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Islamabad to Sharjah

Islamabad is a modern city and is the capital of Pakistan and therefore very important. Islamabad is one of the main entry and exit points to and from Pakistan. Not a few people travel from here to the United Arab Emirates.

Sharjah is the capital of one of the seven Arab emirates of the same name. It is considered to be the cultural capital of the nation despite being much more conservative than its neighbour Dubai. Steeped in culture and history, Sharjah is a popular destination for travellers and business travellers alike. Read on to find out more about travelling from Islamabad to Sharjah.

Islamabad to Sharjah Flights

Sharjah is so close to Dubai that its boundaries can be blurred, which is one of the reasons why Sharjah is so popular. Travel from Islamabad to Sharjah can be done mainly by land or by air. Whichever means of transport you choose will mark the start of an unforgettable journey. In Sharjah, you will find 17 different museums that have earned it the reputation as the cultural capital of the Arab Emirates. In addition, there are many other things to visit.

The road trip from Islamabad to Sharjah takes up to 60 hours and requires crossing at least 3 different borders. You will not find trains or buses that do the complete route so you will be forced to transfer. Islamabad to Sharjah flights, on the other hand, take approximately 3 hours. This is the best way to travel between these two cities. Flights from Islamabad depart from Islamabad International Airport and land at Sharjah International Airport

Islamabad to Sharjah Flight Ticket Price

For air travel, it is always best to book in advance, this way you will be sure to get the best Islamabad to Sharjah flight ticket rates. Avoid any hassle and book your tickets in advance on Also, booking with is free of any commission charges. There you can compare the prices of Islamabad to Sharjah flights and choose the one that suits you best.

Islamabad to Sharjah flight ticket price may fluctuate depending on various factors such as the airline, day of the week, route, among others. However, in economy class ticket prices can range from Rs 50,735 to Rs 75,574. Plan your trip and pre-book your Islamabad to Sharjah flight today with

Islamabad to Sharjah Cheap Flights

When planning a trip the price of flights can be a major concern, especially if you are travelling on a budget. However, with you can be sure to get Islamabad to Sharjah cheap flights . To make sure you get the best fare our first tip is to book in advance which will also allow you to avoid last-minute hassles. There's nothing like travelling at the best price to enjoy your trip.

On you can compare the prices and benefits of all the airlines offering this route. You will find that the cheapest flight from Islamabad to Sharjah costs around Rs 50,000 and includes a 20kg piece of luggage and an in-flight meal. PIA (Pakistan International Airlines) and Serene Air are among the airlines offering Islamabad to Sharjah cheap flights.

Islamabad to Sharjah Flights Schedule

Daily you can find up to 12 flights from Islamabad to Sharjah. The first flight departs at 02:00 and the last flight at 19:00. On this route, you will not have problems with schedules as they are spread throughout the day to suit your needs. On you can see the Islamabad to Sharjah flight schedules in real-time so you can choose the one that suits you and schedule your trip accordingly.

Due to the availability of flights, likely, you can even book your tickets to travel the same day. However, remember that the price can increase a lot due to demand and short notice. Islamabad to Sharjah flight prices can be as high as Rs. 83,124. At the risk of not finding available seats.

Flights from Islamabad to Sharjah

Among the major airlines offering their services for travel from Islamabad to Sharjah, you will find PIA, Airblue, and Serene Air. These airlines are also some of the most recognized and preferred by customers. Their first class services as well as punctuality and availability of schedules have made them the favourite airlines to travel from Islamabad to Sharjah. In you can book and view information about all of them.

  • PIA Flights from Islamabad to Sharjah

    PIA is the airline with the most available flights from Islamabad to Sharjah, with the first flight departing at 10:00 and the last at 19:00. It offers both direct flights and flights with stopovers: prices range from Rs 56,000 to Rs 66,686.

  • Serene Flights from Islamabad to Sharjah

    Serene Flights is the airline offering the cheapest airline tickets from Islamabad to Sharjah. The average airfare is Rs 50,735 and the duration of the direct flight is just 3 hours and 20 minutes.

  • Airblue Flights from Islamabad to Sharjah

    Airblue only offers direct flights between Islamabad and Sharjah. There is usually one flight available during the day at 11:00 and the journey time is 3 hours and 45 minutes. The ticket price includes 1 piece of luggage of 20 kg and meals during the journey.

Travel Restrictions

Due to measures implemented to combat the COVID-19 pandemic, many countries restricted travel and implemented security measures. Although these measures are beginning to be relaxed due to progress in vaccination, there are still some restrictions that you should be aware of. To travel to Sharjah, it is necessary to have a negative PCR test taken no more than 48-72 hours before the flight. Likewise, only fully vaccinated persons over 18 years of age are allowed to travel from Pakistan, with some exceptions. Before travelling, check the requirements for both leaving Pakistan and entering the UAE as restrictions are constantly evolving.

FAQs of Cheap Flight Islamabad to Sharjah

How far is Islamabad from Sharjah?

The air distance from Islamabad to Sharjah is 1932 km. However, the distance by road is 4,860 km. Therefore, travelling by plane is always the best option.

Which month is the cheapest to fly to Sharjah?

The cheapest month to travel from Islamabad to Sharjah is January. Also, the cheapest day of the week to travel between these cities is Saturday. Either way, consider booking your tickets in advance so you can enjoy the low fares.

What is the total time taken by a flight to Sharjah from Islamabad?

The average flight time from Islamabad to Sharjah is 3 hours and 20 minutes. This time may vary depending on whether it is a direct flight or a flight with stopovers. Weather and route can also affect the length of the journey.

Which is the cheapest airline to travel to Sharjah?

Serene Air is the cheapest airline to fly from Islamabad to Sharjah. It is also the airline offering the fastest direct flight. On you can check current prices and schedules without logging in.

What is the price of a flight ticket to Sharjah from Islamabad today?

The price of an Islamabad to Sharjah flight today can be as high as Rs. 83,124. However, booking at such short notice runs the risk of not finding available seats.