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Jeddah to Karachi

The Jeddah to Karachi is a popular route of travel amongst tourists, pilgrims and businessmen. Jeddah being a port city of Saudi Arabia, is also the gateway to Muslim pilgrim places like Mecca and Medina. Jeddah is also the commercial hub of Saudi Arabia, attracting many cross country business ventures happening at this place.

Therefore, there are many flights from various airlines making it easy for travellers to move to and fro these destinations. Jeddah to Karachi flights is available for booking on all days with different flight schedules to help travellers find their best match. Here are some details you need to know before you browse through Jeddah to Karachi flight schedules.

Jeddah to Karachi Flights

Karachi is a beautiful city, with palaces, mosques, beaches and more, which welcomes tourists. Not just this, it is also one of the commercial and industrial cities of Pakistan making it a busy place that often sees trading activities. Thus, to get to Karachi from Jeddah one must always be prepared for the best experience. Jeddah to Karachi via road is about 4448 km drive across countries like Iraq and Iran.

Thus, flights are more direct, safe, time-saving and budget-friendly. By taking a Jeddah to Karachi flight, the distance through the air is 2880 km and takes about 3 hours 25 minutes to reach the destination. The Jinnah International Airport to the city centre is about 10 km making it easy to find transport and accommodation for travellers. Book your tickets through to get economical Jeddah to Karachi flight prices.

Jeddah to Karachi Flight Ticket Price

Planning to visit Karachi anytime soon? Pre-book your seats to get the best rates and good deals on flight prices. Compare the best flights, schedules and prices on to find a Jeddah to Karachi flight schedule that works for you. Also, by booking in advance, you get to save on prime-time prices.

Based on seat category—economy, business, premium, the date of booking, the airline and weekday, weekend schedule, your Jeddah to Karachi flight rates may vary. Thus, check ahead of your plan to find the best deals. Jeddah to Karachi flight rates starts from Rs. 22,105. This can go higher based on the airline, the number of stops and other factors. Choose for coupon codes and discounts that can give you the best price guaranteed.

Jeddah to Karachi Cheap Flights

For those who are travelling on a budget, a direct flight can save time and money. A direct flight from Jeddah to Karachi is Serene Air. Starting at Rs 22,105 plus taxes, it reaches its destination in 3 hours 15 min. The cost includes free meals and luggage of 20 kgs. Try the for deals to reduce your flight charge further. Don’t forget to apply coupon codes during checkout for your deal.

The prices for flights keep changing every day. The best deal is availed by booking early and avoiding last moment hassle of premium prices. Flight prices over the weekend also are higher. Therefore, if you’re looking for great deals, look up your Jeddah to Karachi flight schedule on to find a date where the flight price is cheaper and more affordable. lists flight schedules of all airlines operating this route including the famous PIA, Serene Air, Airblue, Etihad Airways and more.

Jeddah to Karachi Flights Schedule

You can catch a Jeddah to Karachi flight as early as 1.05 AM. However, the first non-stop flight starts at 2.05 AM courtesy the Saudia Airlines. The last flight is at 11.20 PM at night. View the entire Jeddah to Karachi flight schedule on without charges and find your ideal flight. You can also filter the search using departure time, the number of stops, time of arrival, airlines and more to narrow down your search.

Looking for Jeddah to Karachi flights today? can help you find the best price for that too! You can look at the flight schedule with the latest details as keeps its search results up to date. Same day flights can be a bit on the expensive side. But, look at the schedule to determine if you can change your dates to find the cheapest flight.

Flights from Jeddah to Karachi

You can also find Jeddah to Karachi flights from some of the top airlines of Pakistan like PIA, Airblue, Serene Air and more. While many flights from Jeddah to Karachi can also be found through airlines like Etihad Airways, Saudia, Emirates and more too.

  1. PIA Flights from Jeddah to Karachi
  2. The PIA flight from Jeddah to Karachi takes about 3 hours 45 min, departing at 17.30. The price is about Rs. 41648 for the non-stop flight from the King Abdulaziz International Airport in Jeddah.

  3. Serene Flights from Jeddah to Karachi
  4. Sere Air is the most cost-effective flight starting at Rs 22,105 for a flight from Jeddah to Karachi. It departs at 17.30 and reaches its destination in 3 hours 45 minutes.

  5. Etihad Flights from Jeddah to Karachi
  6. Etihad Airways departs from Jeddah at 14.20 and takes about 9 hours 55 minutes with a layover at Abu Dhabi. The flight is priced starting at Rs 35,633.

Travel Restrictions

As per the new regulations, any passenger above the age of 17 should produce a complete COVID vaccination certificate. The only exception to this rule is passengers under the age of 17, foreign nationals, passengers with medical conditions advised to hold off on the vaccine. Such passengers need a negative RTPCR certificate to board the flight.

FAQs of Cheap Flight Jeddah to Karachi

How far is Karachi from Jeddah?

Karachi is about 2280 km by air from Jeddah. The alternate and more exhaustive route is by road across countries which spans over 4500 km.

Which month is the cheapest to fly to Karachi?

February is the cheapest time to fly to Karachi. However, this depends on the timing of booking the flight, weekday-weekend departure dates and other factors.

What is the total time taken by a flight to Karachi from Jeddah?

A non-stop flight can reach Karachi in 3 hours 45 minutes from Jeddah. Based on the airline, this can vary.

Which is the cheapest airline to travel to Karachi?

Serene Air offers the cheapest flight ticket for travelling from Jeddah to Karachi. The prices start at Rs. 22,105. Look up to get the best deals on flights and amazing discounts and offers.

What is the price of a flight ticket to Karachi from Jeddah today?

The price of a Jeddah to Karachi flight today can vary from Rs. 34,733 to Rs. 195,527. The flight rate changes based on the seat category, airline, stopovers and other factors.

Which airline operates the most number of flights from Jeddah to Karachi?

FlyDubai and Emirates offer the most flights from Jeddah to Karachi. Everyday, they have over 15-20 flights for each airway.

What is the lowest price for a round trip from Jeddah to Karachi?

A round trip planned ahead of time will cost around PKR 88774 while a round trip booked now will cost PKR 168902 (as on dec 1 2022). These rates may vary depending on the airline's availability and seats available.

Do airlines provide refunds for the Jeddah to Karachi flight?

Yes, all the airlines provide refunds in case of a cancellation. Kindly check with your booked airline for more information.

What currency is used in Karachi?

Official currency for Karachi is Pakistan Rupee(PKR).

Are there any direct flights from Jeddah to Karachi?

You can find 3-5 non stop flights from Jeddah to Karachi everyday serviced by SereneAir, Saudia, PIA and Airblue airlines. Journey time will be under 4 hours.