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AirSial Karachi to Islamabad Flights

AirSial is a Sialkot-based airline company headquartered at Kashmir Road, Sialkot. Pakistan- 51310. It was started in 2015 to offer affordable, accessible, and comfortable flight service to and from various cities in Pakistan. It has now also extended its services in cargo and luggage carrying sectors. The airline is mostly famous for its generous baggage allowance as it offers maximum allowance to all its passengers without any extra charges. 

AirSial Karachi to Islamabad is a popular route. The two cities are among the most important tourist, educational, as well as commercial places in the country, hence hundreds of people fly to and from these cities every day. There are many AirSial Karachi to Islamabad flights that offer the cheapest fares and are available at convenient hours. They are mostly non-stop flights, hence acting as the fastest mode of communication between the two cities.

Karachi to Islamabad: Route Overview

Islamabad is 1410 km away from Karachi city. It will take you almost 15 hours to cover the distance by road via car or other vehicles. The railway track distance is also over 1500 km and the Green Line Express train takes about 21 hours to reach Islamabad from Karachi. Since the aerial distance between the two cities is only 1124 km and the direct AirSial Karachi to Islamabad flight takes 2 hours to cover the distance, it is safe to say that this is the best and the fastest way to travel on this route.

It is extremely easy to book AirSial Karachi to Islamabad flights from website. The website is very user-friendly and has all the details ranging from timing, price, flight numbers, days, seat availability, etc. that you might need to plan your trip and pre-book your ticket online. Although there are daily flights on this route the route is in high demand and it is wise to always book tickets beforehand to avoid surge prices.

Karachi to Islamabad: AirSial Schedule

There are many flights offered by various airlines on the Karachi to Islamabad route. However, AirSial flights are the cheapest among them and offer flights at very convenient timings. The daily flights fly every day at the same time, but there can be changes in schedule due to weather or other related issues, thus one must check the website for the latest updates. 

There are two AirSial Karachi to Islamabad flights that fly between the two cities every day of the week. The first flight departs Jinnah International Airport at 1:00 PM and reaches Islamabad International Airport at 3:00 PM. The second flight departs Jinnah International Airport at 7:00 PM and reaches Islamabad International Airport at 9:00 PM. Both the flights are non-stop flights and take 2 hours to cover the distance between Karachi and Islamabad.

Karachi to Islamabad: Ticket Price

The AirSial Karachi to Islamabad flight ticket price is the minimum among all other airlines. The flights are direct and have luggage allowance included in the tickets. On purchasing the tickets beforehand by booking them online through, you can easily get the tickets for around Rs. 23000. However, on last-minute bookings, the price can go up to as high as Rs. 50000 due to lack of availability and introduction of surge prices. Thus, it is recommended that you book your tickets beforehand when external factors like demand and date have not yet increased the base price of the flight seats. also offers various discounts and vouchers on the purchase of online flight tickets from their website.

Karachi to Islamabad: Ticket Types

The AirSial Karachi to Islamabad flights only has economy class. Although there is no premium economy, business, or first classes on the flights, the economy class tickets are available at two different price points. The seats and in-flight services remain the same for both, the only difference between the Economy Saver and the Economy Budget class is the baggage allowance they come with. The former has no baggage allowance apart from the 7 kg cabin luggage, whereas the latter comes with a 20 kg check-in baggage allowance along with the preexisting 7 kg cabin luggage allowance. Furthermore, one can also pre-book extra luggage allowances while purchasing their tickets from at the rate of Rs. 110 per kg.

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