport (MUX) to Dubai International Airport (DXB). Weekends tend to have more flight options compared to weekdays.

What time does the earliest and last flight from Multan to Dubai depart?

Salam Air provides early flights at 02:45 AM from Multan to Dubai. The last flight for the evening is at 03:40 PM by Saudia or 04:20 PM by flyDubai.

How many flights fly from Multan to Dubai on a weekly basis?

In any given week, you can book from the 90+ flights from Multan to Dubai from top carriers like Flydubai, Gulf Air, Salam Air, Qatar Airways, Saudia and PIA.

What is the most popular connecting city when flying through this route?

Bahrain, Muscat, Doha and Jeddah are some of the layover cities for Gulf Air, Salam Air, Qatar Airways and Saudia respectively.

Are there any direct flights from Multan to Dubai?

PIA and flyDubai operate direct flights for this route daily. You can reach Dubai International Airport in 3 hours and 20 minutes.