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Airblue-Skardu to Islamabad

Airblue Limited Airlines, a private Pakistani airline that is gaining more and more shares in the domestic airline market, is headquartered on the 12th floor of the Islamabad Stock Exchange (ISE) Towers in Islamabad, Pakistan. Airblue has various domestic flights connecting all the important cities of Pakistan. It also has some international routes where it connects various important cities of Pakistan to those of Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. It was established in 2003, the company began operations in 2004. The hub for Airblue limited Airlines is located at the Jinnah International Airport in Karachi and the most important cities it serves are Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Islamabad, Jeddah, Lahore, and Karachi. It also has its frequent flyer program named Blue Miles which can be accessed by people who frequently book tickets for Airblue flights. It has over 4000 employees and flies to almost 26 domestic and international destinations. 

Airblue Skardu to Islamabad flights are frequent, accessible, and affordable. The company offers various flights every week on this route because of its huge demand and constant traffic. The flights can be viewed on and you can also book your flight tickets from the website itself.

Skardu to Islamabad: Route Overview

Airblue Skardu to Islamabad flights are not just reliable and accessible but also extremely affordable and the most convenient way of travelling between the two cities. The road distance between Skardu and Islamabad is 640 KM. Whether you travel to choose via bus or private car it will take you almost 15 hours to complete this journey via roadways. While the buses are comparatively cheaper than the private cars the journey is extremely uncomfortable and takes more than half a day. On the other side, the aerial distance between Skardu and Islamabad is only 292 KM and it takes Airblue Skardu to Islamabad flights only about an hour and a half to complete the journey between the two cities. There are frequent flights on this route offered by various airlines including Airblue and the ticket price is also affordable. On booking via you can avail of various discounts and vouchers. Approximately there are over 15 flights that fly between Skardu and Islamabad every week.

Skardu to Islamabad: Airblue Schedule

There are multiple flights every week that Airblue offers between Skardu and Islamabad. The most popular flight on this route leaves Skardu Airport at 10:00 a.m. and reaches Islamabad International Airport at 11:00 a.m. It is a direct flight with no layovers and takes only one hour to cover the distance between the two cities. The flight timing is extremely convenient and comes with the lowest possible price available on this route. It is available on multiple days of the week like Thursdays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays. Since this flight is always in high demand it is recommended that you pre-book your Airblue Skardu to Islamabad flight from well in advance so that you can not only find the lowest possible price but also the seat of your choice.

Skardu to Islamabad: Ticket Price

Airblue Skardu to Islamabad flights offer the cheapest possible price on their flight tickets on this route. The most popular flights have tickets ranging from Rs 12000 to Rs 15000. Various factors affect the price of the flight ticket. This includes the demand for a particular flight on a particular date as flight tickets tend to be more expensive on the weekends or fixed holidays. Flight tickets are also usually more expensive if the flight is filling up fast as all the airlines including Airblue practice dynamic flight ticket pricing. If you pre-book your Airblue Skardu to Islamabad flight via you will be able to find the least possible price on your date of travel as well as a will be avail of various discounts and coupons that they offer to their customers.

Skardu to Islamabad: Ticket Types

Airblue only offers economy class tickets for its Skardu to Islamabad route. But there are three kinds of economy classes on all Airblue flights. This includes Economy value, Economy Flexi, and Economy Xtra. These have the same seating options, but they offer different luggage allowances to the passengers. You can also book an additional luggage allowance while purchasing your Airblue Skardu to Islamabad ticket from

*Air ticket fares and hotel cost are tentative and may change with change as per  season, supplier or government policies.

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