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Peshawar to Sharjah

Located close to the border of Afghanistan, Peshawar is one of the largest Pakistani cities. Apart from being the oldest city in Pakistan, Peshawar is also among the oldest cities in Asia. According to recorded history elements, the opulent history of Peshawar starts from around 539 BCE. Once known as Purushpura, Peshawar has served as the capital of the Kushan Empire. From Hephthalites to the Durrani Empire, Peshawar has seen the reigns of many rulers over time. Apart from boasting a rich history, Peshawar is also known for its economic importance. Peshawar is close to the Khyber Pass, which enhances its economic importance. It is known for its furniture, food processing, and marble industry in Pakistan.

Many people feel the need to travel to Sharjah from Peshawar. Capital of the Sharjah emirate, it is one of the populous cities in UAE. Sharjah is a centre in UAE for culture, history, and tourism. Sharjah also contributes highly to the GDP of the UAE. According to stats, Sharjah alone contributes around 7.4% to the GDP of the UAE. People from Peshawar visit Sharjah for several reasons like tourism, healthcare, occupation, etc. Sharjah is known for its unique and picturesque tourist attractions. Some popular tourist spots in Sharjah that attract people from all around the world are Sharjah Science Museum, Sharjah Archaeology Museum, Khor Fakkan, Sharjah Classic Car Museum, and Rain Room. Let us discuss the travel services from Peshawar to Sharjah.

Peshawar to Sharjah Flights

By road, the distance between Sharjah and Peshawar is more than 4,500 kilometres. By no means, one can travel such a long road distance from Peshawar. No public transport services are available on the road route between Peshawar and Sharjah. Not to forget, one has to go through several international border checks between Peshawar and Sharjah. The best option is to board a flight to Sharjah from Peshawar and have a comfortable travel experience. With a nonstop flight to Sharjah from Peshawar, you can complete the journey in around 3.5 hours. Why waste time when Peshawar to Sharjah flights can help you reach the destination quickly?

All flights for the Peshawar – Sharjah route take off from the Peshawar International Airport (PEW). For this route, your flight will arrive at Sharjah International Airport (SHJ). Both the international airports are equipped with several social facilities for passengers. Since Peshawar – Sharjah is a popular international route, flights are available at frequent intervals. You don’t have to experience road bumps or traffic by choosing flight services between Peshawar and Sharjah.

Peshawar to Sharjah Flight Ticket Price

You don’t have to consult a travel agent to arrange your travel to Sharjah. A broker may charge middleman charges for booking a Sharjah air ticket on your behalf. Instead, you can rely on to book Sharjah air tickets yourselves. By doing so, you don’t have to pay any hidden or middleman charges for booking Sharjah air tickets. Before booking Sharjah air tickets online, one can compare the prices of different airlines. It will help you book affordable flight tickets to Sharjah from Peshawar. One can know the Peshawar – Sharjah air ticket price without offering login credentials on the online interface of

The average price for a Peshawar – Sharjah air ticket is PKR 50,000. The starting ticket rate is for Economy class air tickets to Sharjah. If you book business class air tickets to Sharjah, you will have to pay more. Peshawar to Sharjah flight ticket rates will depend on many other factors. Seat availability and booking date can also affect the Peshawar – Sharjah air ticket price online. The current and updated flight fare is displayed on for users.

Peshawar to Sharjah Cheap Flights

Since does not apply any middleman charges, you will find the cheapest Sharjah flights. One can also find travel deals on that can help book cheap air tickets to Sharjah. can help you compare the PEW – SHJ air tickets and book accordingly. One can book a PEW to SHJ air ticket for as low as PKR 40,000 via If you are on a tight budget, try booking economy class tickets to SHJ with the online platform of

For cheap flights to Sharjah, make a habit of pre-booking with Booking emergency flight tickets to Sharjah can cost you more. When less time is remaining in the SHJ flight departure, ticket prices tend to rise. One should book SHJ air tickets at least 3-4 weeks before the travel date for better rates online. Also, look for discounted fares only for a few selected airlines launched by

Peshawar to Sharjah Flights Schedule

Many people travel to Sharjah from Peshawar via flights. Since it is a popular international route originating from Pakistan, many airlines serve this route. Flights to Sharjah from Peshawar are available throughout the day. The flexible timetable of PEW – SHJ flights helps passengers in travelling at any hour of the day. Peshawar to Sharjah flight schedule is subject to change due to numerous reasons. For example, sudden climatic changes can lead to the change in departure dates of Sharjah flights. One can view the real-time PEW – SHJ flight tickets with for free. does not ask for login credentials to show you the SHJ flight schedule. With simple steps, one can view the current and future timetable of PEW – SHJ flights. Also, the flight schedule shown on the online portal of is updated and accurate. One can also check Peshawar to Sharjah flight today online. However, users will end up paying more than normal for booking an urgent flight ticket to Sharjah.

Flights from Peshawar to Sharjah

Some popular airlines that serve the PEW – SHJ route are given below:

  • Airblue Flights from Peshawar to Sharjah:

    A nonstop Airblue flight will take 3 hours and 25 minutes to complete its journey. The average price of an Airblue flight seat from PEW to SHJ is PKR 45,000.

  • PIA Flights from Peshawar to Sharjah:

    A nonstop PIA flight to Sharjah from Peshawar will take around 3 hours and 20 minutes to complete its journey. The average price of a PIA flight ticket to Sharjah from Peshawar is PKR 44,000.

  • Qatar Flights from Peshawar to Sharjah:

    Qatar Airways offers many flights on the Peshawar – Sharjah route. The average time taken by a Qatar Airways flight to reach Sharjah from Peshawar is seven hours. The average fare of Qatar flights to Sharjah from Peshawar is PKR 60,000.

If you want cheaper tickets, you can check if Serene flights from Faisalabad to Sialkot are available. will show all flights available for pre-booking. You can also pre-book Airblue flights from Faisalabad to Sialkot if you find them from the site or app.

Travel Restrictions

There are several travel guidelines associated with PEW – SHJ flights. One has to follow the guidelines launched by the government for travel from PEW to SHJ. Currently, all passengers above 17 years of age have to be fully vaccinated against COVID to travel to Sharjah from Peshawar. You may also have to show a negative RT-PCR lab report before boarding a flight to Sharjah. All passengers are bound to use a face mask during their flight journey to Sharjah from Peshawar. If you are showing signs of COVID disease, please avoid travelling to SHJ.

FAQs of Cheap Flight Peshawar to Sharja

How far is Peshawar from Sharjah?

The aerial distance between Peshawar and Sharjah is approximately 1815 Km. This distance between Sharjah and Peshawar is less than the distance of the road route between the cities.

Which month is the cheapest to fly to Sharjah?

May is considered the cheapest month to fly to Sharjah from Peshawar.

What is the total time taken by a flight to Sharjah from Peshawar?

A flight to Sharjah from Peshawar can take anywhere between 3 and 14 hours to complete its journey.

Which is the cheapest airline to travel to Sharjah?

PIA and Airblue are the cheapest airlines to travel to Sharjah.

What is the price of a flight ticket to Sharjah from Peshawar today?

The price of a Peshawar to SHJ flight ticket today is around PKR 51,000. If you book flight tickets to Sharjah today will cost you more online. So it is better to prebook your Sharjah flight ticket from Peshawar on the Sastaticket website.

What are the local flights from Peshawar to Sharjah?

PIA and Airblue are the local flights providing services from Peshawar to Sharjah.

How much baggage can I carry on my Peshawar to Sharjah flight?

Check-in baggage could be free or charged depending on different airlines. For more clarification call the airline customer care.

What are the documents required for airport check-in on the Peshawar to Sharjah flight?

The most important documents needed during check-in is a valid passport and a valid airline ticket. However, it's better to check the latest government regulations for travel documents.

Does the Peshawar to Sharjah flight provide in-flight meals?

Yes, Meal services are available from Peshawar to Sharjah but the menu may vary according to the airlines.

From Peshawar to Sharjah how many morning, noon, evening, and night flights are available?

Mostly 4-6 morning flights are available from 3:50 AM to 11:40 AM. Night flight service at 10:00 PM is available only on Fridays and Sundays.

How common or rare are direct flights from Peshawar to Sharjah?

You can find that direct flights are common from Peshawar to Sharjah on Sundays. Four airlines provide nonstop flight services.

When do the first and last flights leave from the Airport in Sharjah?

It is possible to board a flight as early as 12:15 AM or as late as 11:00 PM from Sharjah on different days.

What are the names and codes of the airports in Peshawar to Sharjah, respectively?

Bacha Khan International Airport formerly known as Peshawar International Airport, Code:PEW and Sharjah International Airport, Code: SHJ are the names and codes respectively.

Is it better to book a round trip and save more from Peshawar to Sharjah flights?

A round trip provides a better deal and thus helps passengers to save money considerably.

Are there any travel restrictions from Peshawar to Sharjah now?

Most travel restrictions are lifted now and passengers can experience a happy journey to Sharjah. However, you should have a negative COVID test report taken within 96 hrs and will be subjected to another COVID test upon entry to Sharjah.

What currency is used in Sharjah?

Emirati dirham is the currency in Sharjah.

Are there any direct flights from Peshawar to Sharjah?

There is at least one direct flight every day from Peshawar to Sharjah.

Can I change the date on my flight ticket?

In case of emergencies, the flight ticket dates can be changed with the help of the respective airline customer care facilities

Is it compulsory to take travel insurance for the Peshawar to Sharjah flight?

There is no compulsion in taking the travel insurance, however, it is always safe to keep it in hand.

Can I carry my own food?

You can carry only limited and properly packed foods on a flight journey.

What currency is used in Sharjah?

Emirati dirham is the currency in Sharjah.

Does the airline provide a refund for the Peshawar to Sharjah flight?

Yes, the airline provides a refund as per the terms and conditions of the airline’s policy.

Do I get in-flight meals with the airline operating in this route?

Yes, you will get in-flight meals with the airline operating from Peshawar to Sharjah.

Can I change the date in my flight ticket?

The date of the journey can be changed as per the airline’s terms and conditions.

What are the airlines that serve the Peshawar to Sharjah route?

Airblue, PIA, AirArabia are some of the popular airlines that serve Peshawar to Sharjah route.