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Multan to Washington, D.C

Traveling from Multan, a city steeped in history and culture in the heart of Pakistan, to Washington, D.C., the vibrant capital of the United States, is a journey that bridges continents, cultures, and histories. This detailed guide is designed to equip travelers with all the necessary information, from planning and preparation to exploring and enjoying Washington, D.C., to the fullest while booking your tickets at

Multan to Washington DC flights

The route from Multan to Washington typically involves multiple flights and layovers due to the considerable distance between the two cities. Passengers usually start their journey from Multan International Airport (MUX) and fly to major transit hubs such as Dubai or Doha. From there, they connect to flights heading to Washington Dulles International Airport (IAD) or Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport (DCA).

The total distance between Multan and Washington is approximately 7,500 miles (12,070 kilometers), making it a long-haul journey. Depending on the chosen flight paths and layover durations, the total travel time can vary significantly, typically ranging from 24 to 35 hours or more. Kindly visit for more specific details on airlines with specific flight schedules, layover durations, and more.

Multan to Washington DC Flights schedule

Several flight carriers offer options for travel from Multan to Washington DC, providing various classes to suit passengers' preferences and budgets. Popular airlines like Flydubai, Qatar, Saudia, Gulf Air and Air Arabia Abu Dhabi operate flights with connections through major transit hubs. At, you have the options to choose from the 9 to 19 Economy flights and 2 to 4 Business flights for this route.

  • FlyDubai operates 4 to 15 flights daily with a first layover at Dubai and second layover at Amsterdam, Paris or Toronto. Your total journey time is around 28 hours to 28 hours
  • FlyDubai provided 2 to 6 daily flights with a layover at Dubai and Amsterdam. Flight journey time with stopovers range from 29 hours to 33 hours
  • Gulf Air has 3 to 4 flights departing Multan at 02:50 PM with transit at Bahrain and Abu Dhabi totalling 35 hours of your journey.
  • Qatar Airways flies 1 to 3 flights at 02:55 AM with layovers at Doha and sometimes a second layover at Dallas Fort Worth.

Multan to Washington DC Flight Ticket Price

Flight booking for the Multan to Washington route varies in price depending on factors such as the airline, time of booking, and class selected. Economy class tickets typically range from PKR 245,500 to PKR 937,449, offering a more budget-friendly option with standard amenities. Business class tickets, providing enhanced comfort and services, generally range from PKR 1,777,932 to PKR 2,188,948 or more. However, prices fluctuate based on demand and availability. It's advisable to book in advance for better deals. Prices mentioned are estimates and subject to change. Passengers should verify current prices at, before booking your tickets.

Flight Baggage Allowance

For the Multan to Washington DC route, both Economy and Business class passengers typically have baggage allowances for check-in and cabin baggage. Economy class passengers usually have a check-in baggage allowance ranging from 20 to 30 kilograms, with a cabin baggage allowance of one carry-on bag weighing up to 7 kilograms. Business class passengers generally enjoy a more generous allowance, often ranging from 30 to 40 kilograms for check-in baggage, along with a cabin baggage allowance of one or two carry-on bags weighing up to 14 kilograms combined. Specific allowances may vary depending on the airline and ticket type, so passengers should check with their chosen flight carrier for precise details.

Preparing for Your Trip

Travelers from Multan to Washington DC require several essential documents, including a valid passport with a minimum validity of six months beyond the intended stay. Additionally, travelers must obtain a valid visa for entry into the United States, typically either a tourist (B1/B2) or business (B1) visa. It's crucial to ensure that all travel documents are up-to-date and comply with the requirements of both Pakistani and US immigration authorities.

Washington DC: Arrive and Explore

Washington DC offers extensive transportation options for tourists, including an efficient metro system, buses, taxis, and rideshare services. The city boasts iconic landmarks such as the White House, the National Mall, and the Smithsonian museums. Visitors can explore historic neighborhoods like Georgetown and enjoy cultural experiences at theaters and galleries. With its rich history and vibrant culture, Washington DC provides endless opportunities for exploration and discovery.