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UAE E-Visa for Pakistan

E-Visa is designed to save travelers from protracted and tiresome bureaucratic procedures and offer a substitute for visas granted at borders. Users can submit UAE visa online applications for the nations they want to visit. If they match the requirements, those considering a visa can get their travel papers using the E-Visa system. 

The UAE’s visa policy specifies which nations are eligible for an electronic visa and what requirements must be completed. If the following criteria apply to their trip intentions, Pakistani nationals may apply for an E-Visa: 

  • They are traveling for vacation and tourism.
  • Only a single-entry E-Visa will be required.
  • Their stay in the UAE will only be brief. 

Travelers from Pakistan should be aware that they have 60 days from the time their E-Visa is issued to use it to enter the nation. They must also arrange their travel such that it involves solely flying. There are only international airports where the UAE E-Visa is accepted. 

The following UAE visa for Pakistani categories is available through

  • 30-Day Tourist Visa:

This visa permits a stay of up to 30 days in the United Arab Emirates and is valid for 58 days from the date of issuance. It is as low as 26,400 PKR and is a single-entry visa.

  • 60-Day Tourist Visa:

This visa permits a stay of up to 60 days in the United Arab Emirates. It is as low as 39,000 PKR and is a single-entry visa.

It’s vital to remember that the UAE visit visa open for Pakistanis might alter based on UAE government laws and regulations. Reviewing the most recent UAE visa for Pakistani criteria before submitting an E-Visa application is advised.

List of documents required for the UAE E-Visa for Pakistani people

The following paperwork is required to complete your UAE E-Visa: 

  • A scanned image of the first and last pages of your passport.
  • Your CNIC or Smart CNIC in scanned form (front and back, Adult, Children, and Infant)
  • Passport image with white background
  • Stay confirmations if not staying with blood relative
  • Airline return ticket.
  • A six-month running bank statement with a bank stamp and account maintenance certificate.

Please be aware that visa approval still requires UAE immigration approval, so keep the UAE visa check online simultaneously.

How to apply E-Visa through the

To apply for a visa, a candidate typically has to complete the following steps on Sastaticket:  

  • Choose the type of E-Visa you are seeking for 
  • Determine your eligibility.
  • Complete the online application form by providing all necessary data.
  • Go up for the visa interview at a certain embassy with all the necessary paperwork.

You may get help from Sastaticket with your visa application in the following ways: 

  • Sastaticket can assist you with your visa application process from start to finish.
  • Their team can provide guidance and support throughout the process.
  • Sastaticket will keep you updated on the status of your application and address any concerns you may have.
  • In case of delays or issues, Sastaticket will follow up with the appropriate authorities on your behalf.
  • Their customer service team is available to assist you with any questions or issues that arise during the process.

Things to do before applying for a visa.

One must create a visa application checklist with the following criteria before applying for a visa to a certain nation: 

  • How the application process operates.
  • UAE visa fees
  • Proper research on process
  • Embassy safety precautions
  • Right way to prepare for interview

Although the process for applying for a visa may differ from one nation to another, the checklist and how to check UAE visa status online mostly stay the same. Additionally, you must get ready for a strong visa interview.

Dubai, UAE E-Visa for Pakistan

With Dubai being one of the popular tourist destinations in UAE, many visitors worldwide travel to the city to experience its many attractions, such as the Burj Khalifa, the Dubai Mall, the Dubai Fountain, and the Palm Jumeirah. However, to experience its many attractions and enter Dubai as a visitor, a valid Dubai visa is required for most nationalities.

Due to technological advancements and the shift towards online services, obtaining a Dubai Visa from Pakistan is now easy through online means. The system of acquiring a Visa through an online process is termed E-Visa. Whatever the purpose of travel to Dubai, like tourism, visiting family or friends, attending conferences or exhibitions, or organizing business meetings, one can easily get a Dubai visa online.

There are different types of Dubai E-Visa, and the details of Dubai visa fees are listed below:

  • 30 Days Dubai E-Visa: Single Entry

Tourists seeking a longer stay in Dubai can apply for a single-entry visa, which is processed within 3-4 business days. The visa is valid for 58 days, with a stay duration of 30 days and no extension. The cost is as low as 26,400 PKR.

  • 60 Days Dubai E-Visa with Medical Insurance (Covid): Single Entry

This single-entry visa is ideal for job seekers in Dubai, processed within 3-4 business days. The visa is valid for 60 days, with a stay duration of 60 days, and it can be extended up to 30 days with approval from the authorities and it will cost as low as 39,000 PKR.

Note: As the Dubai visit visa fee might vary from time to time based on various factors, it’s advisable to check for up-to-date information regarding Dubai visa prices in Pakistan.

List of the documents required for the Dubai E-Visa for Pakistan people

The following documents are essential to apply for a Dubai visa online:

  • Scanned passport copy (first and second pages) is required.
  • All need a scanned CNIC/Smart CNIC copy (front and back).
  • Self-attested PAN card copy and passport-sized photo are required.
  • Attested six-month running bank statement necessary.
  • Visiting card or employee ID, if applicable.
  • Return flight ticket

Additional documents, such as salary slips, might be required depending on the chosen E-Visa type. A clear scanned copy of your exit stamps is mandatory if you recently left UAE.

How to apply for a Dubai E-Visa through the

One can easily apply for a Dubai visa online through using these simple steps:

  • Visit and choose Dubai, UAE.
  • Click ‘Check Requirements’ for available E-Visa types.
  • Enter your mobile number
  • Choose a visa type.
  • Complete interview and rest of the process.

You can contact the visa expert through the Make an informed decision on the best E-Visa type based on your needs.

Things to do before applying for a Dubai E-Visa

The following are the Dubai visa online check points:

  • Research on the available types of E-Visas for Dubai. 
  • Consult a visa expert for guidance in
  • Apply for the Dubai E-Visa in advance.
  • Double-check its validity before departing for your trip.
  • Make sure to gather all necessary documents.

Though the process is simple, make sure to complete all points in advance when you apply for a Dubai visa. Check for information.

Sharjah, UAE E-Visa for Pakistan

Are you a Pakistani citizen? Are you planning to travel to the most rapidly growing cities of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Sharjah, and Dubai?

UAE is a country known for its strict yet smooth system for any legal formalities. So, being one of the safest cities in the world and with a well-structured legal system, it’s easy to apply for a UAE visa for Pakistani nationals. And fortunately, at the offer for this service is completely online at an affordable range. So let’s understand what we need to have and how to apply for the E-Visa. 

An E-Visa is an electronic visa issued by UAE authorities that allows travelers to enter UAE for tourism or business purposes. The validity of an E-Visa depends on the type of E-Visa you are looking for. You can check the Sharjah visit visa check online easily.

The UAE offers various E-Visas, including a 30-day visa, and a 60-day E-Visa. The fees for each visa type vary and can be found on the official UAE visa website or through third parties like

For a Single entry tourist E-Visa, the tenure period can be availed for30 days or 60 days, and the amount required to process this will be different for each. At the with proper documentation, the E-Visa process takes place in 7-8 working days. 

The amount required for a Sharjah 30 days, it’s as low as PKR 37,500, and if your stay is long, then Sharjah 2-month visit visa price is as low as, is PKR 46,000. The amount is subject to vary.

List of the documents required for the Sharjah E-Visa for Pakistan people

To apply for a Sharjah visa online through the following is the list of the documents required: 

  • Scanned copy of your passport 1st & 2nd pages. The passport should be valid for at least six months from the travel date. 
  • Scanned Copy of your CNIC/ Smart CNIC (front and back, Adult, Children and Infant)
  • Passport size picture with a white background
  • The hotel booking confirmation voucher in case the traveler isn’t staying with any blood relation.
  • Flight reservation. With return flight ticket booking as well. 
  • It’s important to note that an E-Visa is subject to UAE immigration approval.

How to apply for a Sharjah E-Visa through

Applying for a Sharjah visa check online UAE E-Visa through is simple and easy. Follow the given steps: 

  • Visit page. 
  • Go to the visa application page.
  • Select your visa requirement, which is Sharjah, UAE.
  • On the next page, check all the types of visas you can opt for, like 30-day E-Visa, and 60-day E-Visa
  •  Connect with the expert and get all the details required.
  • Apply for the visa and wait for the application to get approved.

With, you can easily apply for the Sharjah visa online and get all the assistance required to ensure smooth processing.

Things to do before applying for a Sharjah E-Visa

Before applying for a UAE E-Visa, it is essential to ensure a few things:

  • Your passport validity is for at least six months from the travel date. 
  • Confirmed flight reservation and proof of accommodation.
  • Additionally, you should check the UAE visa regulations to ensure you meet all the requirements for a visa.

Overall the whole procedure for Sharjah visa check online It is user-friendly. It’s a complete online-based service, and if proper requirements are fulfilled, the process will take a few working days. Ensure you have all the required documents and follow the application process carefully to avoid delays or complications.

Faq’s of UAE Visa

How can I get UAE visa from Pakistan?

You can get 30 day and 60 day E-Visa from

How much is UAE visa fee for Pakistani?

Please check our UAE visa page for updated pricing.

How many days does UAE visa take to process?

It takes 7-8 business days.

Do I need bank statement for UAE visa?

Yes, you will need a 6-months running bank statement for a family visa.

Will I get refund if my visa is not approved?

No. However, our visa experts review your documents thoroughly and our 99% Visa approval is the testimonial to great service.

Can I get a transit visa for UAE?

Yes, contact us at (021) 111 172 782 for more information.

How much show money do you need for Dubai?

Visitors have to show the amount of 5,000 AED as show money.