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Islamabad to Najaf

Pakistan’s capital city is also one of its largest cities by area. Islamabad’s living standards are high, and the city is also known for abundant greenery. Islamabad is also counted as one of the safest cities in Pakistan. The city has a humid climate and is appropriate for living and tourism. One can see many examples of modern architecture in Islamabad, like the Secretariat Complex, National Assembly, and Faisal Mosque. Islamabad also has one of the finest sports infrastructures in Pakistan. There are many indoor and outdoor stadiums for different sports in Islamabad. The public services sector in Islamabad is well-organised to facilitate native residents. Many tourists from all corners of the globe visit Islamabad each year.

Many people from Islamabad take a break from their busy lives and travel to a foreign country. Iraq has been one of the favourite spots for Pakistanis that are on a spiritual journey. Many people travel from Islamabad to Najaf for religious purposes. Najaf, located in central Iraq, is a sacred place for Shiites. Some of the most visited spots in Najaf are Wadi Al-Salaam Cemetery, Imam Ali Ibn Abi Talib Shrine, and Shrine of Kumayl Ibn Ziyad. Even if you are not religious, you will be amazed by the architectural beauty of Najaf. Many history buffs from Pakistan travel to Najaf every year for a memorable trip. Read on to know how to travel to Najaf from Islamabad.

Islamabad to Najaf Flights

To reach Najaf from Islamabad by road, you will have to cross Iran and Afghanistan. Also, the road distance between Najaf and Islamabad is more than 3,700 kilometres. Due to the lack of public road travel services on this international route, road travel is not possible. There aren’t any water transport services available from Islamabad to Najaf. The best choice is to catch a flight from Islamabad to reach Najaf. Islamabad International Airport (ISB) is among the best Pakistani airports. You can find flights to Najaf from ISB at frequent intervals.

All inbound flights from Pakistan will land at the Al Najaf International Airport (NJF). Flights are the fastest way to cover this international route between Pakistan and Iraq. Flight tickets from ISB to NJF are easily accessible on You can have a comfortable travel experience by catching a flight from ISB to NJF. Every year, many tourists rely on flights to reach Najaf quicker.

Islamabad to Najaf Flight Ticket Price

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The starting price of ISB to NJF tickets is approximately PKR 90,000. This price will be applicable if a passenger books ISB to NJF tickets 3-4 weeks before the journey. Islamabad to Najaf flight ticket rates may change if you book urgent tickets with Also, the starting price for ISB to NJF flight tickets is for economy tickets. If you book business-class tickets from ISB to NJF, you will pay more. promises to provide the lowest rates for ISB to NJF flight tickets.

Islamabad to Najaf Cheap Flights

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Islamabad to Najaf cheap flights can be found on via pre-booking. Book Najaf flight tickets 3-4 weeks before your journey with to get the best rates. Also, you can go for economy flight tickets from ISB to NJF for budget travel. By comparing Najaf flight rates of different airlines, you can book economically via

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Do you need to travel to Najaf today/tomorrow for some urgent reasons? Well, understands your reasons and allows you to book urgent NJF tickets. One can search for ‘Islamabad to Najaf flight today’ on You will have to pay more than normal rates for booking urgent ISB to NJF flight tickets. The Najaf flight tickets prices are raised by the respective airline.

Flights from Islamabad to Najaf

You will get many choices while booking ISB to NJF flight tickets via Some of the top airlines that offer ISB to NJF flights are listed below:

  • Qatar Flights from Islamabad to Najaf

    Qatar flights from ISB to Najaf take between 13 and 20 hours to complete their journey. The fare of Qatar flights from ISB to NJF is approximately PKR 94,000.

  • Turkish Flights from Islamabad to Najaf

    Turkish flights from Islamabad to Najaf take around 25 hours to complete their trip. The travel time of Turkish flights is increased due to layover points in between the air trip. The average fare of Turkish flights from ISB to NJF is PKR 1,00,000.

  • PIA Flights from Islamabad to Najaf

    The status of PIA flights from ISB to NJF is currently ‘Unavailable’. You can look for ISB to NJF tickets of other airlines like Kuwait Airways and Emirates.

Travel Restrictions

All Pakistani passengers will have to be fully vaccinated for travelling to Iraq. Your proof of vaccination will be checked at ISB before boarding a flight to Najaf. If you do not have a tourist Visa, you will have to take a blood test upon arriving in Iraq. It is better that you should carry a current RT-PCR report with you. All commuters travelling to Najaf will have to wear masks at all times.

FAQs of Cheap Flight Islamabad from Najaf

How far is Islamabad from Najaf?

The aerial distance between Islamabad and Najaf is around 3294 KM which is less than the road distance between them.

Which month is the cheapest to fly to Najaf?

February is considered to be the cheapest time to travel to Najaf from Islamabad.

What is the total time taken by a flight to Najaf from Islamabad?

Some flights from ISB to NJF take around 13 hours due to only one layover point. Some ISB to NJF flights can also take up to 26 hours due to a greater number of layover points.

Which is the cheapest airline to travel to Najaf?

Turkish Airlines provides the cheapest flight tickets from ISB to NJF. If you pre-book, you can get a Turkish flight ticket from ISB to NJF at PKR 90,000.

What is the price of a flight ticket to Najaf from Islamabad today?

The price for ISB to NJF tickets on the same day can be around PKR 1,05,000. You can pre-book ISB to Najaf flight tickets with to get lower ticket rates.

How often do flights operate between these two cities?

Nearly 6 to 10 flights are being catered between Islamabad, Pakistan and Najaf, Iraq on a daily basis by popular airlines like Qatar Airways, Kuwait Airways etc

When does the earliest and latest flight from Islamabad to Najaf leave?

The earliest flight fromIslamabad to Najaf leaves at 3.10 AM. The last flight mostly leaves at 9.35 PM.

How many flights travel from Islamabad to Najaf each week?

Around 35 flights are operated to travel from Islamabad to Najaf each week.

Which city is most commonly used as a connecting point on this route?

Depending on the airlines Doha and Kuwait act as a connecting point while traveling from Islamabad to Najaf

Are there any non-stop flights available from Islamabad to Najaf?

Mostly flights with one-stop and 2-stops are catered to travel from Islamabad to Najaf. Non-stop flights are not available on this route.