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Faisalabad to London

Faisalabad, the Manchester of Pakistan, was named after the late King of Saudi Arabia, King Faisal. This is the third largest city in Pakistan after Karachi and Lahore. It is a strong industrial city that also focuses on agriculture. This ancient city has come a long way to become a modern city that offers all types of transportation. The Faisalabad airport is just 10 km off the city centre.

Located on the banks of the River Thames, London is the largest city in the United Kingdom. The city has plenty of famous monuments including Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, London Bridge, etc. What makes it more special is the green parks where you can spend a cool morning or a picnic. This cosmopolitan city has wonderful means of transport that you can go by the tube train or the iconic red double-decker buses. Travelling from Faisalabad to London can be a wonderful experience from the hot and humid climate to the cool and milder climate.

Faisalabad to London flights

Faisalabad is 7324 km away from London by air. It is not a quick trip across and takes at least a day to 3 days. Faisalabad to London is a popular route with more than 20 flights per day. Though there are only a few airlines that operate on this route, there are multiple trips by the same airline. FlyDubai operates most of the flights and they are not expensive either.

Faisalabad to London flights operate from Faisalabad International Airport (LYP) to London Heathrow Airport (LHR). All the flights on this route currently have at least one stop which will depend on the airline. The common stopover cities are Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Bahrain, Islamabad, etc. At you can see all the available flights on this route which you can easily change for another date to get the best price.

Faisalabad to London flight ticket price

Booking flight tickets can be tough especially if you have a limited budget. can help you find the best price for your travel. In collaboration with various airlines, there are plenty of options for a cheaper rate. On average, the Faisalabad to London flight ticket price is PKR 97,982 which may also go higher up to PKR 182,630. Interestingly, the cheapest and the most expensive flight tickets may be available with the same airline.

The Faisalabad to London flight ticket rates keep changing with the demand, airlines, holidays, seasons etc. The flight ticket price includes the free allowance for 1-2 pieces of check-in luggage, meals, and the cost for all the connecting flights. While online flight booking portals often charge you a booking fee, you need to pay for only the tickets with with no hidden charges whatsoever.

Faisalabad to London cheap flights

People look for the best price for a flight ticket or the cheapest flight ticket to help themselves save some money. It is also important to book the tickets through a reliable portal so you get an authentic ticket. offers you a reliable portal for online flight ticket booking that has an easy and transparent booking process. You can easily sort or filter the flight options to find suitable flights for your needs. Faisalabad to London cheap flights may be available a few weeks ahead. You can quickly find it by clicking on the date tabs at the top of the search results page.

Faisalabad to London flight schedule

Most flights from Faisalabad to London operate in the early morning or morning hours. There are a few flight options that are available for the evening hours as well. As per the Faisalabad to London flights schedule, the first available flight starts at 4.35 am and the next one at 10.45 am. On most days, the last flight is at 11.15 am and sometimes at 4.30 pm.

The minimum travel duration of the flights is 13 hr 30 min which can take more than 2 days, depending on the layover time and availability of connecting flights. The latest schedule of the flights and the exact duration of the journey or the layover time at the other airports are all provided with each option at

Flights from Faisalabad to London

Faisalabad to London flights are operated by airlines such as Air Arabia, Fly Dubai, Gulf Air, PIA, etc. Each airline has a specific schedule that is entirely different from the other one. Here is the basic information regarding the flights by some of the airlines operating from Faisalabad to London.

  • PIA flights from Faisalabad to London

    PIA has very few flights from Faisalabad to London in a week. Their flights are scheduled for a 4.30 pm departure. Their ticket price is PKR 19472 for a flight with 2 stops.

  • Air Arabia flights from Faisalabad to London

    Air Arabia offers the cheapest ticket price for the Faisalabad to London trip. Their lowest price is PKR 90,532. All their flights are scheduled for 11.15 am. Their flights operate only on selected days of the week and daily.

  • Fly Dubai flights from Faisalabad to London

    Fly Dubai is the only airline that operates daily flights from Faisalabad to London. They have more than 10 flights per day. Their first flight takes off at 4.35. The lowest ticket price on this airline is PKR 123,931.

Travel Restrictions

England has relaxed its travel restrictions that were implemented since the pandemic. Now, these restrictions no longer exist. But there are a few measures that you need to take before boarding the flight from Faisalabad.

  • You must be fully vaccinated if you are above 18 and at least partially vaccinated if you are above 15 years of age.
  • A vaccination certificate must be presented at the time of checking in.
  • You must be wearing a proper face mark when you disembark at the stopover cities, especially in the UAE.
  • There are no restrictions on arrival in London such as vaccination requirements, face masks, or quarantine.

FAQs of Cheap Flight Faisalabad to London

How far is Faisalabad from London?

Faisalabad and London are 8619 km away from each other and it is not possible to travel by land. The air distance between these cities is more than 7000 km and it takes at least 12 hrs on a direct flight.

Which month is the cheapest to fly to London?

November is usually the cheapest month to travel to London. You can find the current rate for as low as PKR 90532.

What is the total time taken by a flight to London from Faisalabad?

The total time taken by a flight from Lahore to London depends on the airline and whether or not it is a direct flight. The duration can vary between 7 hours, 25 minutes to 49 hours, 15 minutes.

Which is the cheapest airline to travel to London?

Air Arabia offers the cheapest ticket from Faisalabad to London. The lowest ticket is available at PKR 90,532 followed by PKR 114,906 on Flydubai flights.

What is the price of a flight ticket to London from Faisalabad today?

The flight ticket charge usually goes up as the time gets closer to the scheduled departure time. If you search for the Faisalabad to London flights today (22nd Oct), it will be displayed at the lowest price of PKR 123,931 and highest at PKR 144,023.