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Serene Airlines Karachi to Islamabad Flights

Serene Air is a private airline in Pakistan established in 2016. Their flight operations started in 2017 with just domestic operations. Soon they started their international flights and now serve the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia. Their domestic services are available in cities such as Peshawar, Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad, Quetta, etc. Dubai, Jeddah, Riyadh, and Sharjah are the international cities they operate in. 

Serene Air operates daily flights on most of the domestic routes and the international flights are available mainly on selected days to each of the cities. The Karachi-Islamabad route is a popular one as people usually travel for work, business, and other personal trips. While the amenities inside their flights are more or less the same for international and domestic trips, international flights have better seating capacity and comfort. You can find all about the amenities and other details of the flights on this route at

Karachi to Islamabad: Route Overview

A journey from Karachi to Islamabad will be a long one of more than 20 hrs by road. The distance between these two major cities in Pakistan is 1410 km. There are buses and trains available on this route but both are time-consuming and not an ideal option. Flights are the more convenient option as the journey is just a couple of hours. The air distance between these cities is 1108 km and the travel duration of Karachi to Islamabad Serene Air flights is exactly 2 hrs. Moreover, they are nonstop flights that will take you directly to Islamabad. 

There are about 9-10 daily flights on this route and two daily flights by Serene Air. The flights depart from Karachi Jinnah International Airport (KHI) and arrive at the Islamabad International Airport (ISB). The travel duration of Serene Air flights is just 5 minutes more than other faster flights but you can be assured of punctuality and great service on this airline. When you book your tickets with, you can find out all the details about the flights and also get a discount on the ticket price.

Karachi to Islamabad: Serene Air Schedule

Karachi to Islamabad flights is available from 7 am to 9 pm. According to the Serene Air schedule, their Karachi to Islamabad flights operates twice a day and 7 days a week. The first flight departs the Jinnah International Airport at 12.30 pm and will reach Islamabad at 2.30 pm. The second flight starts later at 6.30 pm and has an arrival time scheduled for 8.30 pm in Islamabad. The timings may change which usually happens during high traffic season, weather conditions, etc. As there are no stopovers, there will not be any major change in the travel duration. 

You can check the real-time schedule of the flights at The timings of the flights for the coming weeks and months will be available here. They will be displayed along with the lowest ticket rate so that you can pick the cheapest date.

Karachi to Islamabad: Ticket Price

The Serene Air Karachi to Islamabad ticket price is available at PKR 23382. The lowest possible price on this route is PKR 15,230 which can go up to PKR 25000 as well. The amenities that you can find inside the flight are reading lights, reclining seats, overhead storage, and free meals. 

You can cancel or change the travel date if needed. There will be cancellation charges applied and will be deducted before you get a refund. The date change procedure also requires an additional fee, should you do it. The cancellation fee and date change fee will depend on when you initiate the procedure. You can do either of these up to 6 hrs before the scheduled departure time. 

Sometimes, you can get a discount of up to 15% off on the flight tickets when you book with There will not be any booking fee levied so you will be getting maximum benefits.

Karachi to Islamabad: Ticket Types

Serene Air flight tickets from Karachi to Islamabad are available for economy class. These flights do not have different classes and all tickets will be for the same class. You can see the class by clicking on the View Details tab of each booking option displayed at the portal. Here you can see all the details. Clicking the tabs displayed will show you details of each category or facility that comes with the ticket. 

If you choose Serene Plus you can carry multiple pieces of luggage of up to 80 kg and hand luggage of up to 12 kg. Serene Air allows only check-in luggage of 10 kg for infants. Extra charges are applied for luggage that exceeds the limit and charges are PKR 115 for each additional kilogram.

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