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Multan to Quetta oneway ticket price

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Multan to Quetta

Multan is located on the banks of the Chenab River and holds the status of being one of the oldest cities in Asia. It is also known as the City of Pirs and Shrines with numerous mosques and tombs. This city has a rich history and has changed its name several times over the period. There are handicrafts and cottage industries that contribute to the constant development of Multan.

Quetta is the capital city of Balochistan Province. It is a natural fort with hills surrounding it. It is called the fruit basket of Pakistan as there are various fruits cultivated here. In ancient times, the city was called Shalkot but there is no clear evidence of what led to the name Quetta. This is the 10th largest city in the country and one of the richest cities as well. Quetta is worth visiting any time of the year. The city is connected to other cities via land and air. Multan to Quetta is one of the popular routes. Here is all the information about Multan to Quetta flights.

Multan to Quetta Flights

If you are planning to travel from Multan to Quetta, you should know that the distance between these cities is 633 km via road. It will take approximately 10-11 hrs to complete your journey. While the road trip will be enjoyable, it is not an ideal option if you want to save time. Multan to Quetta flights will take you within 3-4 hrs. The air distance between these cities is just 431 km and a non-stop flight can travel faster as well. Flights will be more comfortable for this journey.

There are direct and indirect flights on the Multan to Quetta route. But the direct flights are less in number as most of them will be indirect flights with a layover in other cities. The flights depart from Multan International Airport (MUX) and arrive at Quetta International Airport (UET). You can easily find Multan to Quetta flights with and book the tickets comfortably and safely.

Multan to Quetta Flight Ticket Price

The domestic route of Multan to Quetta often has a lower ticket price than international routes. The Multan to Quetta flight ticket price is usually within the affordable range but weather conditions and other factors that impact the smooth functioning of the flights could cause a hike in the ticket price.

Currently, the Multan to Quetta flight ticket rates is in the range of PKR 53000, for indirect flight with two stopovers. The flight rate could also be available at a lower range of PKR 13500 at times but one should constantly monitor the prices to lock in the best deal. You can track the Multan to Quetta ticket price at without registering or logging in. You can find the ticket prices for up to 2-3 months ahead.

Multan to Quetta Cheap Flights

Even though the flights are faster and more comfortable, they come at a higher price. People often prefer the ticket price to be within their budget. Since online tickets offer a more affordable range, it will not be difficult to find cheap flights on the Multan to Quetta route. You can get cheaper flight tickets on this route from You may register and log in to constantly monitor the prices as you will be able to easily switch between the devices.

Multan to Quetta cheap flights are operated by PIA (Pakistan International Airlines). They operate indirect flights on this route. These flights are available at PKR 78,419 for a faster journey of 3 hrs 50 mins or a longer journey of over 17 hrs at the rate of PKR 75,102. The ticket rates are for the economy class which allows a baggage limit of 20 kg per ticket. Meals are also provided on board.

Multan to Quetta Flights Schedule

It is important to note the flight schedule, especially for Multan to Quetta as there are many indirect flights. Most of them arrive only the next day at Quetta. You can check the flight schedule, travel duration, stopover duration, and arrival time for all the flights on this route at

As per the Multan to Quetta flights schedule the earliest flight on this route departs Multan at 10.20 am and arrives at Quetta at 2.10 pm. This will have a 1 hr 5 min layover at Karachi. The other departure time for the flights on this route is 7 pm which may take anywhere between 17 to 42 hrs with a longer layover at cities such as Lahore, Karachi, or Islamabad to arrive the next day or in 2-3 days in Quetta.

Flights from Multan to Quetta

All the flights from Multan to Quetta are operated by PIA. Despite having one flight operator on this route, you can find around 10 daily flights on this route. But most of them take 1-3 days to reach their destination.

  • PIA flights from Multan to Quetta

    The fastest PIA flights from Multan to Quetta depart at 10.20 am. Six PIA flights on this route depart at this time. The other flights start at 7 pm from Multan but arrive on different days and timings at Quetta. The travel duration is usually 3 hr 50 min for the fastest flight while other flights take 17 hr 20 min, 26 hrs, or 41 hr 20 mins.

Travel Restrictions

Quetta was affected by the recent floods in Pakistan. Balochistan was one of the worst affected areas. It is not a good time to travel to Quetta unless it is necessary. There will be no or lesser number of flights on this route. Multan to Quetta is a domestic route, there are no major travel restrictions to this region. But you will need to be vaccinated to be able to board the flight.

FAQs of Cheap Flight Multan to Quetta

How far is Multan from Quetta?

The aerial distance between Sialkot and Lahore is only 106 kilometres. It is less than the road distance between the Punjabi cities in Pakistan.

Which month is the cheapest to fly to Sialkot?

Usually, September is the cheapest month to fly to Sialkot from Lahore. One can check the SKT air ticket price for future dates on It will give you an idea of the cheapest month to plan your trip to Sialkot.

What is the total time taken by a flight to Sialkot from Lahore?

The fastest nonstop flight from Lahore to Sialkot will take around 8 hours to complete its journey. Nonstop flights to SKT will take a lower time to complete their trips.

Which is the cheapest airline to travel to Sialkot?

Currently, PIA is the cheapest airline to travel to Sialkot from LHE. You can compare the prices of different companies on to choose one and fly to SKT.

What is the price of a flight ticket to Sialkot from Lahore today?

The average price of an SKT flight ticket today is around PKR 55,000.