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Karachi to Madrid

Karachi, the vibrant economic hub of Pakistan, is a city teeming with life, culture, and history. As a melting pot of various cultures, it offers a unique urban experience rooted in traditional Pakistani values. Madrid, on the other hand, stands as Spain's capital, known for its rich history, dynamic cultural scene, and significant economic and political presence in Europe. This section will explore the unique aspects of both cities, setting the stage for understanding the significance of travel between these two diverse metropolises.

Karachi to Madrid Flight

The journey from Karachi to Madrid, covering approximately 6,711 kilometers, is notably lengthy. The duration of travel from Karachi to Madrid, varies widely, ranging from 13 to 48 hours, depending on layover times. With over 40 flights departing daily on this route, travelers have numerous options. For convenient flight booking,, an online ticketing platform, offers a hassle-free way to secure a suitable flight from Karachi (KHI) to Madrid (MAD).

Flights From Karachi to Madrid

Sastaticket provides comprehensive details about flight schedules, prices, and baggage allowances. Additional flight options include:

  • Pegasus Airlines: This airline flies every Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday at 5:15 AM, arriving in Madrid at 1:35 PM following a 12-hour, 20-minute stopover in Istanbul. Another flight leaves at 11:55 AM the next day with a 34-hour, 20-minute stopover.
  • Saudia: It offers flights on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays, and Sundays, departing at 2:40 AM and arriving in Madrid at 1:15 PM, with a 14-hour layover in Jeddah.
  • SriLankan Airlines: It operates over 5 flights in a day on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays, departing at 5:50 PM and 6:55 AM on respective days, with stopovers in Colombo and Doha lasting around 35 hours of layover interval.

Karachi to Madrid Ticket Price

Advance booking is recommended for cost savings. The best times to book flights are usually during the off-peak seasons.Flight ticket prices vary by travel class, with economy class being the most budget-friendly option. A one-way economy ticket typically costs between PKR 109,226 and PKR 414,816. First class fares range from PKR 611,054 to PKR 3,786,103.

Baggage Allowance

Passengers can choose from Economy, Business, or First class, with respective baggage allowances. Economy class travelers are entitled to 20-23 kg in checked baggage and 7 kg for carry-on items. Business class passengers can check in 30-40 kg in luggage and carry two pieces of 7 kg each, plus a briefcase and either a handbag or garment bag, adhering to size restrictions. First class passengers are allowed up to 50 kg in checked baggage.

Travel Information

For Pakistani citizens traveling to Spain, understanding visa requirements and procedures is crucial: Visa for Spanish Entry: A detailed overview of the visa application process, types of visas available, and specific requirements for Pakistani travelers. Documentation and Preparation: Essential documentation includes a valid passport, proof of accommodation, and financial stability, among others. Preparation tips and estimated processing times will also be covered.

Exploring Madrid

Madrid is a city that brims with cultural and historical treasures. This section will introduce travelers to some of the city's not-to-be-missed attractions and experiences: Cultural Attractions: From the Prado Museum to the Royal Palace, Madrid offers a wealth of historical sites and cultural landmarks. Local Experiences: Engage in unique local experiences like culinary tours, attending a Flamenco show, or participating in local festivals and events.

Exploring Karachi

Before embarking on a journey from Karachi to Madrid, take time to explore Karachi's rich tapestry of culture and history. Wander through the bustling streets of Saddar, visit the iconic Quaid-e-Azam's Mausoleum, and experience the vibrant energy at Clifton Beach. Indulge in local culinary delights at Burns Road, capturing the essence of Karachi's diverse and dynamic spirit.

This overview of the journey from Karachi to Madrid, covers cultural insights, travel logistics, and practical tips. Whether you are traveling for business, pleasure, or exploration, this is designed to ensure you have all the information needed for a memorable and hassle-free journey.

FAQs of Cheap Flight Karachi to Madrid

How often do flights operate between these two cities?

To cater the high demand between Karachi and Madrid, around 40 flights are being operated daily between these two cities by popular airlines like Emirates, Etihaad, Qatar Airways etc

When does the earliest and last flight from Karachi to Madrid leave?

Emirates Airlines operates both the earliest and last flight from Karachi to Madrid. It leaves at 2.45 am. The last flight leaves at 10.40 pm.

How many flights travel from Karachi to Madrid each week?

Around 250 flights travel from Karachi to Madrid each week.

Which city is most commonly used as a connecting point on this route?

Doha, Dubai, Istanbul, Abu Dhabi are some of the most popular connecting cities that are used depending on the airlines, when flying through this route.

Are there any non-stop flights available from Karachi to Madrid?

No, currently non-stop flights are not available from Karachi to Madrid.