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Traveling from Multan to Sydney presents a unique and exhilarating opportunity to explore one of the world's most vibrant cities after departing from the cultural heart of Pakistan. This guide provides all the necessary information to plan your journey smoothly and enjoyably, including flight options, visa requirements, must-see attractions, and travel tips.

Multan to Sydney Flights offers comprehensive information for travelers flying from Multan to Sydney, facilitating a seamless journey from departure to arrival. Travelers departing from Multan International Airport (MUX) will likely have a layover at major hubs before continuing to Sydney Kingsford Smith Airport (SYD), colloquially Mascot Airport, Kingsford Smith Airport, or Sydney Airport. The distance between Multan and Sydney is approximately 9,300 kilometers, translating to a flight duration of around 20 to 30 hours, depending on layover durations and specific flight paths.

Sastaticket.pkprovides a user-friendly platform for travelers to compare flight options based on factors such as price, layover duration, and airline preferences. Additionally, the website offers convenient booking services, allowing passengers to secure their flights with ease. With this platform, the journey from Multan to Sydney is made simple, ensuring a memorable travel experience from start to finish.

Multan to Sydney Flights Schedule

At, travelers flying from Muscat to Sydney can choose from a range of flights from reputable airlines such as Qatar Airways, and more. They offer various class options, including Economy, Business, and First Class, catering to diverse preferences and budgets. With easy access to flight details and flexible booking options, and a minimum of 2 daily flights, travelers can select the ideal carrier and class for their journey from Muscat to Sydney with confidence.

  • Qatar Airways operates 2 daily flights from Multan to Sydney in both Economy and Business class. These flights depart from Multan at 02:40 AM and take 27 to 33 hours to reach Mascot, Sydney. One flight has a single layover at Doha’s Hamad International Airport (DOH), while the other flight has a second layover at Hong Kong International Airport (HKG).

Multan to Sydney Flight Ticket Price offers competitive flight costs for Economy and Business Class on the Multan to Sydney route. Economy Class fares typically range from PKR 257,286 to PKR 617,067, providing affordable options for budget-conscious travelers. For those seeking added comfort and luxury, Business Class fares range from PKR 1,292,153 to PKR 1,955,468 and more, offering premium amenities and personalized services. However, prices may vary depending on factors like travel dates, airline choices, and booking timing. Please note that the mentioned prices are approximate and subject to fluctuations based on market conditions and airline policies. For the most accurate and up-to-date fares and deals, it's recommended to visit directly. To get the best deals on flights, it’s advisable to book your tickets at least three months in advance. Prices tend to rise as the travel date approaches. The best times to visit Sydney are during the spring (September to November) and autumn (March to May) months when the weather is pleasant, and tourist traffic is moderate.

Multan to Sydney Flight Baggage Allowance

For travelers on the Multan to Sydney route, Economy Class typically includes a check-in baggage allowance of 20 to 30 kilograms and a cabin baggage allowance of 7 to 10 kilograms. Business Class passengers often enjoy more generous allowances, with check-in baggage ranging from 30 to 40 kilograms and cabin baggage allowances of 10 to 15 kilograms. Additional baggage beyond the specified limits may incur extra charges. It's advisable to check with the respective airline for specific baggage allowances and associated costs, as they may vary depending on the carrier and fare class. Baggage dimensions typically adhere to standard international airline regulations.

Preparing for Your Trip to Peshawar from Riyadh

Preparing for your trip from Multan to Sydney involves several key steps, including ensuring you have a valid passport with at least six months validity, obtaining a tourist visa for Australia, booking your flights and accommodations, arranging travel insurance, and familiarizing yourself with any COVID-19 related travel restrictions or requirements. Pakistani citizens need to apply for an Australian visitor visa (subclass 600), which allows for tourist activities and short business visits. The visa application can be done online via the Australian Government’s Department of Home Affairs website or through a paper application. Ensure that all required documents, including bank statements, employment verification, and travel itinerary, are ready. It usually takes about 20 working days to process the visa, but it can vary. Plan your application accordingly to avoid any last-minute issues.

Sydney: Arrive and Explore

Sydney beckons travelers with its iconic landmarks, vibrant culture, and natural beauty. Marvel at the architectural masterpiece of the Sydney Opera House, stroll along the picturesque shores of Bondi Beach, or venture into the historic rocks district. Dive into the city's cultural scene with world-class museums, galleries, and theaters. Indulge in diverse dining experiences and shop till you drop in trendy boutiques and markets. Sydney's dynamic blend of urban sophistication and coastal charm offers an unforgettable journey for every traveler. Utilize Sydney’s extensive public transport network, including buses, trains, and ferries, to get around efficiently. Consider purchasing an Opal card for easy payment and discounts.