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Peshawar to Male

Traveling from Peshawar, the historic city at the edge of the Khyber Pass, to Malé, the bustling capital of the Maldives, is a journey from the rugged landscapes of Pakistan to the serene beauty of tropical islands. This comprehensive guide is designed to ensure your trip is as smooth and enjoyable as possible, providing you with all the necessary information, from flight options to must-visit attractions in Malé.

Peshawar to Male flights

The route from Peshawar to Male involves air travel, typically with one or more layovers. The journey typically begins at Peshawar's Bacha Khan International Airport (PEW), which serves as a regional hub in northwest Pakistan. From there, travelers head towards Velana International Airport (MLE), Male, the capital of the Maldives.

The distance between Peshawar and Male is approximately 3,000 kilometers (1,864 miles) as the crow flies. The total travel time can vary significantly based on layovers and flight schedules but typically takes around 11 to 30 hours, including layover times. It's essential to check with for the most accurate and up-to-date information on flight durations and layover options before planning your journey.

Peshawar to Male Flights schedule

For the journey from Peshawar to Male, travelers have several flight carrier options, including international airlines like Emirates, Qatar Airways, and Saudia. These carriers offer a range of class options to suit different preferences and budgets, typically including economy, business, and sometimes first class. At you can find numerous flights for this route.

  • Qatar Airways provides 3 or 4 flights usually departing at 03:00 AM with a layover at Doha before reaching Male. Your flight time with transit is around 11 to 29 hours.
  • Saudia offers 2 or 3 flights a day with layovers at Riyadh and Abu Dhabi. Flight departs usually at 11:40 AM and takes 17 to 26 hours to reach Male.
  • Emirates operates 4 flights from Peshawar with flights taking off at 09:00 AM with a layover at Dubai International Airport. Your flight journey with Emirates ranges from 22 to 30 hours

Peshawar to Male Flight Ticket Price

Booking flights from Peshawar to Male can be done through various online platforms or directly with airlines. Ticket prices for economy class typically range from PKR 124,414 to PKR 248,665, depending on factors like the time of booking, airline, and season. Business class fares usually start from PKR 746,048 and can go up to PKR 1,815,162 significantly for premium services. Prices fluctuate based on demand and availability. However, it's crucial to check with for the most accurate and up-to-date fares. Booking early helps you with price reduction.

Peshawar to Male Flight Baggage Allowance

For the Peshawar to Male route, economy class passengers typically have a check-in baggage allowance of 25 to 30 kilograms and a cabin baggage allowance of one piece weighing up to 7 to 10 kilograms, depending on the airline. Business class passengers usually enjoy a more generous allowance, with check-in baggage allowances ranging from 32 to 40 kilograms and cabin baggage allowances allowing for two pieces weighing up to 10 to 15 kilograms. However, specific allowances may vary depending on the airline and fare class booked, so passengers should check with their airline for precise information.

Preparing for Your Trip to Male from Peshawar

Travelers flying from Peshawar to Male are typically required to possess a valid passport with a minimum validity of six months beyond their intended stay in the Maldives. Additionally, visitors from Pakistan usually need to obtain a tourist visa before arrival in Male. The visa application process may vary depending on the purpose and duration of the visit. It's advisable to check the latest visa requirements and regulations with the Maldivian embassy or consulate well in advance of travel.

Male: Arrive and Explore

In Male, transportation primarily relies on taxis, ferries, and walking. Taxis are readily available for short distances, while ferries connect Male with other islands in the Maldives. The city offers various attractions, including the National Museum, Sultan Park, and the Islamic Centre's Grand Friday Mosque. Visitors can also explore local markets, indulge in water sports, or relax on pristine beaches, making Male an ideal destination for cultural immersion and tropical relaxation.

FAQs of Cheap Flight Peshawar to Male

What is the frequency of flights between these two cities?

Passengers who are looking to fly from Peshawar’s Bacha Khan International Airport (PEW) to Malé-Velana International Airport, Maldives (MLE) can find 3 to 7 daily flights.

What time does the earliest and last flight from Peshawar to Male depart?

The earliest flight for this route is at 03:55 AM by Qatar Airways and the last flight is at 09:00 AM by Emirates.

How many flights fly from Peshawar to Male on a weekly basis

Reputed airlines like Emirates and Qatar Airways offer us with 40+ weekly flights from Peshawar to Male.

What is the most popular connecting city when flying through this route?

Dubai (DXB) and Doha (DOH) are some of the most popular cities used for transit while flying this route.

Are there any direct flights from Peshawar to Male?

Currently there are no direct flights from Peshawar to Male.

What is the earliest flight of Peshawar to Male today?

The earliest flight of Peshawar to Male is at

What is the last flight of Peshawar to Male today?

The last flight of Peshawar to Male is at

What's the latest arrival time from Peshawar to Male?

The latest arrival time from Peshawar to Male is

How many flights operate from Peshawar to Male?

There are 0 flights flying from Peshawar to Male.

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