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Faisalabad to Riyadh

Faisalabad is better known as the best place to buy clothes and furnishing. It is the third largest in Pakistan and the second largest in the Punjab Province. The city is named in honour of the late King Faisal. Located in the plains, this city is well connected to other parts by rail, road and air. This beautiful city is also industrially significant for the country.

Riyadh is the capital of Saudi Arabia and its largest city as well. Having various culturally important centres here makes it the country’s cultural capital. The city attracts tourists regularly along with business travellers from all over the world. This growing global city even has a UNESCO World Heritage Site in the form of Ad-Diriyah, the heritage centre of Saudi Arabia. The city’s airport allows an easier connection from most parts of the world. If you are travelling by Faisalabad to Riyadh flights, the following information will help you.

Faisalabad to Riyadh flights

Flights are more convenient and comfortable for travelling from one country to another. Faisalabad and Riyadh are more than 4000 km apart and it is nearly impossible to travel by road. It will take at least 55 hrs of driving to reach Riyadh. This is why Faisalabad to Riyadh flights are popular and are available daily. There are more than 10 flights per day on this route. These flights have an indirect route with one stop at Dubai, Sharjah or Bahrain depending on the airline.

The Faisalabad to Riyadh flights start from Faisalabad International Airport (LYP) and arrive later at the Riyadh airport named King Khaled International Airport (RUH). The flights are operated by three airlines. They offer daily flights in the varying frequency of 2 flights to 8 flights per day. When you book your tickets using the portal, you can see all the basic details of each flight option such as the ticket price, schedule, stopover, connecting flights, baggage allowance, ticket types etc.

Faisalabad to Riyadh flight ticket price

The ticket price on the flights can sometimes be much higher, especially if it is a holiday or festive season, lack of enough flights due to any emergency situations etc. The smart thing to do will be to plan ahead and book the tickets at least a few days before the travel date. Faisalabad to Riyadh flights are available in plenty so you can easily find a ticket on any of these flights. You just need to book earlier to get the best price.

The Faisalabad to Riyadh flight ticket price can be as low as PKR 64,381 or PKR 120,826 on average. The ticket rate can be higher as the time gets close to the departure. You can book the tickets at to see the lowest price for the coming days and find the best rate. The Faisalabad to Riyadh flight ticket rates will be different for each day but you can see them easily displayed at the top of the page.

Faisalabad to Riyadh cheap flights

As comfortable as the flight journey is, people usually look for cheap ticket rates to save money. The Faisalabad to Riyadh cheap flights are easy to find with The flight ticket rates will be different for each airline but some airlines always have cheaper rates than others. The cheapest tickets on this route are available at PKR 64,381 or PKR 72,452, for different airlines. These ticket prices include free meals for all and a baggage allowance of 23 kg to 30 kg, depending on the airline.

The ticket charges include the tickets for the connecting flights as well. Depending on the waiting period of the connecting flight, the overall travel duration varies. But the travel duration is not a major factor affecting the ticket price. When you search for the flights, make sure to sort the option according to the price range to see the cheap flights.

Faisalabad to Riyadh flight schedule

Having an idea about the flight schedule on your travel route will help you plan your trip properly. According to the Faisalabad to Riyadh flight schedule, there are 12-13 daily flights on this route. The earliest flight departs at 1.55 am on some days and 11.20 am on other days. The last flight of the day will be at 4 pm on all days.

The earliest flight of each airline will be different and all flights of the same airline will have the same schedule as well. Sometimes the same airline operates multiple flights at two different times. You can see such details about the flights when you book your tickets using the portal.

Flights from Faisalabad to Riyadh

Three airlines operate the Faisalabad to Riyadh flights- Air Arabia, FlyDubai and Gulf Air. Air Arabia’s sister company Air Arabia Abu Dhabi is also one of the airlines that operate here.

  • Air Arabia flights from Faisalabad to Riyadh:

    Air Arabia offers the lowest rate of PKR 67,117 on their flights. This rate is available on some days of the month. Their second lowest rate is PKR 71,436, which is usually available. Their regular flight timings are 1.55 am and 10.40 am, with a minimum travel duration of 8 hrs 40 mins and up to 16 hrs 20 mins.

  • FlyDubai flights from Faisalabad to Riyadh:

    The FlyDubai flights from Faisalabad to Riyadh operate at 11.20 am and 4 pm. Their travel duration is either 29 hrs or fastest at 9 hrs 30 mins. Their lowest ticket price is PKR 72,452

  • Gulf Air flights from Faisalabad to Riyadh:

    Gulf Air flights operate on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays in a week. The flight leaves LYP at 3:00 pm with a travel duration of 14 hrs and 45 mins. The ticket price starts from PKR 65000.

Travel Restrictions

Saudi Arabia has lifted all travel restrictions for passengers arriving in the country from Pakistan. Whether they are fully vaccinated or unvaccinated, there is no need for any tests or form filling to be done. The passengers need to have their valid passports, visa, and other travel documents to be eligible for arrival. Vaccine certificates are no longer required in intermediate cities such as Dubai, Sharjah, etc.

FAQs of Cheap Flight Faisalabad to Riyadh

How far is Faisalabad from Riyadh?

Faisalabad to Riyadh is more than 4400 km away from each other by land. The air distance between these cities is 2676 km. Direct airlines can reach here within a few hours and the fastest non-stop flights take only 8 hrs 30 mins to reach Riyadh.

Which month is the cheapest to fly to Riyadh?

The ticket price for Faisalabad to Riyadh flights is the lowest in November, which is also the cheapest month to fly to Riyadh. The weeks after the festive season is another best time to fly to this city and enjoy its heritage sites.

What is the total time taken by a flight to Riyadh from Faisalabad?

There are no direct Faisalabad to Riyadh flights available as of now and all the flights have one stop in between. The travel duration of these flights will be at least 8 hrs 30 mins for the fastest flight with the quicker connecting flight. The time can also go up to 29 hrs or more which will depend on the availability of the next flight.

Which is the cheapest airline to travel to Riyadh?

The airline that offers the cheapest air tickets on Faisalabad to Riyadh flights is Air Arabia. The lowest ticket rate they offer right now is PKR 64,381. Before booking the cheapest tickets, please go through the facilities included with this price and see if it is worth it or not.

What is the price of a flight ticket to Riyadh from Faisalabad today?

The flight ticket rates are usually high as you book the tickets closer to the departure day and time. If you are looking for a flight ticket to Riyadh from Faisalabad today (Nov 16) you can see the lowest rate at PKR 72,452 and the highest at PKR 120,826.