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Airblue Islamabad to Karachi Flights

Airblue is one of Pakistan’s well-known private airlines. With 11 airplanes, Airblue offers flights to and from cities in Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates. In Pakistan, Airblue flights are available on routes connecting the cities of Karachi, Islamabad, Lahore, Quetta, Multan, and Peshawar. 

Airblue offers frequent flights at affordable rates. Its current fleet includes five Airbus A321-200, four Airbus A320-200, and two Airbus A321neo. One of the busiest routes this fleet services is the Islamabad to Karachi route. To learn more about Airblue flights from ISB to KHI, keep reading! 

Islamabad to Karachi: Route Overview

The aerial distance between Islamabad to Karachi is 1,137 kilometres. This is a popular route and is frequented by people on business and those on holiday. Flights on the Islamabad to Karachi Route depart from Islamabad International Airport (ISB) and arrive at Jinnah International Airport (KHI). Airblue flights are available on this route every day, and since this is quite a busy route, it is best to pre-book a flight. Airblue flights usually take two hours to reach Karachi from Islamabad. If you opt for flights with stopovers, they may take longer. However, the daily ISB to KHI Airblue flights are mostly non-stop flights. You can book an Airblue flight on this route from 

Islamabad to Karachi: Airblue Schedule

Airblue offers daily flights from Islamabad to Karachi. The schedule of Airblue flights is quite convenient as flights are available in the morning, at noon, and in the evening. The morning Airblue flight from Islamabad to Karachi leaves at 9:00 AM and reaches at 11:00 AM. The next flight departs from the Islamabad International Airport at 12:00 PM and arrives at Jinnah International Airport at 2:00 PM. If you book the evening flight, it will leave ISB at 6:00 PM, and you will reach KHI by 8:00 PM. 

Airblue flights from Islamabad to Karachi are usually on time, and the schedule does not change too often. will show you an updated flight schedule, and you can book flights accordingly. These Airblue flights on the Islamabad to Karachi route take about two hours as they are non-stop flights. While these flights follow the schedule, they may be late if there is any turbulence or other problems. 

Islamabad to Karachi: Ticket Price

The ticket price of Airblue flights from Islamabad to Karachi is pretty reasonable. If you book an Airblue flight two days before departure, the starting rate will be PKR 21,157. This is the cost of a morning flight. The noon and evening ISB to KHI flights cost higher, starting from PRK 23,640. The ticket price will decrease if you pre-book from If you pre-book an Airblue flight at least a month before departure, it will cost only PKR 15,277. The flight ticket rates depend on when you are booking. Airblue flight tickets prices also vary according to the baggage weight. If you carry upto 20 Kg of baggage, the cost will increase. You can check the breakdown of the expenses from and book an Airblue flight that suits your budget.  

Islamabad to Karachi: Ticket Types

Airblue offers economy class tickets on the Islamabad to Karachi flights. Now, these economy class tickets are of two types. One is the standard ticket that allows you to carry upto 15 Kg of baggage, and the other type includes a baggage allowance of 20 Kg. These tickets cost more but are convenient if you have to carry heavy bags or other luggage. will show you all tickets available when you book an Airblue flight from Islamabad to Karachi. You can check what the tickets include and how much they cost before booking. Plan your trip to Karachi from Islamabad, and book your Airblue flights from

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