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Islamabad to Multan

Islamabad and Multan are the first and seventh-most populated cities in Pakistan, respectively. While the name of the capital means “city of Islam”, Multan has been historically associated with Hinduism. This is just one of the numerous differences between both cities, however, there are many points in common in the culture of these fantastic places. Whether you want to find these similarities, or you are travelling for the fun of it, going from Islamabad to Multan is a great decision to make.

There are several points to take into account before travelling from Islamabad to Multan, the price of the ticket, the duration of the trip, the amenities on board, the distance to cross, and a long etc. If you want to make sure to make the wisest decisions, find the best prices, enjoy the trip the most, and have the best experience in general, then keep reading to learn all there is to know about this excellent trip.

Islamabad to Multan Flights

Unlike the case of most international trips, airways are not the only way to travel from Islamabad to Multan. With a distance of 537 kilometres between both cities, other options such as travelling by bus, taxi, or in a rented vehicle are also a possibility, nevertheless, this trip would take around 13 hours or more, which is why going by plane is the preferred alternative.

There are up to eight daily flights from Islamabad to Multan depending on the date, however, it is important to keep in mind that said flights only take place on Wednesdays and Sundays. The average ticket price for this trip is around Rs. 13,000, but it can change depending on several factors, for instance, the anticipation for booking, the date of the trip, the duration and departure time of the flight, among other elements.

Most of these domestic flights are direct, which means no boring layovers, however, there are several options that contemplate one or two stops in cities like Turbat, Sukkur, or Karachi. All available options on’s portal are operated by PIA. On a regular basis, the flight ticket includes one piece of baggage of 20 kgs and no meals.

Islamabad to Multan Flight Ticket Price

The Islamabad to Multan flight ticket price varies according to different elements. We already mentioned the anticipation for booking your ticket, the date of the flight, and the departure time and duration of the flight. There are additional factors, such as the number and duration of layovers, and the additional amenities required onboard. Normally, the airline would be another determining factor, but as we said above, at the time being PIA is the only airline operating this route.

The Islamabad to Multan flight ticket rate goes from Rs. 11,720 to Rs. 46,720, observing a particular rise in the price for flights with more layovers. Just so you keep this in mind, if you do not have a particular need for stopping between Islamabad and Multan, it is better, faster, easier, and also cheaper to just take a direct flight.

In the same vein, it can be said that usually tickets bought for Wednesdays are a little bit more expensive than those on Sundays. A clear example is a result of searching the Islamabad to Multan flights today, where the results of Rs. 18,590 for next Wednesday and of Rs. 12,040 for next Sunday speak for themselves.

Islamabad to Multan Cheap Flights

Whether you are travelling on a tight budget, or you just do not like to overspend on things that can be found at lower prices, cheap flight tickets are something you will surely appreciate.

If booking Multan to Sharjah cheap flights is what you want, but you do not feel like putting so much in the line just to save a few bucks, then try and book your flight with anticipation!

Booking at least one month in advance could help you get tickets to travel from Multan to Sharjah with PIA for Rs. 74,000, as we said before, and even cheaper options are available with Airblue for nearly Rs. 49,000. Anticipation is key!

If you are interested in buying Islamabad to Multan cheap flights, here are some recommendations put together by yours truly.

The first and most important thing is to book in advance, as this will allow you to let go of offers that are pricier than you would like, and probably not convenient for you due to the departure or arrival time, or maybe the number of layovers. It is highly recommended to book your tickets 5 to 6 weeks before the desired date in order to find the best prices.

Pre Booking online through portals like also helps you prevent last-minute hassles while saving time and money. In addition to this, you can sort and filter the results according to the factors that matter the most to you. This suggestion is everything when it comes to travelling from Islamabad to Multan, or anywhere, actually.

Booking in advance will allow you to find prices around Rs. 11,720, which is one of the lowest prices we have seen with PIA for this route.

Islamabad to Multan Flights Schedule

You can find up to eight flights from Islamabad to Multan every day, which vary in price, duration, number of layovers and departure time. Half of the time you will find a single daily flight, this depends on the season and, again, the anticipation of your search.

PIA’s Sunday flights usually depart at 16:40 from the Islamabad International Airport (ISB), arriving at Multan International Airport (MUX) approximately 1 hour and 40 minutes later.

On Wednesdays, the departure time is a little later, around 17:10, and the plane from Islamabad to Multan takes, as expected, the same time to land on Wednesdays as it does on Sundays, since we are talking about direct flights.

Whether you hate flying and want to get done with the process as fast as possible, or you are trying to save money to spend it later during your trip, is a powerful ally that will help you find the flight that suits your requirements the best by sorting all the available options by the different criteria that have been mentioned in the previous sections.

Flights from Islamabad to Multan

PIA is the only airline currently operating this route.

  • PIA Flights from Multan to Sharjah

    PIA offers nonstop as well as one- and two-layover options for travellers to go from Islamabad to Multan. The average duration of direct flights is of 1 hour and 40 minutes, while the average cost is roughly Rs. 12,000.

Travel Restrictions

All passengers aged 17 and above are obliged to be vaccinated for COVID before participating in any domestic air travel in Pakistan, effective October 1st, 2021.

Travellers aged below 17, as well as those who have confirmed medical reasons to not be vaccinated are exempted from these restrictions.

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A direct flight from Islamabad to Multan takes roughly 1 hour and 40 minutes, around one-tenth of the time it takes to do this route by car or bus.

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