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Doha to Multan

Doha is one of the most renowned cities in the UAE. It contributes significantly to the country's GDP and is also an important commercial city. Multan is a frequently travelled city in Pakistan. Several tourists flock to Multan yearly as the city has a rich culture and heritage. The city is a part of Punjab in Pakistan. It is located on the banks of the Chenab River and is known as one of the oldest cities in Asia.

You can easily travel from Doha to Multan via a flight if you are stationed in Doha. You can check the Doha to Multan flights list on the website and their fares before you book your flight tickets. You must travel to Multan if you want to explore a historic city that has so much to offer.

Doha to Multan Flights

Are you planning your next trip? You must consider Multan as your next travel destination. If you are currently in Doha, you can check the best Doha to Multan flights to travel from Doha to Multan. While several people travel to Multan to enjoy the scenic views and the beauty of the flowing river, a section of the population also travels to Multan for work.

The distance from Doha to Multan is about 4,269 kilometers. Hence, travelling by road is out of the question. The only option available to you is Doha to Multan flights. A flight takes about 3 and 10 minutes to reach Multan from Doha if it travels directly to the city. However, indirect flights might take a little longer as they have a halt between the cities.

If you plan to travel from Doha to Multan, you must pre-book your flight tickets on Most flights travelling on the route take about 14 to 15 hours to reach Multan. Most flights that run from Doha to Multan have a stop at Doha. You can explore the city during the halt if you have enough time. As the trip from Doha to Multan is intercountry, several international service providers have flights from Doha to Multan.

Doha to Multan Flight Ticket Price

Everyone wants to pay a low price while booking flight tickets. If you are looking for cheap Doha to Multan flights, you should visit's official website. You will find tickets at a low price, and you can even reduce the fare on the website by applying different active coupon codes while booking your Doha to Multan flights.

The average fare for Doha to Multan flight tickets is around PKR 45,640. However, the price increases if you book tickets closer to the travel date. The fare for this route can go as high as PKR 55,980. You can even book a flight ticket from Doha to Multan at as low as PKR 29,621 if you pre-book your tickets on the website. The price also changes with the demand and the availability of seats on that flight. Also, the prices are subject to surge as they tend to go quite high in the middle of the week.

Doha to Multan Cheap Flights

If you are looking for a Doha to Multan cheap flight ticket, booking via is your only option. has industrial relationships, and hence it has the power to give you the best flight deals on all the bookings that you make. However, you must pre-book your Doha to Multan tickets to ensure you get access to cheap flight tickets. Also, if you want to spend a couple of additional bucks, you can book a round trip from Doha to Multan.

You must go with an indirect flight from Doha to Multan if you want to reach the city in time without any hassle. Indirect flights are cheaper as compared to direct flights. Hence, if looking for cheap tickets is on your agenda, you must use the website. Most of these flights provide free luggage up to 23 kg. Hence, you end up paying less than the value of the benefits. You must also check the list of amenities that are available on the flight to ensure you are making the most of what you paid.

Doha to Multan Flight Schedule

The flight schedule for the flights travelling from Doha to Multan is quite flexible. It tends to change with the shift in airlines' demand for the route. You may look out for the flight schedule for Doha to Multan on the website. Every day, numerous flights connect Doha with Multan. While some of these flights are direct, the majority are indirect. According to the Doha to Multan airline schedule, there are daily flights on this route.

The first aircraft on this route takes off at about 10:05 in the morning, while the final flight departs at 10:40 in the night. A few carriers have comparable departure times. You can select the airline that gives the best deal and the services you want when traveling. The 10 am flight to Multan runs every day without fail. However, if you want to cover the distance in a short duration, you can go for the 7:45 pm flight. The 7:45 pm flight takes about 3 hours 10 mins to reach Multan from Doha and it is a non-stop flight.

Flights from Doha to Multan

Several airlines have flights running from Doha to Multan. You can check the flight ticket rates for all these companies and decide which ticket to book. One of the most well-known airlines is Pakistan International Airlines, and you can book PIA flights from Doha to Multan on the website. Popular airlines that transport travelers between Doha and Multan include:

  • Fly Dubai
  • Fly Dubai is a popular airline service company with several flights from Doha to Multan. The first Fly Dubai flight from Doha to Multan leaves around 10:05 in the morning. The flight lands at Multan at about 3:20 pm the next day. The ticket price of Fly Dubai flights will depend on the season and the number of passengers who have already booked their Doha to Multan flights.

Travel Restrictions

All travelers flying from Doha to Multan are subject to a few travel restrictions because of the continuing pandemic. To avoid fines or penalties, you must abide by these travel regulations. According to the rules:

  • If you fall in the bracket of 15 to 18 years, you should carry a vaccination certificate if you are fully vaccinated.
  • Passengers 18 years or older should carry a certificate demonstrating that they are fully vaccinated
  • Before checking in, you must also present your NADRA certificate.

You must also wear a mask and try to follow all the COVID protocols to contain the spread of the virus.

FAQs of Cheap Flight Multan to Doha

How far is Multan from Doha?

The distance between Multan and Doha is about 4,269 kilometers. Hence, you cannot cover this distance via road. Hence, you must buy flight tickets from Multan to Doha.

Where will my flight drop me in Multan?

The flight from Doha will land at the Multan International Airport. You can check all the details about the flight on the, including the names of the airports.

What is the average fare for a flight from Doha to Multan?

The trip from Doha to Multan will cost you around PKR 45,640. You can also get the tickets for as cheap as PKR 45,640.