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  • sereen air

    Serene Air

  • Saudia Airlines

    Saudia Airlines

  • Airblue


  • Emirates


  • Flydubai


  • Air Sial

    Air Sial

  • Etihad Airways

    Etihad Airways

  • Qatar Airways

    Qatar Airways

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Riyadh to Islamabad

The Capital of Saudi Arabia is well known for its tourist spots and pilgrimage sites. Being the largest city in the Arabian Peninsula, Riyadh has a large population. In the Middle East, Riyadh is among the most-visited cities by tourists. Riyadh is also among the top 50 tourist spots in the world. The most-visited attractions of Riyadh are Kingdom Centre Tower, Al Masmak Fortress, Al Rajhi Grand Mosque, Riyadh Zoo, and King Abdullah Park. People from all parts of the world travel to Riyadh every year to see its architectural beauty. Besides being a tourist city, Riyadh is also the cultural capital of the nation. The culture of Saudi Arabia has been influenced a lot by Riyadh. One can know more about the history of Saudi Arabia by visiting the museums in Riyadh.

Many people from Riyadh travel to Islamabad for tourism, occupation, or family meetings. Many people who have travelled to Riyadh from Islamabad have to return to their homes after completing the trip. Islamabad is also a city that boasts an opulent history. Being one of the safest and richest cities of Pakistan, Islamabad has high standards of living. Some of the top tourist spots in Islamabad are Lok Virsa Museum, Lake View Park, Faisal Mosque, Daman-e-Koh, Pakistan Monument, Margalla Hills, and Neela Sandh. Islamabad has the perfect mix of new-age and ancient architectural styles. Continue reading to know more about travel from Riyadh to Islamabad.

Riyadh to Islamabad Flights

You have to go through Iraq, Iran, and Afghanistan to reach Islamabad by road. There aren’t any public road services from Riyadh to Pakistan due to the long distance. The road distance from Riyadh to Islamabad is more than four thousand kilometres. Driving for such a long distance to reach Islamabad is not an ideal scenario. You won’t find any water transport services to Islamabad from Riyadh. The only viable option is catching a flight to Islamabad from Riyadh. You can board a flight to Islamabad from the Riyadh (King Khaled International Airport).

There is another airport in Riyadh known as XXN (Riyadh Air Base). However, there are no public flights available from Riyadh Air Base to Islamabad. Flights departing from Riyadh will land at Islamabad International Airport (airport code: ISB). By catching a flight to ISB from RUH, you can have a comfortable travel experience. Flights are the fastest way to reach Islamabad from Saudi Arabia. Also, RUH to ISB flight tickets are easily accessible online.

Riyadh to Islamabad Flight Ticket Price

Are you dependent on a travel agent for arranging flight tickets to Islamabad? With, there is no need for middlemen and brokers for flight ticket booking. You can book Islamabad flight tickets yourselves at affordable rates via By booking RUH to ISB air tickets on, you will be free from any type of commission charges. Among all the ticket booking platforms, provides the best rates for RUH to ISB flight tickets. One can view the RUH to ISB ticket rates of different airlines on to book affordable tickets. Many budget travellers choose for affordable air tickets.

The starting price for RUH to ISB air tickets on is around PKR 30,000. To get the lowest rate, you have to book RUH to ISB air tickets at least two weeks before your trip. Also, the starting price of RUH to ISB air tickets is for economy class. Business-class RUH to ISB air tickets on will cost you more. Riyadh to Islamabad flight ticket rates is refreshed on at regular intervals.

Riyadh to Islamabad Cheap Flights

Are you tired of browsing the internet for Riyadh to Islamabad cheap flights? Well, you won’t find cheaper RUH to ISB flight rates than At regular intervals, offers discounted ticket rates that can lower the RUH to ISB booking amount. Passengers should avoid booking Islamabad flight tickets from unreliable sites that commit fraud in the name of cheap tickets. is a trusted and recognised platform that provides affordable Islamabad flight tickets.

For booking cheap flight tickets from RUH to ISB, you need to pre-book air tickets. You can get the best rates if you book Islamabad air tickets 3-4 weeks before your journey. Go for the economy class tickets if you want to travel on a low budget from RUH to ISB. On Sastaticket, you can view flights with lower fares first for a better selection.

Riyadh to Islamabad Flights Schedule

You can check the RUH to ISB flight timetable anytime with It displays the real-time RUH to ISB flight schedule. If any sudden changes are made in Islamabad flights, it will be shown on You will always have accurate information with for booking RUH to ISB air tickets. Unlike other booking platforms, does not need your login credentials for showing the Riyadh to Islamabad flights schedule. With an intuitive interface, allows you to check RUH to ISB flight timetables in seconds.

Do you have to travel right now to Islamabad? Well, you don’t need to worry as allows passengers to book urgent flight tickets. You can browse for ‘Riyadh to Islamabad flight today’ on One should know that the fare of urgent flights from RUH to ISB is more than pre-booking rates. If less time is left in the departure of a RUH to ISB flight, the respective airline will increase the price.

Flights from Riyadh to Islamabad

Many air-transport companies on offer RUH to ISB flights. Some of the top airlines that operate RUH to ISB flights are listed below:

  • Airblue Flights from Riyadh to Islamabad

    The starting fare of Airblue tickets from RUH to ISB is around PKR 25,699. The time taken by a nonstop flight from RUH to ISB is around four hours.

  • Qatar Flights from Riyadh to Islamabad

    The fare of Qatar flights from Riyadh to Islamabad is around PKR 50,000. The time taken by a Qatar flight from RUH to ISB is around 12 hours due to a layover point.

  • PIA Flights from Riyadh to Islamabad

    The fare of PIA flights from Riyadh to Islamabad is around PKR 37,000 if you pre-book tickets. A nonstop PIA flight to ISB from RUH takes around 3 hours and 45 minutes to complete its trip.

Travel Restrictions

Passengers travelling from Riyadh to Pakistan will have to show COVID negative report upon arrival. One may also be asked to show proof of vaccination upon landing at ISB. All foreign passengers are required to download and register on the Pass Track mobile application. At any cost, you are not allowed to enter Pakistan if you do not meet the entry requirements. All passengers will have to wear face masks while flying to Islamabad from Riyadh.

FAQs of Cheap Flight Riyadh to Islamabad

How far is Riyadh from Islamabad?

The aerial distance from RUH to ISB is approximately 2,737 KM which is less than the road distance between the cities.

Which month is the cheapest to fly to Islamabad?

February is said to be the cheapest month to fly from Riyadh to Islamabad.

What is the total time taken by a flight to Islamabad from Riyadh?

A nonstop flight from RUH to ISB will take around four hours to complete its journey. Some RUH to ISB flights can take up to 45 hours due to many rest-stops in between the air route.

Which is the cheapest airline to travel to Islamabad?

Gulf Air is offering the cheapest flight tickets from RUH to ISB. However, you will have to pre-book ISB tickets for the cheapest rate.

What is the price of a flight ticket to Islamabad from Riyadh today?

The average ticket price of Riyadh to Islamabad flight today is PKR 55,000 on Sastaticket. If less time is left in the departure of an Islamabad flight, ticket rates tend to rise.

How often do flights operate between these two cities?

At Sastaticket you can find 40-47 flights from King Khalid International Airport, Riyadh to Islamabad International Airport. Services are provided all through the day.

What time does the earliest and last flight from Riyadh to Islamabad depart?

You can find numerous flights between 03:00 AM and 04:00 AM by Qatar, Emirates, Etihad, Oman Air leaving King Khalid International Airport and you can catch the last flight at 10:30 PM by Qatar Airlines or at 10:35 by GulfAir or 10:50 PM by Etihad Airways.

On a weekly basis, how many flights operate from Riyadh to Islamabad?

You can find 320+ flights flying from Riyadh to Islamabad during a week. Services are provided by top carriers like Emirates, Airblue, PIA, Serene Air, Qatar Airways, Oman Air, Gulf Air, Saudia, Etihad Airways.

What is the most commonly used connecting city for flights on this route?

Doha, Jeddah, Muscat, Bahrain, AbuDhabi, Dubai are some of the popular cities for a layover while flying from Riyadh to Islamabad. Flight duration ranges between 5 - 10 hours.

Are there any direct flights from Riyadh to Islamabad?

PIA, Airblue, SereneAir and Saudia airlines provide direct non-stop flights from Riyadh to Islamabad on different days. You make a swift journey of 4 hours with these carriers.

What is the earliest flight of Riyadh to Islamabad today?

The earliest flight of Riyadh to Islamabad is at 09:40 AM

What is the last flight of Riyadh to Islamabad today?

The last flight of Riyadh to Islamabad is at 08:00 PM

What's the latest arrival time from Riyadh to Islamabad?

The latest arrival time from Riyadh to Islamabad is 01:15 AM

How many flights operate from Riyadh to Islamabad?

There are 6 flights flying from Riyadh to Islamabad.

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