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Islamabad to Antalya

Islamabad and Antalya, located in Pakistan and Turkey respectively, are two of the most visited cities in the eastern part of the world. Islamabad, situated in the north of Pakistan is the capital city of this country. The city of Islamabad, although relatively new, is located in a zone that has been a protagonist of human history, due to its role at the crossroads of Punjab and the North-West Frontier.

Antalya on the other hand is a city that goes back over 2170 years, and it is located on the Mediterranean coast of southwest Turkey. The city has a warm climate and is considered an international tourist resort. Every year many tourists go from Islamabad to Antalya on vacation. Read on to find out all you need to about Islamabad to Antalya flights available in

Islamabad to Antalya Flights

Antalya is located about 5000 kilometres away from Islamabad. This means that all thought you could consider driving your car to get from one city to another, this would mean you would have to save at least a few weeks to make some stops along the way, as you will take at least 5 days to get there, considering you only stop to sleep and rest for a few hours each day. With this in mind and knowing that you will have to completely cross Turkey, Iran, and Afghanistan to reach from Islamabad to Antalya, maybe you can agree with me that a car is not the best option.

Therefore, if you are planning a trip for your next vacation to go from Islamabad to Antalya, your best option is to go for a flight. You can find flights at a great range of prices and schedules, and many airlines offer Islamabad to Antalya cheap flights. All the Islamabad to Antalya flights have an average duration of 10 hours and make at least one stop in another main city like London or Istanbul. Among the airlines that cover this route are: Turkish Airlines, Qatar Airways, Edelweiss Air AG, and Virgin Atlantic.

Islamabad to Antalya Flight Ticket Price

Getting more and more convinced about planning your trip from Islamabad to Antalya? Well don’t wait any longer and pre-book your Islamabad to Antalya flight today! By booking on, you will have access to different flight ticket rates, and you will be able to choose the best Islamabad to Antalya Flight ticket price for your wallet.

You can find Islamabad to Antalya flight ticket rates for the economy class that go from Rs. 61,987 to Rs. 204,620. For the premium economy and business class, you will get flight tickets on this route starting at Rs. 154,183. To access business class Islamabad to Antalya flight tickets, it is recommended to contact the airline to get more information. The ultimate flight ticket price varies depending not only on the chosen flight class, but also on the time of departure, the airline company, and the duration of the trajectory. The Islamabad to Antalya flight ticket rate available on is exempt from any form of commission fees.

Islamabad to Antalya Cheap Flights

If you really want to explore nice places and take a vacation, but your budget is just not on your side, don’t worry here you will find all you will want to know to get cheap flights from Islamabad to Antalya. The first thing you should know is that by pre-booking on you will find the cheapest flights from Islamabad to Antalya.

You will get flights from Islamabad to Antalya starting at Rs. 61,987, these flights are provided by Turkish Airlines, but airlines like Qatar Airways, Edelweiss Air AG, and Virgin Atlantic also offer great deals. The Islamabad to Antalya cheap flights cost includes meals and 30 kilograms of luggage. Many Islamabad to Antalya flights are available each day and their rates vary depending on the availability and demand. You can visit and verify for yourself the real-time Islamabad to Antalya flights ticket rate.

Islamabad to Antalya Flights Schedule

Over 15 Islamabad to Antalya flights are scheduled to depart very early in the morning, the first flights of the day from Islamabad to Antalya are available from 02:55 AM and the last one departs at 06:35 AM. The different options of schedules available don’t vary so much on the departure time, but mostly in the duration, trajectory, the number of stops, and arrival time to Antalya. You can search for the different Islamabad to Antalya Flights Schedule options on for free and without having to sign-up to the portal and without the need to provide any personal information.

If you are interested in searching for Islamabad to Antalya flights today you can visit and find all the details you need to make your choice, just have in mind that the most in advance you book your Islamabad to Antalya Flights, the better deals you will find and the more seating options you will get.

Flights from Islamabad to Antalya

Turkish Airlines, Qatar, and Virgin Atlantic are some of the main airlines that offer flights from Islamabad to Antalya. They have millions of satisfied customers and are considered to be among the top-valued airlines in Turkey and Pakistan. Via you can book and get your Islamabad to Antalya flight tickets, as they have partnered with these airlines to provide the best quality services.

  • Turkish Airlines flights from Islamabad to Antalya

    You can catch a Turkish Airlines flight from Islamabad to Antalya to depart at 06:35 AM. You can find Islamabad to Antalya flights from Islamabad to Antalya that take only 9 hours to cover this route.

  • Qatar flights from Islamabad to Antalya

    The Qatar flights from Islamabad to Antalya depart at 02:55 AM taking from 15 to 22 hours to cover this route depending on the duration of the stops.

  • Virgin Atlantic flights from Islamabad to Antalya

    Virgin Atlantic provides a flight from Islamabad to Antalya at 04:00 AM that has a duration of 16 hours and makes 2 stops.

Travel Restrictions

After 1st October 2021, it is mandatory to have a Covid Vaccination certificate for all Islamabad to Antalya flights. Therefore, to be allowed to travel all passengers from the age of must provide proof of being fully vaccinated before boarding the plane. Moreover, the use of masks during flights and at the airport is mandatory. Please also remember that if you have any Covid symptoms, you should avoid travelling from Islamabad to Antalya by flight.

FAQs of Cheap Flight Islamabad to Antalya

How far is Islamabad to Antalya?

Islamabad is located about 5000 kilometers away from Antalya, and you can find flights that last around 9 hours.

Which month is the cheapest to fly to Antalya?

The lowest Islamabad to Antalya flight ticket price can be found during February. However, Almost every month has the same price.

What is the total time taken by flight to Antalya from Islamabad?

Islamabad to Antalya flight duration will vary depending on the number of stops and the duration of them, in general, you can find flights that last from 9 hours to 30 hours.

Which is the cheapest airline to travel to Islamabad?

With Qatar Airways you can find Islamabad to Antalya flights starting at Rs. 61,987 all year round) on

What is the price of a flight ticket to Islamabad from Antalya today?

The price of an Islamabad to Antalya flight today is Rs. 222,771. The flight rates are subject to change, and you are encouraged to view them on

How common or rare are direct flights from Islamabad to Antalya? today?

At present, none of the airlines provides direct flights from Islamabad to Antalya. There is a layover at Istanbul and Dubai or London depending on the airline the passenger choses.

When do the first and last flights leave from the airport in Islamabad?

The first flight leaves at 06:10 AM everyday except Tuesdays from Islamabad. On Tuesday, the earliest flight is at 03:15 AM. The last flight is at 09:00 PM or 09:30 PM.

What are the names and codes of the airports in Islamabad and Antalya respectively?

Islamabad International Airport, IATA code :ISB and Antalya Airport, IATA code: AYT are the airport name and code for Islamabad and Antalya.

Is it better to book a round trip and save more from Islamabad to Antalya flights?

Though it's best to book a round trip instead of a one way ticket, it's better to check with different airlines and the offers provided to make a sound decision.

Are there any travel restrictions from Islamabad to Antalya now?

Most of the travel restrictions are lifted now.It is always advisable to check the latest entry restrictions before making travel plans.