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Sialkot to Karachi

The city of Sialkot is the capital of the Sialkot District in Pakistan. It is an industrial city with a thriving export economy. It is known for the manufacturing and exporting business of various goods including leather items, surgical instruments, textiles, sports goods and even musical instruments.

Due to its rich history of trade and commerce, it is connected to Karachi, a major financial and industrial hub in Pakistan. People from Sialkot visit Karachi on business very often. This is why the flight routes between the cities are popular among locals. Since Karachi, with its beautiful beaches and the natural harbour, is also a tourist destination in Pakistan, people from Sialkot come to visit during the holidays. If you are planning a trip to Karachi from Sialkot, book a Sialkot to Karachi flight from today!

Sialkot to Karachi Flights

The distance between Sialkot and Karachi is more than 1,300 kilometres. You can travel by road via the Sukkur - Multan Motorway, but driving for so long can be very tiring. It might also be difficult to arrange for a car that will take you from Sialkot to Karachi. This is why you should choose Sialkot to Karachi flights. Flights from Sialkot to Karachi are readily available and can be booked on If you want a comfortable journey, then book a flight.

Sialkot to Karachi Flight Ticket Price

You can check the Sialkot to Karachi flight ticket price on Flight ticket prices vary depending upon the time of booking and the airline you choose. The ticket prices usually vary between Rs. 54810.03 and Rs. 97984.97. Flight tickets rates also depend on what kind of seats you are booking. Usually, economy class tickets cost less. But if you book business class or first class tickets, the price will increase.

The ticket price of Sialkot to Karachi flights will depend on whether it is a round-trip or a one-way flight. Round trips usually cost more than a one-way ticket. You will be able to choose when you book from You can browse through the flight ticket rates before selecting a suitable airline.

Sialkot to Karachi Cheap Flights

Are you planning to visit Karachi from Sialkot later this year? Pre-book your tickets today from to get Sialkot to Karachi cheap flights. Pre-booking is the best way to ensure cheap flights on any route. If you pre-book your flight even a couple of months before the date of travel, the ticket price will be only Rs. 49100.65. allows pre-booking even 5 or 6 months in advance. You can choose from the flights available on the Sialkot to Karachi route and book one that is convenient.

Apart from pre-booking, another way to ensure affordable flight ticket prices is to avoid the high season. In Karachi, the high season is during the months of November, December and January. During these 3 months, the flight ticket rates increase significantly. You can either pre-book or choose any other month to travel to Karachi from Sialkot. You can also look for seasonal offers and discounts. often has discounts available on flight ticket prices. You can sign-up for notifications on the website. If you are unable to pre-book, or book tickets during the off-season, you can easily choose economy class tickets. These are the cheapest seats available and are therefore much more affordable.

Sialkot to Karachi Flights Schedule

Flights from Sialkot to Karachi are available almost every day. According to the flight schedule, Sialkot to Karachi flights leave early in the morning, between 2:40 A.M. to 7:10 A.M. The fastest flights take around 17 hours and 00 minutes to reach Jinnah International Airport in Karachi from Sialkot. The flight schedule available at will show you the stopovers included in every flight from Sialkot to Karachi. Usually, flights have one stopover at Doha International Airport or Dubai International Airport. You can check the flight schedule on and choose a flight that is convenient to your itinerary.

Flights from Sialkot to Karachi

Do you want to take a flight from Sialkot to Karachi? Choose between Qatar Airways, Turkish Airlines and Etihad Airways to have the best journey. shows these airlines and has numerous flights available on the Sialkot to Karachi route.

  • Qatar Airways Flights from Sialkot to Karachi

    Qatar Airways flights are some of the fastest flights available from Sialkot to Karachi. It takes between 22 hours and 35 minutes and 27 hours and 35 minutes to reach Jinnah International Airport from Sialkot International Airport. These flights cost approximately Rs. 98171.61.

  • Turkish Airlines flights from Sialkot to Karachi

    Turkish Airlines flights are available for pre-booking on You can also opt for instant booking on the day of departure. Turkish Airlines flights between Sialkot and Karachi take around 32 hours and 20 minutes. They include 2 stopovers, in Bahrain for around 4 hours and 20 minutes and at Istanbul for approximately 14 hours and 25 minutes.

You can also search for Etihad Airways flights from Sialkot to Karachi on Etihad Airways flights may include a stopover and will not take longer than 40 hours and 35 minutes to reach Karachi from Sialkot. You can pre-book an Etihad Airways flight from when available.

Travel Restrictions

If you are planning to travel to Karachi from Sialkot, check the travel restrictions and Covid-19 guidelines. will give you the details about the restrictions. All passengers need to carry proof of vaccination. You might also need a negative RT-PCR test report done not more than 72 hours before the date of travel. If you notice any symptoms, check the Sialkot to Karachi flights schedule on and reschedule your flight. The website will also provide the cancellation policy. You can check the refund charges and cancel your flight to book it later.

FAQs of Cheap Flight Sialkot to Karachi

How far is Sialkot from Karachi?

Sialkot is 1,311.4 kilometres from Karachi. This distance between Sialkot to Karachi can be easily covered via flight.

Which month is the cheapest to fly to Karachi?

The Sialkot to Karachi flight ticket rates are the cheapest during the month of March. If you want affordable flight tickets, pre-book for March and avoid the high season.

What is the total time taken by a flight to Karachi from Sialkot?

The duration of a flight from Sialkot to Karachi is 40 hours and 35 minutes. You might even find flights that take around 17 hours and 00 minutes. will show you the total time taken by all flights available.

Which is the cheapest airline to travel to Karachi?

Qatar Airways and Turkish Airlines have affordable flights from Sialkot to Karachi. You can also search for Etihad Airways flights on this route. These airlines offer cheap flights quite frequently.

What is the price of a flight ticket from Sialkot to Karachi today?

The price of Sialkot to Karachi flights today is Rs. 97934.72. The price is rather high. You can pre-book your flight ticket from Sialkot to Karachi to find cheaper rates.