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Faisalabad to Muscat

Faisalabad is a metropolitan city in the Punjab Province of Pakistan. It is known for its industries and trading and it is called the Manchester of Pakistan. Faisalabad is also the third largest city in Pakistan. Due to its industrial status, the city has a diverse culture with various people coming in for business and work. The city has its share of historical monuments from the colonial era that attracts tourists.

Muscat is a port city and the capital of Oman. The city is geographically interesting as it is surrounded by the ocean, mountains, and desert. There are ancient monuments to modern buildings that showcase the marvelous architecture and progress of the city. The cliffs and terrain offer thrilling trips and adventures. If you ever want to have a taste of Arabia, this will be a wonderful option. Here are some travel details regarding a trip from Faisalabad to Muscat to help you find affordable flight tickets.

Faisalabad to Muscat flights

Travelling from Faisalabad to Muscat by land is not an easy task as there are multiple border crossings and hours of travelling under hot conditions. You do not need to suffer when there are daily flights on this route. Faisalabad to Muscat flights are the best option that will take you comfortably across within a few hours on a direct flight. Due to the pandemic, the number of direct flights on this route is currently not available. These flights have 1-2 stopovers in different cities, as per the airlines.

Faisalabad to Muscat flights operate from the Faisalabad International Airport (LYP) to the Muscat International Airport (MCT). There are almost 10 daily flights available so you have enough options to choose from. These flights are operated by just 4-5 airlines and most of them have a reasonable ticket price range. has an association with these airlines so you will easily find all the available options.

Faisalabad to Muscat flight ticket price

Flight ticket charges are generally high and people are sceptical about booking tickets. Interestingly, Faisalabad to Muscat route has a reasonable ticket price and airlines with high price tickets are very less in number. The lowest Faisalabad to Muscat flight ticket price currently available is PKR 46,890 followed by PKR 47,130. On this route, the ticket charges of one airline will mostly be the same for all its flights with one or two exceptions. But it will be different from one airline to the other.

Faisalabad to Muscat flight ticket rates may go up to PKR 100,465. The ticket rates will be higher close to the travel date, season, holidays, weekends, or when there is high demand. At you can book the tickets earlier up to several weeks before the departure date so you get cheaper tickets and save more money.

Faisalabad to Muscat cheap flights

Finding cheap flights so that the journey can be within your budget is the biggest challenge of a cross-country journey via flights. International flights are mostly expensive so it is important to find a reliable online portal for booking so that there are no hidden charges behind the lowest ticket prices. You can rely on to find Faisalabad to Muscat cheap flights as you can find various options to look through. You do not have to pay any additional fee as well.

As mentioned, you can get the cheapest ticket at PKR 46,890 which can go down even further when you do an advance booking at least a month or two ahead. At, you can easily find the tickets for several weeks ahead without having to feed in your search queries repeatedly. Moreover, cheap flight tickets still include free baggage allowance and meals on board.

Faisalabad to Muscat flight schedule

While there are almost 10 daily flights on the Faisalabad to Muscat route, almost all of them are operating in the morning hours with 2-3 flights in the evening. According to the Faisalabad to Muscat flight schedule, the first flight is at 1.50 am, followed by 4.35. The last flight of the day will either be at 10.45 am or 11.15 am. Flights at the latter time will be available only on some selected days of the week.

Each airline on this route sticks to a particular time for their flights. Each airline has at least 2 and sometimes up to 7 flights per day. When you are using to book your tickets, you can filter the options according to the airline or various other parameters of the schedule to find the most suitable flight for your schedule.

Flights from Faisalabad to Muscat

Faisalabad to Muscat flights are from 4-5 airlines. Not all of them operate on all days of the week but some of these have daily flights. Here are the top airlines on this route that are known for their services and ticket rates.

  • Air Arabia flights from Faisalabad to Muscat

    Air Arabia is one of the daily operating airlines from Faisalabad to Muscat. They also have the first flight on this route at 1.50 am. The lowest price on this airline is PKR 47,130.

  • Fly Dubai flights from Faisalabad to Muscat

    Fly Dubai airline has the maximum number of flights on this route. Their first flight is at 4.35 am. The lowest price on this airline is 48,024.

  • Gulf Air flights from Faisalabad to Muscat

    Gulf Air has 2-3 flights per day that start either at 6.55 am or 3 pm on selected days of the week. The lowest ticket price of this airline is PKR 53,034.

Travel Restrictions

  • All passengers must be fully vaccinated to be able to board the flights from Faisalabad and duly present the vaccination certificate where needed.
  • As per the rule of Oman, passengers must have a negative PCR certificate before boarding.
  • They must have at least two shows of the COVID-19 vaccine, the second dose is taken no later than 14 days before the travel date.
  • Apart from these, there are no major restrictions in Oman but the stopover cities such as Dubai insist that you wear a face mask while embarking on transit.

FAQs of Cheap Flight Faisalabad to Muscat

How far is Faisalabad from Muscat?

The distance from Faisalabad to Muscat is 5463 km by land and 1680 km by air.

Which month is the cheapest to fly to Muscat?

October and November are the chest months to travel to Muscat from Faisalabad. The lowest ticket rate of these months is PKR 46,890. You can check the ticket rates for the upcoming months at

What is the total time taken by a flight to Muscat from Faisalabad?

The shortest time for an indirect flight from Faisalabad to Muscat is 6 hr 10 mins which also includes the transit time at the stopover city. The travel duration may also extend up to 26 hrs, depending upon the airline, their route and the availability of the connecting flight.

Which is the cheapest airline to travel to Muscat?

The cheapest flight ticket from Faisalabad to Muscat is available with Fly Dubai which has the lowest price of PKR 46,890. You can book the cheapest ticket with with no additional surprising fees.

What is the price of a flight ticket to Muscat from Faisalabad today?

The flight ticket rates will be higher on the day of the travel or when it is closer to the departure time. If you search for the ticket rates of Faisalabad to Muscat flights today (22nd Oct) you can see that the rates are PKR 47,130, PKR 48,024, and the highest at PKR 78,789.