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Istanbul is the capital city of Turkey. Also, it is one of the most commonly travelled destinations as the city has a lot of historical importance. Islamabad also is a city of strategic importance to Pakistan. If you are in Istanbul, you can take a flight to Islamabad and explore the city. Several tourists travel from Istanbul to Islamabad regularly. You can check out the Istanbul to Islamabad flight ticket price on

Many people also travel for work to Islamabad as it is Pakistan's capital city, and many industries are flourishing there. Faisal Mosque is a very popular Muslim pilgrimage site. It is located in Islamabad. Many people travel from Istanbul to experience the beauty of this mosque in its purest form. Read on to know more about how you can reach Islamabad from Istanbul via a flight.

Istanbul to Islamabad Flights

Are you planning to visit Hagia Sophia this summer? Don't worry! You can easily book your tickets to Istanbul and then return to Islamabad without hassle. Several flights run from Istanbul to Islamabad . Once you decide to visit Islamabad or to return to Islamabad after your Turkey trip, you can book your tickets to any of the Istanbul to Islamabad flights without any hassle. Make sure that you check out the Istanbul to Islamabad flight ticket rates on before making the booking.

There are frequent flights that serve the route from Istanbul to Islamabad . You can book a flight and enjoy your trip to Islamabad. You can take a flight to Islamabad and travel for work and tourism. Taking a flight is the best and the only convenient option if you want to reach Islamabad from Istanbul.

Istanbul to Islamabad Flight Ticket Price

You can easily check the Istanbul to Islamabad Flight ticket price on Don’t wait for the tickets to get expensive. Pre-book your tickets now. To avoid any last-minute hassles, it is recommended that you book your Istanbul to Islamabad tickets well in advance.

The Istanbul to Islamabad flights will cost you anywhere between Rs.50,000 to Rs.1,400,000. You can choose any flight depending on your budget, timing preference, and other amenities provided on a flight. The prices vary based on whether the tickets are premium or economy. You can book both of these tickets on If you want your trip to be budget-friendly, you can avail of different offers on website.

Istanbul to Islamabad Cheap Flights

There are several Istanbul to Islamabad cheap flights available. You can book one that meets all of your requirements. To get cheaper tickets, you should pre-book your flights from Istanbul to Islamabad on The cheapest ticket will be available at around Rs.51,000. The prices of the tickets can go as high as Rs.1,445,000.

Pre-booking is the best option as you get both an airline and the seats of your choice. Also, the baggage fare and the cost of the meals are included in the flight fare of even the cheapest tickets. PIA offers cheap tickets to Islamabad from Istanbul.

Istanbul to Islamabad Flights Schedule

You must check the Istanbul to Islamabad flights schedule before you decide to book your flight tickets to Islamabad. The first flight leaves Istanbul at 1:30 in the morning, while the last flight departs at around 21:25 in the night. However, the flights available during the latter part of the day are generally non-stop flights. You can view the flight schedules on You will not be charged anything for viewing the schedule.

You can pre-book your flights to get the best deals on Istanbul to Islamabad flights . The flight schedule will give you an idea of both the flight timings and the price of the tickets. There are more than 20 flights that run from Istanbul to Islamabad . Therefore, you can also compare flights before making your final choice.

Flights from Istanbul to Islamabad

Several flights run from Istanbul to Islamabad . You can even check out the price of tickets for Istanbul to Islamabad flights today on Some of the commonly taken flights are listed below. You can choose any depending on your budget and requirements:

  • PIA Flights from Istanbul to Islamabad:

    The first and the only PIA flight to Islamabad leaves Istanbul at around 21:25 and reaches Islamabad at 4:55. The entire journey is covered in about 5 hours 30 minutes. Also, the flight doesn’t halt anywhere. These flights are cheaper as a ticket will cost you around Rs. 51,600. The cost is inclusive of meals and luggage.

  • Turkish Airlines Flights from Istanbul to Islamabad:

    Turkish Airways is a very popular air carrier from Istanbul to Islamabad . The first flight leaves at about 1:30 and reaches Islamabad in about 20 hours 55 minutes. i.e., by 00:25. It takes two stops and then reaches the destination. The tickets for this particular flight will cost you around Rs. 1.437,246.

  • Qatar Airways from Istanbul to Islamabad:

    Qatar Airways is one the most popular airline company having Istanbul to Islamabad flights . The first flight leaves at 9:15 in the morning and reaches Islamabad in the next 14 hours 25 minutes. A 30kg luggage allowance is provided to the passengers travelling from this flight. Also, the flight has meal provisions for people taking the trip—the airline charges about Rs.100,000 for a flight ticket.There are other airline providers like FlyDubai, EgyptAir, etc. You can check the details of all of these flights on

Travel Restrictions

International travel is quite regulated due to the increasing number of COVID cases. However, flights from Istanbul to Islamabad are currently operational. You will have to carry your vaccination certificate and your RT-PCR negative test report while you travel from Istanbul to Islamabad . Several guidelines are laid down for the passengers' safety. It is essential to wear your mask at all times throughout your journey. It would be best to take all the necessary precautions, such as sanitising your hands constantly, while taking any Istanbul to Islamabad flights . You can check all the travel related guidelines on the's website. If you feel feverish or display any COVID related symptoms, avoid taking an Istanbul to Islamabad flight.

FAQs of Cheap Flight istanbul to islamabad

How far is Istanbul from Islamabad?

Islamabad is about 4,969 kilometres far from Istanbul. Istanbul can easily cover this distance to Islamabad flights.

Which month is the cheapest to fly to Islamabad?

If you are looking for Istanbul to Islamabad cheap flights , March would be the best month to travel. The tickets for Islamabad from Istanbul are relatively cheaper in March. You can even pre-book your tickets for travelling in March.

What is the total time taken by a flight to Islamabad from Istanbul?

It takes around 5 hours 25 minutes to reach Islamabad from Istanbul if you travel via a flight.

Which is the cheapest airline to travel to Istanbul?

Kuwait Airways provide the cheapest flights to reach Istanbul. There are other flights by Fly Dubai, Etihad, etc., that are also quite affordable.

What is the price of a flight ticket to Istanbul from Islamabad today?

A Fly Dubai air ticket will cost you around Rs.55,000 if you travel to Istanbul from Islamabad today. Other airlines like Etihad and Qatar Airways will cost you around Rs.1,18,984 and Rs. 2,40,480 respectively.

How common or rare are direct flights from Istanbul to Islamabad?

Only One direct flight service is provided from Istanbul (IST) to Islamabad (ISB) at 8:20 PM.

When do the first and last flights leave from the Airport in Istanbul?

The earliest flight service is from 12:30 AM and the last flight service is at 11:20 PM from Istanbul to Islamabad.

What are the names and codes of the airports in Istanbul to Islamabad, respectively?

Istanbul has two airports namely, Istanbul Airport (IST), Sabiha Gökçen International Airport (SAW) and Islamabad International Airport (ISB) for Islamabad

Is it better to book a round trip and save more from Istanbul to Islamabad flights?

Depending on the airlines and their deals, sometimes round trip tickets provide us a better deal.

Are there any travel restrictions from Istanbul to Islamabad now?

The country is always putting new strategies to control Covid situation. Hence its best to check the latest restrictions before planning for a trip.

What currency is used in Istanbul?

Turkish Lira is the currency used in Istanbul.

Are there any direct flights from Istanbul to Islamabad?

There is one non-stop flight that flies from Istanbul to Islamabad on a daily basis.

Can I change the date in my flight ticket?

Yes, dates can be changed in the tickets, but fare for the respective changes is to be compensated.

Is it compulsory to take travel insurance for the Istanbul to Islamabad flight?

Travel insurance is always a safer choice for people on a flight journey.

Can I book budget hotels near Islamabad Airport through the Internet? website also provides budget hotels where we can choose the accommodation of our choice to the place we travel.

How many airports are there in Islamabad?

There is one international airport available in Islamabad.

How many flights fly from Istanbul to Islamabad on a weekly basis?

Around 120 flights fly on a weekly basis to Islamabad from Istanbul.

Which airline operates the most number of flights from Istanbul to Islamabad?

Many airlines operate from Istanbul to Islamabad. Most of the flights are from Oman air, Emirates, Qatar and Turkish Airlines.

What is the lowest price for a round trip from Istanbul to Islamabad?

Price varies for every airline and in website the lowest price offered for this month is PKR.123202.

Do airlines provide refunds for the Istanbul to Islamabad flight?

Yes, refunds are provided by all the airlines in case of any cancellation or delay in flight schedules (T&C).