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Multan to Male

Explore the enchanting link between Multan and Male with our comprehensive flight route guide. Navigating your journey seamlessly, this guide provides essential information for a hassle-free travel experience. Discover the cultural tapestry of Multan and the tropical allure of Male as we present insights on flight schedules, travel tips, and destination highlights.

Multan to Male flights

The flight route from Multan to Male seamlessly connects two distinct locales, promising a blend of cultural richness and tropical beauty. Departing from Multan International Airport (MUX), travelers embark on an exciting journey to Velana International Airport (MLE) in Male. Airlines such as Qatar Airways, FlyDubai and others operate flights on this route, offering varied schedules to suit diverse preferences.

The distance between Multan and Male is approximately 2,600 kilometers, ensuring a comfortable flight duration. Since direct flights are not available, most itineraries include layovers, enhancing travel flexibility. Common layover destinations include Doha, Dubai, or other major hubs. Travelers can use layover times to explore connecting cities or simply relax at the airports' amenities.

Multan to Male Flights schedule

Various reputable carriers offer enticing options for travelers journeying from Multan to Male. Airlines such as Qatar Airways, FlyDubai, and Saudia provide Economy and Business classes to suit diverse preferences and budgets. With multiple carriers and class options, and 7 to 11 daily flights passengers can tailor their journey to match their desired level of comfort and style, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable flight experience from Multan to the tropical paradise of Male.

  • FlyDubai operates around 6 flights a day with a layover at Dubai International Airport. Your flight journey ranges from 14 to 26 hours depending on the layover duration.
  • Qatar flights leave Multan at 02:55 AM and land at Male, Maldives with a stopover at Doha. These 4 flights takes 12 to 28 hours to reach their destination
  • Saudia operates a single flight with layovers at Jeddah and Abu Dhabi, departing Multan at 03:40 PM.

Multan to Male Flight Ticket Price

Booking your journey from Multan to Male is a breeze at Sastaticket, with convenient flight options. Economy class tickets start from PKR 107,000 to PKR 290,000 and provide an affordable yet comfortable travel experience, with prices varying based on factors like booking time and demand. For those seeking added luxury, business class tickets offer enhanced amenities and services with prices starting from PKR 590,000 to PKR 700,000 and more. Prices for both classes fluctuate, so early bookings often yield better deals. Please note that ticket prices are subject to change, and availability may vary.

Flight Baggage Allowance

When flying from Multan to Male, passengers enjoy varying baggage allowances based on their chosen class. In Economy class, travelers typically have a standard check-in baggage allowance, usually ranging from 20 to 30 kilograms, and a cabin baggage allowance of around 7 kilograms. Business class passengers, on the other hand, often benefit from a more generous check-in baggage allowance, often ranging from 30 to 40 kilograms, along with a more spacious cabin baggage allowance of around 14 kilograms. It's recommended to check with the specific airline for precise details on baggage allowances to ensure a smooth and informed journey.

Preparing for Your Trip

For a journey from Multan to Male, travelers must ensure they have essential travel and visa documents. A valid passport with at least six months of validity beyond the planned return date is a prerequisite. Additionally, visitors usually need a visa to enter the Maldives, obtainable through the Maldivian embassy or online application. It's crucial to check specific visa requirements, application procedures, and any additional documents needed for a seamless and stress-free travel experience between Multan and Male.

Male: Arrive and Explore

Navigating Male, the capital of the Maldives, is convenient with various transportation options. Taxis and ferries offer efficient means of exploring the city, and domestic flights are available to reach different islands or resorts. From the bustling local markets to the iconic Islamic Centre, Male is a cultural and historical hub. Visitors can indulge in water sports, enjoy serene beachfronts, or delve into the city's rich heritage. With its unique blend of modernity and tradition, Male captivates tourists, offering an unforgettable experience in this tropical paradise.

FAQs of Cheap Flight Multan to Male

How often do flights operate between these two cities?

Everyday 6 to 9 flights are available from Multan International Airport (MUX) to Malé-Velana International Airport, Maldives (MLE).

When does the earliest and latest flight from Multan to Male leave?

The earliest flight is at 02:40 AM by Qatar Airways and at 02:45 PM by flydubai. The last flight departing Multan is at 11:20 AM or 04:40 PM by flydubai.

How many flights travel from Multan to Male each week?

More than 50+ flights are available for your choice for their journey from Multan to Male. Qatar Airways and flyDubai provide daily flights for this route.

Which city is most commonly used as a connecting point on this route?

Doha’s Hamad International Airport (DOH) and Dubai International Airport (DXB) are the most commonly used cities for layover.

Are there any non-stop flights available from Multan to Male?

Currently there are no direct flights from Multan to Male.

No flight data available.

What is the earliest flight of Multan to Male today?

The earliest flight of Multan to Male is at

What is the last flight of Multan to Male today?

The last flight of Multan to Male is at

What's the latest arrival time from Multan to Male?

The latest arrival time from Multan to Male is

How many flights operate from Multan to Male?

There are 0 flights flying from Multan to Male.