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Peshawar to Dallas

Traveling from Peshawar, a city steeped in history at the crossroads of ancient trade routes in Pakistan, to Dallas, the bustling metropolis in the heart of Texas, USA, is an adventure that spans continents and cultures. This journey offers a blend of heritage, modernity, and the warmth of southern hospitality. This comprehensive travel guide provides essential information across five key sections, ensuring a smooth and enriching experience for travelers heading from Peshawar to Dallas.

Peshawar to Dallas Flight

Direct flights from Peshawar to Dallas are not available, as the aerial distance between the places is 12490 Kilometers, necessitating a stopover or two. The Flight takes off from Peshawar International Airport (PEW) and reaches Dallas Fort Worth International Airport (DFW) with 18 to 20 hours of travel time along with one or two connecting cities in between. Understanding the flight options is crucial for planning an efficient and comfortable journey. Sastaticket, an online booking platform renders help in planning and booking a perfect trip from Peshawar to Dallas.

Peshawar to Dallas Flight Schedule

Booking a flight ticket in advance is always beneficial. One can make the booking by looking through all the required information such as ticket fare, baggage allowance, different ticket classes and its amenities and compare the price of various airlines. All these can be done through Sastatticket Website. Some of the airlines that fly From Peshawar to Dallas are Qatar Airways, Gulf air and Emirates

  • Qatar Airways: It flies nearly 6 flights a day which begin at 3:00 am in the morning and take a maximum layover time of around 41 hours 40 minutes. Some of the connecting cities in this route include Doha, Madrid, Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston and Atlanta.
  • Gulf Air : This airline provides flights every Thursday and Friday at 3:20 pm from Peshawar Airport. Nearly 3+ flights fly from gulf airlines. The time duration of the flight is around 34 hours and 50 minutes. The stopover cities are Bahrain and Frankfurt.
  • Emirates : This airline operates 3 flights on every day of the week except on Sunday and Monday.The flight takes off at 9:00 am and reaches Dallas after 34 hours 55 minutes of journey.

Peshawar to Dallas Flight Ticket Price

Secure the tickets early to get the best deals and to avoid last-minute price hikes by logging into Sastaticket online platform. The ticket price of an economy class ticket starts from PKR 363034 and goes up to PKR 895117. For a business class, the ticket price is quite high and it ranges from PKR 1162010 to PKR 2135428.

Baggage Allowance

Baggage Allowance varies for each ticket holder based on the ticket types they choose. For an economy class ticket holder, the defined baggage allowance are, 23 kg in 2 pieces along with one additional carry-on luggage weighing 7 kg. For a business class ticket holder the baggage allowance is 32 kg in two pieces with 2 additional carry-on bags with specified size limits weighing 7 kg.

Travel Information

Embarking on a journey from Peshawar to Dallas requires meticulous preparation, especially regarding visa and documentation for Pakistani nationals and other international travelers.

Visa Information

  • For Pakistani Nationals: A valid U.S. visa is required. Applicants must go through the application process, which includes filling out the DS-160 form online, scheduling an interview at the U.S. Embassy in Islamabad or the Consulate in Karachi, and preparing for the visa interview with all necessary documents.
  • For Other Nationalities: Check the specific visa requirements based on your nationality. The U.S. Department of State's website provides up-to-date information and guidelines.

Essential Documentation:

  • Passport: Must be valid for at least six months beyond your period of stay in the United States.
  • Proof of Financial Means: Evidence of sufficient funds to cover your stay in the U.S.
  • Health Insurance: Obtain travel health insurance that covers medical expenses in the U.S.

Dallas: Discovering the Heart of Texas

Dallas is renowned for its cultural diversity, historical significance, and as a hub of innovation and business. Here's what you can look forward to in the city.

Must-Visit Attractions

  • The Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza: Offers a profound insight into the life and legacy of President John F. Kennedy.
  • Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden: A breathtaking 66-acre haven of beauty and tranquility on the shores of White Rock Lake.

Cultural Highlights

  • Texan Cuisine: Savor the authentic flavors of Texas, from mouth-watering barbecue to Tex-Mex specialties.
  • Arts District: Explore one of the largest urban arts districts in the United States, home to museums, performance halls, and galleries.

Exploring Peshawar

Before heading from Peshawar to Dallas, delve into the heart of Peshawar's heritage at the vibrant Qissa Khwani Bazaar, a hub of cultural storytelling and commerce. Explore the historic Fort Bala Hisar, offering panoramic views and a glimpse into the region's rich past. The Peshawar Museum is a treasure trove of Gandharan art, and the enchanting Sethi Houses showcase exquisite architectural craftsmanship.

Traveling from Peshawar to Dallas is more than just a journey across the globe; it's an opportunity to experience the rich tapestry of cultures, history, and innovation that defines both cities. Whether you're visiting for business, education, or leisure, this guide aims to equip you with all the information needed to make your trip as smooth and enjoyable as possible.