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Lahore to Peshawar

Lahore is the second-largest city. On the other hand, Peshawar is sixth in terms of its size and is also among the oldest cities whose history dates back to 539 BC. Lahore is one of the wealthiest cities in Pakistan and Peshawar is relatively prosperous. A journey from Lahore to Peshawar sees a stark contrast in the number of people out on the streets. While Lahore is a buddy city, Peshawar may seem deserted as the crowd will be lesser in comparison. You can see several historical monuments in Peshawar. Here are more details about the Lahore to Peshawar flights to help you plan a trip.

Lahore to Peshawar Flights

Are you planning a trip from Lahore to Peshawar and looking for the best way to travel? It is a popular tourist route. There also are people who travel on this route for work and other reasons. For everyone, it would be comforting to know that it is a land route with no mountains to pass through. It will be approximately 7-8 hours of journey by car and about 9 hrs by train. Though they are cheaper, it will cost you some time. The best way to travel from Lahore to Peshawar on a quick trip is by air.

Lahore to Peshawar flights is available that have a travel duration of 5-6 hrs. The flights may have a stopover at another city, Karachi being the most frequent. Most of the flights are operated by a single airline for the domestic direct route while international airlines also operate some connected flights. The flight tickets are available online with The Lahore to Peshawar flights departs from the Allama Iqbal International Airport (LHE) in Lahore and arrive at Peshawar International Airport (PEW).

Lahore to Peshawar Flight ticket price

Finding the cheapest tickets is key for anyone travelling on a budget. To help you with the same finds you the best options. You will find the Lahore to Peshawar flight ticket price to be cheaper here with the best facilities.

The Lahore to Peshawar Flight ticket rates average at PKR 39990 these days. The price could go further up due to the current travel restrictions. The current ticket price is close to PKR 28087 and can go up to PKR 120,000 or higher. The price will be lower for the domestic airlines while the international airline charges can be much higher. The lack of direct flights at the moment can also add to the surge in prices. The ticket price will be higher as the departure time is closer. When you book the tickets with, you can get a better deal as there are no commission charges applied.

Lahore to Peshawar cheap flights

If you are looking for the Lahore to Peshawar cheap flights you have come to the right place. collaborates with the right airlines to give you the most economical ticket rates for any class. Since the ticket price will be increased when the travel date is closer, it is better to reserve the tickets in advance. Booking a roundtrip instead of one-way is another way to get cheaper flight tickets.

When you are looking for cheaper tickets, indirect flights are the better choice. The cheapest ticket for Lahore to Peshawar flights is on PIA (Pakistan International Airlines). PIA will have both direct and indirect flight options. They also allow you to carry up to 23 kg. Check the details about the luggage allowance and the real-time ticket price at, without any additional charges or logging in.

Lahore to Peshawar flight schedule

The Lahore to Peshawar flights schedule is flexible at this time as the restrictions are on. There are an average of 3-4 flights starting per day. The flights are mostly indirect so starting early does not mean that you can reach early. The earliest flight available starts at 11 am and the last one departs at 1.05 pm. It may take anywhere between 6 hrs 55 mins to 27 hr 30 min to reach Peshawar. Most flights have a single stop and some may have 2 stops. Look for the flight schedule at to know the real-time timing and other details.

Flights from Lahore to Peshawar

Lahore to Peshawar flights is operated by top international airlines. PIA or Pakistan International Airlines is the most popular operator. They have domestic flights with all facilities at cheaper rates. Their indirect flights may be arriving either at the other cities in Pakistan or in another country.

  1. PIA flights from Lahore to Peshawar
  2. PIA flights from Lahore to Peshawar start in the morning. The roundtrip on this airline can cost around PKR 28087 and take a minimum of 10 hrs to reach Peshawar via another city.

Travel Restrictions

Lahore to Peshawar flights will be affected by the travel restrictions enforced due to the pandemic. The guidelines insist that,

  • People who are above the age of 18 must have a fully vaccinated certificate to get permission to travel.
  • Those who are of age 15-18 must also present their vaccination certificate for domestic travel.
  • Only those who are below 15, those who cannot be vaccinated due to medical conditions (with due certification), and foreign nationals below the age of 18 may be exempted.
  • Passengers must present the NADRA certificate at the time of check-in.
  • Restrictions are also on travelling to Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province and other areas.

FAQs of Cheap Flight Lahore to Peshawar

How far is Lahore from Peshawar?

Lahore to Peshawar distance is approximately 520 km by land. The air distance between these cities will be 412 km. The travel duration can be anywhere between 4 to 6 hours by bus or car. The main route is through the Islamabad-Peshawar Motorway.

Which month is the cheapest to fly to Peshawar?

August is the cheapest month to travel to Peshawar. November to January is the busiest season for this city and the Lahore to Peshawar flight ticket prices are likely to be higher. You can check the ticket rates at to find the best deals. You will also be able to book the tickets well ahead of the travel date.

What is the total time taken by a flight to Peshawar from Lahore?

The Lahore to Peshawar flights takes an approximate duration of 6 hr 55 min to reach the destination on a direct route. On an indirect route with one or more stops, the travel time could be anywhere between 10 hrs to 27 hours, depending upon the route, stopover city, and the timing of the connection flight.

Which is the cheapest airline to travel to Peshawar?

PIA or Pakistan International Airlines is the cheapest airline to travel to Peshawar. They offer ticket rates for a lower range of PKR 28000 and above. Lahore to Peshawar flight ticket rates is available at where you will find all the necessary details about the flight. Needless to say, a roundtrip booking is a far better option than choosing the one-way tickets. It is also necessary to book early to get the cheapest ticket rates. The ticket rates are also subject to season, demand, and how close it is to the departure time.

What is the price of a flight ticket to Peshawar from Lahore today?

AThe price of Lahore to Peshawar flights today (21st April) is around PKR 137,480. The higher rate is partly due to the unavailability of regular flights and the extended routes. Booking closer to the departure time will always see a steep hike in the flight ticket prices.