Serene Air Lahore to Karachi Flights

Serene Air is a fairly new airline based in Pakistan. The airline was established in May 2016 and started its operations in 2017. Starting with domestic flights, it sooner became a tough competitor for the popular spot for the domestic routes. Heard by Mr Muhammad Safdar Khan they even won the prestigious Brand of the Year 2020 award recently. With a fleet of 7 flights, they have now become an established airline operating in over 9 cities on domestic as well as international routes. The international routes are operating from Pakistan to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Saudi Arabia to Sharjah, Dubai, Jeddah, and Riyadh. Domestically, it operates to/from the cities such as Lahore, Islamabad, Karachi, and Quetta. 

Serene Air flights have a higher percentage of regularity and punctuality which has helped them be popular among the passengers. They operate on Boeing 737NG and Airbus with different travel classes on various international routes. Serene Air tickets are available online with You can conveniently compare the tickets for all available classes and facilities available to find the best option.

Lahore to Karachi: Route Overview

Lahore to Karachi is a long journey of 1222 km by road which usually takes anywhere between 14-15 hrs. Not only will this journey be lengthier, but can also be tiring and expensive. That is why a flight will be the better option to help you save time while you travel comfortably. The air distance between these cities is 1020 Km which will be covered in 1 hr 45 min on the fastest flight. Serene Air operates the fastest flight on this route. Regardless of the speed, all flights on this route are nonstop so you don’t waste any time on stopovers. The other flights on this route have a travel duration of 1 hr 50 mins at the most. 

The flights operate from Allama Iqbal International Airport (LHE) in Lahore to Jinnah International Airport (KHI) in Karachi. lets you book the tickets in advance to find the best rate. Here, you can find the flights and their details several weeks ahead of the schedule.

Lahore to Karachi: Serene Air Schedule

There are 7-8 flights per day on this route, operated by four airlines. The number of flights by each airline varies on different days. Serene Air operates only two flights on the Lahore to Karachi route. Two flights are available only on certain days and at least one flight is operating daily. These flights are operating in the afternoon and night. Their scheduled timings are 3.30 pm and 9.30 pm from the Allama Iqbal International Airport. They arrive at Karachi Jinnah International Airport at 5.15 pm and 11.15 pm respectively. On most days of the week, two flights per day will be available. On Tuesdays, you may have to rely on the only available flight at 3.30 pm. Thursdays also have a single Serene Air flight operating at the later hours of the 9.30 pm slot. 

There may be changes in their schedule during the festive season or due to weather conditions. will be displaying the latest available schedule so that there will not be any confusion. You will also be notified of any change in the schedule later.

Lahore to Karachi: Ticket Price

Serene Air Lahore to Karachi tickets is available at PKR 23,382. The price remains the same regardless of the flight schedule. The ticket price includes one baggage of up to 20 kg without any additional charges. Since there are less than 10 flights per day and the route is quite a busy one, it will be convenient to book your tickets well ahead. This will help you get a cheaper ticket as the ticket price tends to go higher towards the departure date and time. is a convenient platform to book your tickets. 

The tickets are refundable but there will be cancellation charges according to the time of cancellation, from 48 hrs before to up to 6 hrs before departure. At, you can find better rates for the tickets and will also get an opportunity to book the tickets with zero cancellation charges.

Lahore to Karachi: Ticket Types

Since Lahore to Karachi is a domestic route, Serene Air flights operating here will only have one class. All flights here have an economy class with comfortable seats and convenient space. Passengers can carry only one piece of luggage and a piece of small hand luggage. But all tickets in economy class are cancellable and refundable. Alternatively, you could opt for a change of travel date, in case you are unable to make the journey on the stipulated date. These facilities are available with the tickets booked with where you can conveniently find the ticket on the next available date as well.

FAQs About Lahore to Karachi

Is it better to book a round trip and save more for Lahore to Karachi flights?

Yes, passengers can save their money when they book a round trip for the route Lahore to Karachi.

Are there any travel restrictions from  Lahore to Karachi now?

Right now there are no restrictions on this route, only passengers need to follow Covid-19 SOP’s.

Total morning, noon,evening and night flight on this route?

2 morning flights, 2 noon flights, 1evening flights, and 5 night flights are operating on this route.Flight timing is subject to change.

Will I be served alcohol on a Lahore to Karachi flight?

Alcohols are not served on LHE- KHI flights.

Is it compulsory to take travel insurance for a Lahore to Karachi flight?

It is not necessary to take travel insurance but Sastaticket recommend you take the insurance to save a lot. Insurance policy depends upon the product selected by the customer.

Can I do a web check-in for the Lahore to Karachi flight?

To avoid queue in the airport you can do web check-in via online.

Can I change the date in my flight ticket?

Yes you can change your date but you may need to pay a difference of fare and modification charges if applicable.

How often do flights operate through this route?

Almost 10 flights per day are operating on this route.

Are there any early morning and late night flights?

There are no early morning and late night flights operating on this route.

Does the Lahore to Karachi flight provide in-flight meals?

Usually Lahore to Karachi flights provide meals; currently NCOC has stopped in-flight meals in all domestic flights in Pakistan to prevent Covid-19 spread.

How many flights fly from Lahore to Karachi on a weekly basis?

More than 90 flights will fly weekly from Karachi to Lahore.

What are the names and codes of the airports in Lahore to Karachi, respectively?

The Karachi airport name is Jinnah International Airport  and code – KHI. The Lahore airport name is Allama Iqbal International Airport and code- LHE.

Does the airline provide a refund for the Lahore to Karachi flight?

Airlines will deduct some fees (terms & condition) when passengers request a refund.

How many airports are there in Karachi?

There is One airport in Karachi.

How many airports are there in Lahore?

There is One airport in Lahore.

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