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Doha to Karachi

Doha is one of the most important cities in the UAE, both from the perspective of commerce and tourism. Karachi is a city in Pakistan and the world's twelfth largest city. It is the capital of the Sindh province of Pakistan and has a huge seaport. Karachi is important from the point of trade and commerce. Also, the Karachi International airport is the busiest one in Pakistan.

Both cities are quite crowded, and several passengers fly from Doha to Karachi for business activities and some for tourism. Karachi is a beautiful Pakistani city. You can find some great mosques in the city, along with other historical monuments. Here is everything you need to know about the Doha to Karachi flights to plan your trip better.

Doha to Karachi Flights

Are you planning to book Doha to Karachi Flights for your next trip? If yes, you should try to book them right away. As thousands of people travel from Doha to Karachi daily, the air route is quite busy. There are no land routes for the cities, so travelling via flight is the only option. Pre-booking is the only option if you want to book Doha to Karachi Flights at a reasonable price.

The number of people travelling from Doha to Karachi tends to increase during the peak season; hence, if you plan your travel during those days, it is better to book the tickets in advance from Ideally, a flight from Doha to Karachi takes around 2 hours and 35 minutes. However, most of the flights that depart from Doha have a halt in between the stops. Hence, the travel duration ranges between 5 to 14 hours, depending on the layover duration. You can easily book online tickets from Doha to Karachi via You will board your flight to Karachi from Doha International Airport, and the flight will drop you at the Karachi International Airport.

Doha to Karachi Flight Ticket Price

If you are on a budget, finding cheap tickets from Doha to Karachi will be your priority. offers the most competitive prices in the industry. Also, you can get an additional discount when you book your ticket via Sastaticket. pk.

A Doha to Karachi flight ticket will cost you around PKR 34,000. The fare tends to change during peak season if you book your flight tickets closer to the travel date. The tickets are available for as low as PKR 21,000 and can go up to PKR 238,181. While most of the flight operators running their flights from Doha to Karachi are international, the fare will remain in this range. Also, the number of direct flights from Doha to Karachi is very few, leading to a price surge. If you want a great deal on your Doha to Karachi flights, you must try to pre-book your tickets at

Doha to Karachi Cheap Flights

If you are interested in booking cheap Doha to Karachi flights, is the best option available at your disposal. has collaborations with all the leading airline service providers. Hence, it can provide great deals to all its customers. The price of the Doha to Karachi flights increases as you come closer to the travel dates. Therefore, you must book your tickets well in advance to save money. Also, if you come back to Dubai, you should try to book a round trip for a better deal.

While a few direct flights are available from Doha to Karachi, the indirect flights to Karachi from Doha are cheaper than the direct ones. If you have a few additional hours in hand, you can book an indirect flight for your travel. Also, you can save on carrying luggage from Doha to Karachi as most flights that ply on this route allow you to carry luggage weighing up to 23 kg. You can book cheap tickets from Doha to Karachi on the website without paying a surge or any additional hidden costs.

Doha to Karachi Flight Schedule

The website allows you to check the Doha to Karachi flight schedule. Multiple flights ply from Doha to Karachi every day. While some of these flights are direct, the maximum number of flights is indirect. As per the Doha to Karachi flight schedule, flights are available on this route almost daily.

The first flight for the route leaves around 9:55 am, while you can catch the last flight at 10:45 pm. There are a few airlines that have similar departure timing. You can choose the airline that offers the best price and the set of amenities that you want to travel with during your journey. The 9:55 am flight is constant for almost all days. On average, an indirect flight from Doha to Karachi takes around 12 hours to reach Karachi. You can check the entire flight schedule before you decide the timings for which you want to book the tickets.

Flights from Doha to Karachi

Some of the best airlines have their flights running from Doha to Karachi. Pakistan International Airlines is one of the most popular air service providers, and you can easily book PIA Doha to Karachi flights on the website. Some of the popular airlines that take passengers from Doha to Karachi include:

  • Air Arabia

    Air Arabia runs the first flight that leaves from Doha to Karachi. It leaves Doha around 9:55 am and reaches Karachi in about 3 hours and 55 minutes. There are another two flights by Air Arabia that leave simultaneously.

  • Fly Dubai

    Fly Dubai is another popular air service provider with several flights from Doha to Karachi. The tickets from this operator are a bit expensive compared to the other flight operators. The first Fly Dubai flight leaves from Doha to Karachi at 10 am. The flight takes around 10 hours and 55 minutes to reach Karachi.

  • Etihad Airways

    The first flight by Etihad Airways leaves Doha International Airport at 10:05 am and reaches Karachi at 5:10 pm. All other flights managed by Etihad Airways take an average of 16 hours to reach Karachi.

Travel Restrictions

‘Because of the ongoing pandemic, a few travel restrictions are imposed on all passengers travelling to Karachi from Doha. You must adhere to these travel restrictions to avoid any kind of penalties. As per the guidelines:

  • If a passenger is 18 years old or above, they should carry a certificate proving they are fully vaccinated.
  • If you are undertaking domestic travel and fall in the age bracket of 15 to 18, you must also carry a valid vaccination certificate.
  • You must also furnish your NADRA certificate before checking in.

FAQs of Cheap Flight Doha to Karachi

What is the distance between Doha and Karachi?

The distance from Doha to Karachi is about 3,687 kilometers. You can take a flight to cover the distance in about 2.5 hours.

From where do passengers board their Doha to Karachi flights?

All the passengers board their Doha to Karachi flights from Doha International Airport. Also, the flight will drop all the passengers at Karachi International Airport.

What average time does a connecting flight take to travel from Doha to Karachi?

A connecting flight takes about 12 hours and 30 minutes to travel from Doha to Karachi. However, a few flights take around 5.5 hours to reach Karachi. Before booking your Doha to Karachi flight tickets, you can check the travel duration for all the flights on

Which is the cheapest airline to travel from Doha to Karachi?

Air Arabia offers the cheapest tickets for Doha to Karachi flights. The price of the tickets starts from PKR 28,906, and they tend to increase during the peak season.

What is the price of a Doha to Karachi ticket as of today?

The price of the Doha to Karachi flight tickets as of today (22nd October) is PKR 33,978. The prices are a bit high, given the unavailability of direct flights for the route.