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Domestic Flights Schedule



Days of Operation

Starting Ticket Price

Riyadh Lahore Sat Sep, 2022 Rs. 33876
Jeddah Islamabad Sat Sep, 2022 Rs. 51735
Dubai Lahore Sat Sep, 2022 Rs. 32100

International Flights Schedule



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Sialkot Milano Fri Sep, 2022 Rs. 250057
Karachi Madrid Sat Sep, 2022 Rs. 195259
Sialkot Bahrain Fri Sep, 2022 Rs. 86669
Karachi Baghdad Sat Sep, 2022 Rs. 242900
Muscat Multan Fri Sep, 2022 Rs. 42571
Karachi Jeddah Sat Sep, 2022 Rs. 136160
Jeddah Dubai Fri Sep, 2022 Rs. 58678
Faisalabad Sharjah Fri Sep, 2022 Rs. 44202
Dubai Doha Sat Sep, 2022 Rs. 100699
Kuala Lumpur Bangkok Sat Sep, 2022 Rs. 79519
Lahore Jeddah Fri Sep, 2022 Rs. 115416
Lahore Nicosia Sat Sep, 2022 Rs. 212703
Bangkok Kuala Lumpur Sat Sep, 2022 Rs. 54644
Multan Istanbul Sat Sep, 2022 Rs. 147785
Barcelona Sialkot Sat Sep, 2022 Rs. 106004
Islamabad Kuwait Sat Sep, 2022 Rs. 196265

Top Oman Air (WY) Flight Schedule

DepartureArrivalDays of OperationStarting Ticket PriceNo of Stops
KarachiMuscatThu, FriRs. 81,4180
LahoreMuscatSun, Wed, Thu, SatRs. 101,6880
IslamabadMuscatSun, Wed, Thu, SatRs. 80,6180
MuscatKarachiMon, Thu, FriRs. 83,1170
MuscatLahoreSun, Wed, Thu, SatRs. 45,9420
MuscatIslamabadSun, Wed, Thu, SatRs. 27,0510
Top WY RoutesInternational AirlinesTop Domestic Airlines
WY Karachi to MuscatEmiratesAirblue
WY Lahore to MuscatEtihad AirwaysSerene Air
WY Islamabad to MuscatTurkish AirlinesAirSial

Flight Schedule for Oman Air

The flagship airline of Oman Aviation Group started as a regional airline in 1993. They gained a 5-star facility tag with their service, comfortable interiors, and luxurious amenities. Today, they are not just popular domestically but are also among the globally popular airlines. With just 30 flights in their fleet, they have made Oman one of the popular transport hubs. Their services extend to Europe, the Middle East, the Indian subcontinent, and other Asian countries. You will find the various flight schedules and the ticket rates for Oman Air to get the best deal at

Cheapest Flights of Oman Air

The ticket rates of Oman Air differ with the destination, route, and schedule. If you are looking for cheaper tickets at, you can see that the flights that have more frequency have comparatively lower ticket rates than other flights. Advance booking will also help you get cheaper rates for the Oman Air tickets to suit the budget travellers.

Some of the cheapest Oman Air flights are:

  • Muscat to Islamabad – Rs. 49,051
  • Muscat to Lahore – Rs. 55,942
  • Islamabad to Muscat – Rs. 44,618

Air Journey Made Easy with Oman Air

One of the biggest hurdles while booking flight tickets is not finding a non-stop flight. Oman Air flights operating to and fro Pakistan are all non-stop, direct flights. In addition to serving direct flights to Lahore, Karachi, and Islamabad, they also operate in Bahrain, Dubai, and London from the Pakistan cities. is a convenient platform to search for the most suitable flight for your travel plans.

Having its headquarters being Muscat, most of its flights are connected via Muscat. The most popular routes of Oman Air from Pakistan include

  • Karachi to Muscat
  • Lahore to Muscat
  • Islamabad to Muscat

Oman Air International Flight Schedule

The international schedule of Oman Air says that they do not have any all week flights. Instead, they have flights operating every other day with some routes having 4 flights per week while others having just 2 or three. Moreover, no Oman Air flights are connecting to Pakistan. The facilities inside any of these flights will be comfortable and high class with higher baggage limits and free meals.

Popular international flights prices of Oman Air are:

  • Karachi to Muscat – Rs. 39,418
  • Lahore to Muscat – Rs. 42,688
  • Islamabad to Muscat – Rs. 44,618

International flights with the most frequency include:

  • Lahore to Muscat
  • Islamabad to Muscat
  • Muscat to Islamabad
  • Muscat to Lahore

Weekend Flights of Oman Air

Passengers find the weekend flights more convenient and Oman Air is ready with a bunch of weekend flights for those from Lahore and Islamabad. These cities all have the most number of flights per week. They can find flights from both Saturdays and Sundays while Karachi has flights mostly on Thursdays and Fridays. Find out which is your most convenient flight timing from and get the best deals.

Popular weekend flights include:

  • Muscat to Lahore
  • Islamabad to Muscat
  • Karachi to Muscat

Oman Air combines both convenience and comfort for the passengers to have the best travel experience. At, you would not only find the best ticket rates but also flexibility for cancellation and rescheduling.