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Airblue Dubai to Islamabad Flights

Airblue Limited is a private airline in Pakistan. It is known for its convenient and affordable flights on both domestic and international routes. The airline has been operating for 18 years, since its start in 2004. While it started out as a domestic airline, Airblue Limited now has numerous flights to and from cities in the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia. The international focus cities of the airline include Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Jeddah. In Pakistan, the focus cities are Islamabad and Lahore, while the Jinnah International Airport in Karachi is the hub for Airblue Limited. Airblue Limited flights connect people from these cities in Pakistan to several international cities. The journeys via flight are comfortable because of the modern amenities that Airblue offers. The airline also has the lavish Blue Lounge International available for privileged passengers in Karachi. 

Since Airblue flights are available from international cities to Pakistan, most tourists and people on business prefer them. These are some of the fastest flights and are available throughout the week. This is why Airblue flights are popular on the Dubai to Islamabad route. You will find five to six flights every week departing from Dubai. The tickets are affordable and you can easily book through If you fly to Islamabad from Dubai often, you can join the Airblue Frequent Flyer program. There is also an e-cargo facility available that caters to the air freight markets. Airblue offers the best services at reasonable rates.

Dubai to Islamabad: Route Overview

The flight distance between Dubai and Islamabad is 1,925 kilometres. Flights are the easiest way to travel to Islamabad from Dubai. Airblue flights on this route depart from the Dubai International Airport and arrive at Islamabad International Airport. Most flights on the Dubai to Islamabad route are nonstop flights. Since there are no stopovers, these Airblue flights take only 3 hours and 15 minutes to reach Islamabad. 

While there are flights available on the Dubai to Islamabad route, seats in Airblue flights can fill out fast during peak season, especially from January to March. There is also a rush during holidays when people who visit Dubai for work, return home to Islamabad. Therefore, it is best to pre-book. offers hassle-free pre-booking for Airblue flights from Dubai to Islamabad.

Dubai to Islamabad: Airblue Schedule

You will find Airblue flights every day of the week from Dubai to Islamabad. There is one flight available every day. So you can book an Airblue flight on weekdays or weekends from 

On Mondays, the Airblue flight from Dubai leaves at 17:20 hours and reaches Islamabad at 21:35 hours. On Tuesdays, the flight departs at 17:10 hours and arrives at 21:25 hours. If you are taking the flight on Wednesday, it will depart from Dubai at 17:00 hours and reach Islamabad at 21:15 hours. On Thursdays, the Airblue flight leaves in the late afternoon. It departs at 16:00 hours and arrives at the Islamabad International Airport at 20:15 hours. On Fridays, the flight is scheduled to leave at 17:00 hours and arrive at Islamabad International Airport at 21:15 hours. You can take an afternoon flight on Saturday. It will leave at 15:45 hours and arrive at 20:00 hours. On Sundays, the flight leaves at 17:00 hours and arrives at 21:15 hours. 

The flight schedule can change as it depends on a few factors. These include demand, timing, and weather conditions. If there is any change in the Airblue flight schedule, you can check for updates on the website.

Dubai to Islamabad: Ticket Price

The ticket price for an Airblue flight from Dubai to Islamabad is PKR 26,597. This is the ticket price if you book a day before the flight departs. Now if you want Airblue tickets at an even cheaper rate, you can opt to pre-book a flight. If you pre-book a few months before the journey, the ticket price will be PKR 21,712. also offers discounts on Airblue flight tickets so keep an eye out for those.

Dubai to Islamabad: Ticket Types

Airblue has Economy cabins and you can book three types of tickets: Economy Value, Economy Flexi, and Economy Xtra. There is no baggage allowance included in the Economy Value tickets. If you choose Economy Flexi, you can get a baggage allowance for one bag of 20 kgs. With Economy Xtra, you can get an allowance for two bags of 20 kgs each. With Economy Flexi and Xtra tickets, you can enjoy some other benefits as well and you can check these benefits on before booking. Airblue flights have great onboard amenities available for all passengers, regardless of your ticket type.

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