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Faisalabad to Quetta

Faisalabad and Quetta are the two most popular cities in Pakistan that are located around 790 km apart. The transportation facility in these cities is well-developed and offers a variety of options. Both the cities are easily accessible by both road and air, making travel between them convenient and efficient. Travelling by road from Faisalabad to Quetta takes approximately 14 to 16 hours whereas by non-stop flight it will take just about 2 hours.

Usually, tourists travel from Faisalabad to Quetta as there are a lot of popular tourist places in Quetta like Quetta Museum, Urak Valley, Hazarganji Chiltan National Park, and much more. Let us explore in detail how people can travel conveniently from Faisalabad, the third largest city in the country which is known for its rich culture to Quetta, which is known for its natural beauty.

Faisalabad to Quetta Flights

Travelling from Faisalabad to Quetta might become tedious if not carefully planned. The distance between these two cities is around 800 km, which takes a considerable amount of time if you opt to travel by road. In case you drive by car, the journey can take up to 16 hours due to the mountainous terrain, traffic, and road conditions. Taking a train is another cost-efficient way to travel across Pakistan. But if you travel by train, it takes around a day to reach Quetta.

One might be exhausted due to a day’s long journey travelling from Faisalabad to Quetta by bus or train. So, if you are looking to travel comfortably in a short time, then booking a non-stop flight is the best way as you can quickly reach there in around one to two hours. Travelling from Faisalabad to Quetta by airways, you will not only witness breathtaking sights during takeoff and landing but also enjoy the magnificence of majestic mountain ranges throughout your flight. The Faisalabad Airport (LYP) is the closest airport to Faisalabad and the Quetta Airport (UET) is the closest airport to Quetta. Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) is the country's national carrier and operates flights between Faisalabad International Airport and Quetta International Airport. Other airlines such as FlyDubai, and Emirates also offer connecting flights between the two cities. In case of not being able to book non-stop flights, you can go in for 1-stop or 2-stop flights. For checking the availability of flights and booking the desired one, you can visit which is an e-ticket booking platform that helps you in booking a suitable flight from Faisalabad to Quetta.

Faisalabad to Quetta Flight Ticket Price

Why wait until the last minute to book your flight to Quetta? Plan your trip ahead by pre-booking your flight tickets. offers the convenience of comparing prices from various airlines, allowing you to choose the best option for your Faisalabad to Quetta trip. By pre-booking your tickets, you can avoid the stress of last-minute planning.

The cost of flight tickets varies depending on the class of travel. Economy class tickets are the most affordable option, while business class tickets are a little expensive. Approximately, a one-way economy class ticket on a Pakistan domestic or international flight will cost between PKR 32400 to PKR 220086 . Whereas the Faisalabad to Quetta flight ticket rate for premium economy ranges from PKR 68550 to PKR 141482 The flight ticket price for business class is around PKR 538522 . The flight ticket price usually varies based on factors such as the class of the flight, the proximity to departure, and the airline. offers flight tickets from Faisalabad to Quetta without any additional commission fees. So, for an affordable option for travelling, consider using as your flight booking service partner.

Faisalabad to Quetta Cheap Flights

If you are looking to reach soon but without compromising on your budget, then you can look for cheap flights from Faisalabad to Quetta via For finding the most affordable flights from Faisalabad to Quetta, many travelers have found that researching fares online is more effective than booking directly through an airline's website in order to get the best deal. is the best online platform for you to do this research. Also, pre-booking your flight tickets will help you find a flight that fits your budget.

The cheapest flight from Faisalabad to Quetta will cost you around PKR 32400 . The cheapest flight from Faisalabad to Quetta is provided by PIA (Pakistan International Airlines). They also offer both economy and business class tickets. There might be fluctuations in flight ticket prices based on availability and demand. allows you to check current flight ticket prices at no cost.

Faisalabad to Quetta Flights Schedule

The earliest flight from Faisalabad to Quetta departs at 01.20 AM. There are numerous flights available throughout the day at regular intervals. The last flight to Quetta from Faisalabad is at 10.00 PM. If you need to check the flight schedule for a particular day, you can just visit at no cost. For this, you need not even register or create an account on the website.

But in case you are looking to check the Faisalabad to Quetta flights today on, then you will need to bear higher ticket fares. This is because, as the departure time of a flight approaches, the ticket fare tends to increase. So, it is always advisable to book your flight tickets ahead so that you can save money and choose your preferred seat. Also, it's important to consider baggage allowance, in-flight meals, and transportation to and from the airport when you book your flight ticket.

Flights from Faisalabad to Quetta

Some of the top-class airlines that provide flights from Faisalabad to Quetta are PIA, Emirates, and Flydubai. has partnered with such top-rated airlines that have earned millions of customers in order to provide convenient e-ticketing services in Pakistan.

  • PIA Flights from Faisalabad to Quetta:

    The PIA flight from Faisalabad to Quetta is available from 09:15 AM. The last one departs at 10:00 PM from Faisalabad. The travel from Faisalabad to Quetta via PIA non-stop flights might last for 1-2 hours. In the case of 1-stop flights, based on the stop-over location, it might take around 3 hours to 6 hours excluding the stop-over time.

  • Flydubai Flights from Faisalabad to Quetta:

    The cheapest and short-duration 1-stop flight in Flydubai departs at 04:00 PM. An economy ticket costs around PKR 81934. It stops at Dubai International Airport (DXB) and the layover time would be around 12 hours and 40 minutes.

  • Emirates Flights from Faisalabad to Quetta:

    Emirates Airlines offer connecting flights on this route. For example, a Flydubai flight departs at 4.00 PM at Faisalabad International Airport (LYP) and reaches Dubai International Airport (DXB) at 6.35 PM. After a layover time of 3 hours and 15 minutes, an Emirates flight departs at 9.50 PM at Dubai International Airport (DXB) and reaches Jinnah International Airport at 1.00 AM. Again after a layover time of 12 hours and 10 minutes, PIA operates from Jinnah International Airport at 1.10 PM and reaches Quetta International Airport (UET) at 2.30 PM.

Travel Restrictions

The need for a pre-examination of the COVID-19 (PCR or fast antigen test) for all arrivals in Pakistan has been lifted, according to a recent update from the Pakistani government, which took effect on November 1st, 2022. Additionally, there is no longer a need for pre-registration on the Ehteraz platform. However, it is essential to carry the COVID vaccination certificate or proof if you are above 12 years of age. Face masks are also advised during travel.

Disclaimer: According to airline policies, ticket rates are liable to frequent changes. So, please be informed that all the prices shown on this page are subject to periodic changes.

FAQs of Faisalabad to Quetta Flights

How far is Quetta from Faisalabad?

By air distance, Quetta is around 596 km far from Faisalabad. So, as compared to the train and bus, the flight is the best option to travel from Faisalabad to Quetta as you can travel comfortably in a short duration of 2 to 4 hours.

Which month is the cheapest to fly from Faisalabad to Quetta?

If you are concerned about budget, then the ideal month to travel from Faisalabad to Quetta with less flight ticket rate is October. In August, flight ticket rates are the most expensive. As the price varies based on various reasons, you can check the variations in the price of the flights easily on Also, you can register on the website to get instant updates on the prices.

What is the total time taken by a flight to travel from Faisalabad to Quetta?

The time to reach Quetta from Faisalabad via a non-stop flight is around 1 to 2 hours. But there aren't many direct flights between Faisalabad and Quetta. As a result, you will need to book connecting flights. In these situations, the time taken depends on the stopover location you select or that is stated by your airline when you book your ticket.

Which is the cheapest airline available to Quetta from Faisalabad?

PIA provides the cheapest flights from Faisalabad to Quetta. You can book a flight at the price of around PKR 32400 on Use during ticket booking to clearly compare the prices and book as per your budget.

What is the price of a flight ticket to travel from Faisalabad to Quetta today?

The economy ticket price today costs around PKR 32400 to PKR 220086 . These charges change from time to time and to keep a track of them, you can use

What is the earliest flight of Faisalabad to Quetta today?

The earliest flight of Faisalabad to Quetta is at

What is the last flight of Faisalabad to Quetta today?

The last flight of Faisalabad to Quetta is at

What's the latest arrival time from Faisalabad to Quetta?

The latest arrival time from Faisalabad to Quetta is

How many flights operate from Faisalabad to Quetta?

There are 0 flights flying from Faisalabad to Quetta.

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