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Islamabad to Madinah

Islamabad, the capital of Pakistan, is known for its greenery and landmarks. It is home to the fifth-largest mosque in the world. Islamabad along with Rawalpindi are called sister cities since they are both planned cities lying close to each other. The city has plenty of sectors and zones making it easier for commutation. This is a cleaner and more peaceful city with a calm ambience and tree-lined streets.

Madinah in Saudi Arabia is the holy city of Islam known for the Hajj pilgrim site. Centred on the Prophet’s Mosque or Al-Masjid an-Nabawi, Madinah is also known as the Luminous City. The full name of the city is Al Madinah Al Munawwarah. This was the city where the Prophet Mohammad lived. Not only is the city one of the holiest cities in the world but is also a popular tourist destination. Apart from the mosque built by the Prophet, there are other mosques and interesting places around here. If you are planning a pilgrimage trip from Islamabad to Madinah, here are some details regarding the travel and other details related to the flights.

Islamabad to Madinah flights

Islamabad to Madinah flights are the best way of travelling as the land route can be long, tedious, and very difficult. The distance between these cities is 4704 km which takes around 60 hrs of non-stop journey by land. The flight duration between these cities is mere 7 hrs 45 min including one stopover. The journey by flight will be more comfortable and time-saving.

The flights from Islamabad to Madinah operate between Islamabad International Airport (ISB) and Prince Mohammad Bin Abdulaziz International Airport (MED). There are daily flights available from early morning to late night. At, you can easily find a seat on any of the flights at an affordable price.

Islamabad to Madinah flight ticket price

One of the biggest worries about travelling by air is the price of flight tickets. Compared to other routes, the Islamabad to Madinah route has a lower ticket rate. The Islamabad to Madinah flight ticket price starts from PKR 86,032 which can go up to PKR 288,957 or above. The ticket price is not affected by the number of stopovers the flight has but by other important factors. The Islamabad to Madinah flight ticket rates are affected by the demand, season, departure time and the airline. Some airlines have cheaper tickets than others. The Islamabad to Madinah flights provide meals on-board and a free baggage allowance of 25 to 40 kg of 1-2 check-in pieces. At, you can easily find such details of each flight option.

Islamabad to Madinah cheap flights

When it comes to a flight journey, people often look for cheaper tickets that provide maximum comfort. While there are cheaper tickets available it is not always easy to land the best deal. will help you find the best deals on affordable tickets on any route. You just need to visit this online portal to find Islamabad to Madinah cheap flights that are suitable for your budget.

The cheapest tickets available on the Islamabad to Madinah flights are available with PIA - Pakistan International Airlines at a rate of PKR 75,067 followed by Oman Air at PKR 87,164. You can easily get a cheaper ticket when you book a few weeks ahead of the departure date, if you have flexible travel plans, you may spend some time searching and land the lowest possible price for the tickets. At, you can comfortably switch travel dates to find the best day that offers the lowest ticket rate.

Islamabad to Madinah flight schedule

According to the Islamabad to Madinah flights schedule the first flight on this route starts at 12.45 am and the last flight will depart at 9.40 pm. There are 10-14 daily flights that have different departure times. 6-7 Airlines operate on this route and most of them have multiple trips per day. Depending upon the available airlines on each day, the first and last flight timings may differ.

Almost all flights on this route have at least one stopover and sometimes two as well. The stopover city will depend upon the airline and their base city. The connecting flight to Madinah will be from the base city of each airline. When there are two stops, the first stopover will be their base city and the second one will either be a domestic city of the country or one in another country. has collaborations with various airlines and the details of the initial flight and the subsequent connecting flights are all displayed with the flight options.

Flights from Islamabad to Madinah

The airlines that operate Islamabad to Madinah flights include PIA, Saudia, Oman Air, Turkish Airlines, Kuwait Airways, Emirates, Qatar Airways, etc. Each airline has a stipulated schedule that offers its services either on a daily basis or on selected days of the week. This will be different for each airline. Here are the flight details of each airline on this route.

  • PIA flights from Islamabad to Madinah

    PIA flights from Islamabad to Madinah operate on all days of the week except Thursdays. They operate 2-4 flights per day which will be different for each day. Their ticket rate is PKR 75,067 on all flights on most days.

  • Saudia flights from Islamabad to Madinah

    Saudia flights are operating on all days of the week from Islamabad to Madinah. Their schedule is either 3 am or 10.20 am with 6-10 flights per day. Their lowest ticket rate is PKR 88,784.

  • Qatar Airways flights from Islamabad to Madinah

    Qatar Airways flights are available on all days but may be off on some days in between. Their schedule starts at 1.25 am and will be operational till 9.20 pm. They have 1-6 flights per day with the lowest ticket rate of PKR 80,841.

Travel Restrictions

  • Travellers on a travel visa to Saudi Arabia must have a valid passport with a minimum validity of 6 months.
  • Entry of those under the age of 18 is restricted unless accompanied by adults.
  • Those with Umrah visas will be allowed to enter only via Jeddah or other stipulated airports but not via Riyadh.
  • Travellers must be fully vaccinated with a valid vaccination certificate.
  • They must also get a PCR test done not more than 72 hrs before the departure time and show the negative PCR certificate.
  • Non-muslims cannot enter Madinah.
  • Travellers must have the Tawakalna mobile app downloaded and have medical insurance to arrive at Madinah.
  • In addition, an online immunisation form must be duly filled out before departure from the home city.

FAQs of Cheap Flight Islamabad to Madinah

Islamabad is 4704 km away from Madinah. The air distance between these countries is 3360 km.

Islamabad is 4704 km away from Madinah. The air distance between these countries is 3360 km.

Which month is the cheapest to fly to Madinah?

January is the cheapest month to travel to Madinah. The ticket rates will be higher during the festival season.

What is the total time taken by a flight to Madinah from Islamabad?

On a non-stop flight, the travel duration from Islamabad to Madinah will be 4 hr 40 for a nonstop flight. On an indirect flight, the minimum travel duration is 7 hr 45 min which may go up to 2 days as well.

Which is the cheapest airline to travel to Madinah?

PIA, Pakistan International Airlines is the cheapest airline to travel to Madinah from Islamabad. They have a standard low rate for all their flights on this route.

What is the price of a flight ticket to Madinah from Islamabad today?

If you search for Islamabad to Madinah flights today (21st Oct) the lowest price available will be PKR 98,149 on Saudia flights. The ticket rates are higher close to the departure time.