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Dubai to Karachi

Dubai and Karachi are the two most chosen travel destinations every year among travellers both from Pakistan and Dubai alike. Dubai being the capital city of the Emirates of Dubai is one of the wealthiest cities among the 7 Emirates and also the business capital of the UAE, making it a frequent choice among Pakistani citizens who want to conduct business in the Middle East. Likewise, the capital city of Pakistan, Karachi, is the hub of all financial and business activities, thus making this air route one of the most frequently visited. Both of these are connected via regular flights, making the commute seemingly easy for the daily traveller.

Dubai to Karachi Flights

Being the business centres of two affluent economies, Dubai and Karachi are conveniently connected with one another via regular flights. If you want to conduct business in the UAE, there is no other place than Dubai, mainly because of the fact that the local government has invested heavily in the infrastructure to make it a hub of international businesses in the Middle East. Along with being an affluent business hub, Dubai is by far one of the best places if you want to experience the vibrant culture of the Middle East. With everything from the best theme parks in the world to the biggest shopping centres and home to the tallest buildings to the biggest man-made island, Dubai has a lot to offer to every individual, whether you are planning to conduct business in the city or not.

Along similar lines, Karachi being the capital city of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, is a very well planned city in its own might. Right from being the business hub of most international companies in the South Asian country to a vibrant cultural hub, Karachi has a lot to offer. On a global scale, a majority of Pakistan’s exports every year occur from Karachi, making it the perfect destination for you to be if you want to set up a business here. Along with this, the local government has made several investments to ensure that international travellers and businesses feel welcome while making sure that setting up a business is easy and efficient.

Dubai to Karachi Ticket Prices

If you are wondering about flight ticket rates from Dubai to Karachi, you will be surprised to note that they are highly affordable, mainly due to the fact that there are several flights which regularly operate between these two destinations. However, it needs to be noted that similar to other frequented destinations, the Dubai to Karachi flight ticket price also keeps fluctuating based on consumer demand and availability.

One of the best ways you can embark upon to secure the most affordable rates is to hop on to, which is ambiguous and widely known as the best website for cheap and affordable flight rates. As per recent observations, a flight from Dubai to Karachi will cost you in the range of Rs 26,000 to Rs 54,000 depending on the operator you choose, the timings of the flight, ticket availability and of course, whether the flight is flying directly from Dubai to Karachi or is a connecting flight with several destinations in between.

Dubai to Karachi Cheap Flights

If you are a frequent flyer between these destinations, one recurring thought which is bound to ponder your mind is how can I find cheap flights from Dubai to Karachi, and the answer to that is by visiting By far, one of the best websites to book your flight tickets,, is ambiguous with offering some of the best flight rates to frequent fliers and seasonal travellers alike. With starting prices as low as Rs 26,000, you can make sure that your journey is pleasant and efficient without burning a hole in your pocket by visiting and booking your tickets.

Dubai to Karachi Flight Schedule

Being popular destinations among travellers, the Dubai to Karachi Flight Schedule is regular with at least one being available every alternate day. Mostly the flight departs from Dubai International Airport at 03:05 and arrives at Jinnah International Airport at 6:05, comprising a short travel time of 2 hours. Along with this, several other flights from operators such as PIA, Airblue and Serene are also available on alternate days making the commute easy and affordable.

Flights from Dubai to Karachi

As shared earlier, there are multiple flights available between Dubai and Karachi on alternate days, making the commute easy and convenient. Shared below are some of the most frequented ones by travellers.

  • PIA flights from Dubai to Karachi

    One of the most popular choices among travellers, PIA operates flights between Dubai and Karachi on alternate days, with the best aspect being, they are always on time. PIA flights from Dubai generally depart at 03:05 in the morning and take a total time of 2 hours to complete the journey.

  • Serene Flights from Dubai to Karachi

    Next in line to PIA, is Serene which also operates regular flights between Dubai and Karachi. One of the best aspects of travelling with Serene is the fact that their flights are always cheap and readily available. Starting prices for Serene flights average in the range of Rs 26,000 and although they are readily available the price majorly depends on its demand.

  • Airblue Flights From Dubai to Karachi

    Last but not least is Airblue flights between Dubai and Karachi. If you are on the lookout for an operator who has a high positive rating from customers, operates their flights on time and lastly is cheap and affordable, then Airblue should be your choice. Most Airblue flights depart at 19:50 and take 2 hours to complete the journey.

Travel Restrictions

Based on recent developments, flights have been resumed between Dubai and Karachi; however, travellers need to maintain proper government guidelines, which includes regular sanitization and wearing of masks. Along with this, a negative RT-PCR test is required 72 hours upon arriving in Karachi, and thus travellers are advised to look into this.

FAQs of Cheap Flight Dubai to Karachi

How Far Is Dubai From Karachi?

Dubai and Karachi are at a distance of 4,166.9 km from each other, making air travel between the two major cities the most convenient option among travellers.

Which Month Is the Cheapest to Fly to Karachi?

If you want to travel to Karachi at the most affordable rates, then make sure to visit the iconic city in January, as flight prices are the lowest at this time.

What Is the Total Time Taken by a Flight to Karachi From Dubai?

Although the travel time might vary depending on the operator you choose and the type of flight you board (i.e. direct or connecting), most travellers reach Karachi from Dubai in about 2 hours.

Which Is the Cheapest Airline to Travel to Dubai?

Airblue, Serene and PIA are among the three operators who provide the cheapest flights to travel between Dubai and Karachi.

What Is the Price of a Flight Ticket to Dubai From Karachi Today?

The price of a flight to Dubai from Karachi can range between Rs 26,000 to Rs 54,000, and you are sure to find the best deals at