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Faislabad to Islamabad

Faisalabad is a populous city in Pakistan known for its vast textile industry. For its booming textile industry, Faisalabad is often referred to as the Manchester of Pakistan. If you look at history, Faisalabad was also among the earliest planned cities in Pakistan. During the rule of the British Empire, Faisalabad was prepared as a planned city. With its highways, mills, railways, and engineering sites, Faisalabad has become an industrial centre in Pakistan.

The capital city of the nation, Islamabad, is also among the most populous cities in the country. Rated as a Gamma+ city, the standards of living are quite high in Islamabad. Apart from its high standards of living, Islamabad is also known for its rich heritage and culture. People from Faisalabad often feel the need to commute to the capital city for several purposes. Find additional information about travel from Faisalabad to Islamabad in Pakistan by reading more.

Faisalabad to Islamabad Flights

Faisalabad to Islamabad is a popular air route in Pakistan. People prefer flights between Faisalabad and Islamabad over any other mode of transportation. People travelling to Islamabad by road often find themselves trapped amidst the traffic. Also, road travel can sometimes get uncomfortable in Pakistan due to festive seasons or extra crowds. You may face hassles in finding a seat in a bus/car to reach Islamabad from Faisalabad. You don’t have to cancel your Islamabad trip with family because you can’t find road transport services. Luckily, there are ample flights between these Pakistani cities provided by some of the top-rated airlines.

A flight to Islamabad from Faisalabad will take approximately 12 hours to complete its journey. Some flights to Islamabad may take longer to complete their journey due to transit/layover points. People prefer flights to Islamabad because of the comfortable travel experience. Both the cities in Pakistan have a dedicated infrastructure for public flights services. For this domestic air route in Pakistan, you will board your flight from the Faisalabad International Airport (LYP). All domestic flights from LYP grounds at the Islamabad International Airport (ISB). One can get the complete information regarding Faisalabad to Islamabad flights on

Faisalabad to Islamabad Flight Ticket Price

Why wait for an Islamabad trip with family when affordable Islamabad flight tickets are available on Faisalabad to Islamabad flight ticket price on is commission-free and affordable. The average price for an LYP to ISB flight ticket is around PKR 68,000. One should know that the price for an LYP to ISB flight ticket can change on Faisalabad to Islamabad flight ticket rates will depend on numerous factors. One can check the current ticket price for LYP to ISB flights via

You don’t have to pay anything or provide login credentials on to view the LYP to ISB ticket rates. If you opt to book ISB flight tickets in the Business or Premium Economy class, you will have to pay more than the average price. People who want cheap flight tickets from LYP to ISB should choose to pre-book tickets.

Faisalabad to Islamabad Cheap Flights

Are you on a tight budget and looking for economical travel to Islamabad? Well, is at your rescue as it offers flight tickets at competitive prices in Pakistan. Apart from commission-free air tickets, also offers travel deals that can reduce the ticketing price. The cheapest LYP to ISB flight ticket can cost nearly PKR 50,000.

One can get better deals by pre-booking LYP to ISB flight tickets on One can view the future ticket rates for the LYP to ISB route on By booking ISB flight tickets a month before your travel date, you will find an economical option. Also, booking Economy class flight tickets to ISB is recommended for budget travel. Along with the ISB ticket, airlines also offer some baggage allowance to commuters.

Faisalabad to Islamabad Flights Schedule

You are free to check the updated flight schedule between LYP and ISB on Without wasting any time on providing login credentials, one can quickly check the flight schedule on The flight schedule between Faisalabad and Islamabad is tentative. From bad weather to staff availability, several factors can disrupt the flight schedule between Faisalabad and Islamabad. It is why one should check the real-time schedule and flight status on before travel. One can also view the LYP to ISB flight schedule for the future days on

Since LYP to ISB is a busy air route in Pakistan, frequent flights are available throughout the day. The earliest flight to ISB departs at 04:35 AM from LYP. Flights to ISB are also available at late night on You can also check for Faisalabad to Islamabad flights today on You might have to pay a markup fee for booking an emergency flight ticket to ISB from LYP.

Flights from Faisalabad to Islamabad

Many top airlines offer flight services between LYP and ISB. Some of the best airlines that serve the LYP – ISB air route are as mentioned below:

  1. PIA Flights from Faisalabad to Islamabad
  2. PIA offers weekly as well as daily flights from Faisalabad to Islamabad. One can book a PIA flight ticket from LYP to ISB for around PKR 50,000.

  3. Qatar Flights from Faisalabad to Islamabad
  4. Qatar Airways usually offers shared flights to cover the LYP to ISB air route. For example, Fly Dubai and Qatar Airways offer a flight between LYP to ISB with Muscat as a layover point.

  5. Etihad Flights from Faisalabad to Islamabad
  6. Etihad Airways also has partnerships with other airlines to offer flight services between LYP and ISB. For example, it offers a weekly flight on Sunday in partnership with Fly Dubai to cover this route. Usually, you have to change the Fly Dubai flight and board an Etihad flight in Muscat for this route.

Travel Restrictions

Currently, flights between Faisalabad and Islamabad are minimized due to availability and COVID issues. However, you can always book connecting/shared flights to travel from LYP to ISB. One should know that there are several rules for domestic air travel in Pakistan amidst the COVID scenario. The first rule is that only vaccinated Pakistanis can travel from Faisalabad to Islamabad. You will have to show proof of vaccination before boarding a flight to ISB from LYP. If someone is medically advised to hold the COVID-19 vaccination, show the proof before boarding the flight to ISB. People have to use face masks while flying from LYP to ISB due to the COVID scenario. Make sure you follow all the COVID guidelines while flying from LYP to ISB to avoid any hassles.

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The price of a flight ticket to Islamabad from Faisalabad today can be around PKR 68,000. For cheaper flight ticket rates, pre-book an LYP to ISB ticket.